Sunday, March 13, 2011


Let's start today with some more photos of our granddaughter Emily eh?
She is just so adorable, I took several HUNDRED photos of her yesterday, and so many of them came out so good I just have to share more of them:

ABOVE: she looks just like a doll... 21 days old

ABOVE:  sooooo cute!  I can't make up my mind if I like the Black & White or the colour best.

ABOVE:  Any milk up here?  lol

Last night I made more scones... so I could remember and write down how I did them!

ABOVE:  Cheese Scones.

6 cups flour, 9 teaspoons baking powder, 400 grms grated tasty cheese, 120 grms grated butter, 1 teaspoon salt, approx. 3 cups milk.

Sift flour, baking powder, and salt into a lg bowl, add cheese and butter ... mix in with a knife.   Make a well in the centre and, using the knife, mix in the milk until you can handle it without it literally sticking to you... tip out onto a lightly floured bench and pat it into a rectangular shape about 3 cms thick.  Cut into scone sized shapes ... put on a tray lined with baking paper and slap into the oven at 240 degrees C for about 12 minutes or so.... depending on how hot your oven is. 

ABOVE: I made sultana and date scones too!

3 cups flour, 4 and a 1/2 teaspoons baking powder, 1 dessertspoon sugar, 1/2 cup sultanas, 1 cup chopped up dates, 50 grms grated butter, 1 & a 1/2 cups milk.

Sift flour, baking powder and sugar into a lg bowl, add fruit using a knife to mix.  Make a well in the centre and pour in the milk, mix with the knife until you can handle it without it sticking to you... tip out onto a lightly floured bench and pat into a rectangle about 3cms thick. Cut and put onto a tray lined with baking paper.    Bake for approx 12 mins at 240 degrees C.

There ya have it! 

We are heading out today for a picnic at a beach... not sure where yet... but it is going to be a lovely day..... home made scones, chicken sandwiches and a beach.  What more could you ask for?

JAPAN:  so awful what has happened there... want to get out of my house and away from the TV for a while... otherwise I am glued to the screen and feel quite sad.


I cannot find words to tell you what our day was like today.. but I will try.  FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC!!!  AWESOME.  AMAZING. 

We went to Leigh, had a swim and mini picnic at Matheson Bay which is in Leigh... the water was DEVINE.  I swam ... it was so lovely.
Then we went over to Goat Island Marine Reserve... and swam there with our goggles on...

OMG  it was amazing!  As it is a Marine Reserve we could swim just off shore and see masses of fish!  There were so many people there all doing the same thing... and there was a big Glass Bottomed boat you could go on to see more, but we didn't do that as we saw heaps of fish just swimming around!

Brylee and Griffin saw fish too as we took them out with us...Griffin is so confident in the water he didn't really need Stew to hold on to  him after a while, he just swam around in the deep water and dived etc to see the fish.

Sometime this week we are going to go and buy snorkles and masks and fins and go back there next weekend if it's nice weather. 

We all came home on a high ... it really was an awesome day.

I think we will all sleep well tonight as we were in the water for a long time!  I feel sleepy already and it's only 5.15pm.  Fresh air and sunshine, swimming and FISH!  *smiles*  You can't ask for more.

I will post some photos of our day tomorrow.. this post is already quite long!

ABOVE:  Tonight's dinner, home made pizza.  Used the scone recipe, just added some herbs.

End of Day:  a FABULOUS day... didn't want it to end. 
DIET: ooops... ate 2 ice creams.  lol
nite nite


  1. That is one beautiful child.

  2. She's precious Chris! I hope you enjoyed your picnic at the beach too.

  3. Emily is adorable:-)

    Enjoy your picnic and day at the beach.

  4. Emily is so cute and adorable Amanda and Andrew did well.

    MY FAV scones are date AND YUMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!

  5. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Thanks for the recipe! I will be throwing in some diced bacon and chives as well. The photo of Emily "picking" her nose, will be the one to show at her 21st! Have fun at the beach! WOMBAT

  6. What a sweet baby!
    Enjoy your picnic!

  7. Emily does look like a beautiful little china doll in your pictures.
    Your scones....well, they look good enough to eat.

  8. She's adorable! You are one lucky grandma!

  9. She's so adorable!

  10. Cute baby! Especially when they are asleep. Then they don't drive me crazy like my toddler does when he's awake.

  11. Oh Chris, she is gorgeous. I am so jealous..we don't make girls in our family..haha

  12. adorable baby...going ot have to make some scones too :) must purchase a sifter :)

  13. She is absolutely Beautiful! I love the way you posted the black and white and the color pictures .

  14. I love carrying babies - the smell and the warmth. My niece is expecting twins, boy & girl. Hope she lets me carry them.

  15. You should start a new recipe blog.

  16. Anonymous3:37 AM

    Darling pictures Chris!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day in the water! Yes, it makes you hungry, and tired!!...debbie

  17. Your cup is overflowing! Between baby love and the beach trip! You cook so dang good I'm slobbering all over my keyboard. I love baked stuff. Baby is so cute what are you sewing for her? I know you have ideas to make something!! Pics are so cute, only you would catch a pic of a baby that little lookin like she is pickin her nose. LOL!!! Sunshine water family and fish and home made pizza**couldn't be nicer. Sigh life can be so great huh!

  18. Emily is adorable. Thanks for the recipes. Your trip looks fun but carnt say that for the white tail spider!!!!


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