Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last week Steve was asked, ever so nicely, to get rid of cobwebs in the house for me.  Well he did it... but obviously forgot the kitchen!

ABOVE:  guess what he found?

ABOVE:  a nasty White Tail spider!   Ikkkk... now I am going to be jumping every time I see something small and dark in the house!

TODAY?  no idea yet.

Life gets pretty hum drum during the working week here.  I could do some sewing... but just don't have the oomph right now...  grrrr.


Well... I've done the housework.. washing is out getting dry, did a big tidy up of my sewing area and now I'm going to settle down in front of the telly and watch something that's been recorded while doing some hand sewing.

ABOVE:  all set up to have a productive afternoon!  I've got my laptop, tv controls, diet coke, and sewing bits 'n' bobs...

ABOVE:  this is harder than I thought.  Placing randon stuff on a circle of fabric!  Hopefully it will look awesome when it's finished, I think I'm going to put in on a plain bag....well... once I've made the bag that is!  lol

ABOVE:  more progress.... getting a darn sore thumb from the needle *sniff*

End of Day:  and I've been really busy doing that little 'thingee'... which kinda ended up being a bit more than I imagined at the start.
DIET: middling.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous8:18 AM

    morning Chris dont dont go blog surfing I did it once and got a real nasty viris..it was bad. and I spent all my holidays as a kid at Leigh not been back for over 40 years loved the photos took me back thanks Lee-AnneL

  2. Eeeekkkk white tails yuck we caught A VERY VERY fat mummy white tail she expired soon after.

  3. O'Bs10:06 AM

    We have white tails at our place too... Ive found and killed three since mid last year. I got told they eat the daddylong legs webs and eat the spiders aswell, then if they bite you the bite swells up massively and can make you really sick cause they have the poison from the daddylong leg in them.... well so I have been told.

  4. Mmmm, loving your "set-up"... love your whole house actually, well, except for the horrible spider!

  5. i'm so jealous of your afternoon!!! but i just keep thinking, 3 sleeps and i'll be relaxing in Malaysia, some random person massaging my feet while i sip on a zero! can't wait.

  6. i c u still have the black band thru middle of tv

    glad to c u r set up cant get bored now can we

  7. oooouuuuu- Love the project you are working on. (except for the finger pain-remember last year when I did those ornaments with ALL those pins? So I definitely know about that!) LOL Is that a yo-yo I see on there and that flower makes me think of those place mats that I just finished!

    I usually run faster than our spiders over here. I would like to know more about yours?

  8. I never knew there were white tails in NZ. I thought there were just daddy long legs, little jumping spiders, and a non poisonous relative of the redback.

  9. That spider looks yucky and from your reaction- must be a real bad character! Luckily, you have Steve around to get rid of them for you!

    Loved the shots of the beach. You are so lucky to live a drive away from such beauty!

  10. You reminded me, my house needs a good dusting too! Lucky you to have such good help.

  11. that is a HUGE kitchen!

    just think of how many MORE spiders are luriking around in there!

  12. I just love the fish skeleton in the middle of it! How about calling it a Tuit? you know, 'I'll get aroundtuit' lol

  13. eeek... as a nurse I've seen some horrible wounds from white tails. Love the colours in your thingy... maybe using an embroidery hoop the size of your circle would make it easier? x

  14. I hate spiders. They're creepy. I know that makes me sound so manly.


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