Saturday, March 12, 2011


Seeing the mass destruction and loss of life in our 2nd largest city two weeks ago was devastating.

To see it happen all over again in Japan last night... makes me wonder just what the hell is happening in our world!

China had an earthquake two days ago too.

It makes me sick to my stomach thinking what will happen next.

I am trying to stay positive that there hasn't been mass loss of life from the resulting Tsunami's... but after watching it unfold on the tv last night I'm not feeling too positive to tell the truth.

TODAY:  not sure.  Amanda, Andrew and baby Emily might be visiting us, which will be lovely.
I'm going to weigh in at home today... too broke to go to WW's this week... *sigh*

ABOVE:  Amanda and Emily arrived early this morning... Andrew is working today so couldn't come afterall.

ABOVE:  I'm sure she smiles at me!   Ok... Ok... no doubt wind.  *sigh*

ABOVE:  snug as a bug in a rug...

ABOVE:  burp time with Granddad...

ABOVE: using the 'pinhole' setting...

ABOVE:  sleeping on Grandma's bed...

ABOVE:  scones!  PERFECT cheese and bacon scones!!!!!!   They must have been good cos there's NONE left now... and it's only 1/2 an hour since they came out of the oven!

WOMBAT AND ANNE:  far out!   I was trying to follow the Edmonds Cookbook recipe but kinda went off the track when I added more cheese... and then had to add more flour and baking powder.... I will make some more tonight and write down exactly what I chucked in and give out the recipe tomorrow OK?   lol.... I almost NEVER follow a recipe 100%... who does?

End of Day:  my darling hubby cooked dinner tonight... I was spoilt again!   Then I cooked more scones so I could write down how I did it... you should smell my house!  Yuuuuuuuuuum.
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. Hi Chris...
    I pray a lot...and I'm always praying these days. IT is just so sad to even think of the suffering and loss all these people are going through. My heart is sick and breaks for them. Earthquakes are so sudden also. You just can't know it will happen. sigh~

  2. its ll very scary and sad

  3. I didn't get to see it now I don't want to look. A cuddling kinda day for you (lucky Emily!!)

  4. Just frightening to watch! Hope earth settles down soon!

  5. Thanks for the nice comment on my quilt is mostly quilting in the ditch...not hard to do...have a cross stitched one in now. The going crazy; it is soooooo scarey...they are saying we could get some black lash from this too.....all of us. The world; weather is changing drastically. Take care.

  6. It is totally amazing to gaze at your blog and see such a horrible tragedy and then to see the precious wee little angel all so pure and perfect. ?????

    That little one is priceless and you were right - SHE was SMILING at you! :-) She is absolutely the Cutest!

  7. It's heart breaking to watch the coverage, isn't it? I have to turn away from it sometimes, and try to keep positive.

    Beautiful baby pictures you posted. Those certainly put a smile on my face. Have a great weekend!


  8. Anonymous3:33 PM

    All these natural disasters are starting to look alot like the movie "2012" when it was predicted by the ancient civilizations that the world will end in December next year. Starting to get very spooky and scary. Its still raining and flooding in north Queensland. Prince William is supposed to visit next week to visit flood and cyclone victims. Don't like his chances. PLEASE can we have recipe for cheese and bacon scones! PLEASE! WOMBAT

  9. I was looking online all this morning since we are about an hour from the coast. Lucky for us not much happened here. It's scary when things that you can't control kill hundreds of people.

    Those scones must have been pretty good to not even last an hour!

    That baby is precious! I think she looks a lot like her daddy!

  10. yoohoo :) I'm back and OH god Chris.. those scones look YUMMY :) please may I have some?... or at least the recipe? LOL maybe I can get my son feeling guilty enough to make me some cause I'm still so sick? LOL :)

    good luck on weigh in hon

    Anne - lose2live

  11. those scones look yummy i cant wait to see how you make them so i can try... and GORSH that babys got your eyes and all that wonderful sniffable hair... sniff and snuggle her for me :) and nibble her neck and toes too :)
    love n hugs

  12. You're right. The world's gone crazy. One of my friends has 2 daughters in Japan right now and it was absolutely terrifying for her waiting to hear if they're alright. Finally, they called and in the middle of the call, another tremor hit and the call was terminated. I can't imagine a mother's terror worse than this.

  13. Those scones YOU torture us evil as!!!! I make to die for Cheese scones out of a KIDS COOKBOOK the blue cover edmonds kids cookbook easy as and scrummy as.

  14. Very unsettling. I think we are all feeling nervous about What Next?
    our tv reception poor so at least I'm not watching. So many texting and ph last night to warn us about Tsunami advisory.

    Cuddling Emily the best way to spend day.


  15. So much devastation. I'm overwhelmed.

  16. When I heard about the big Japan earthquake, I was wondering the same thing. Seems like a lot of big earthquakes lately. This one caused a tsunami along part of our coast. Small compared to the big one in Japan.

  17. I lived threw a big quake in California that was a 6.2 and only 12 seconds. It was devastating. What the people of Japan are suffering is incomprehensible. Awful. They never get the aftershock thing right it is CONSTANT. It makes your nerves go bloody haywire!
    So sad.

    Baby is a little dolly. Love her name!
    If you don't quit posting these scones I'm comin over there and give you a bad time. Your drivin me nuts. Bacon and cheese. I'm about to die over here!


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