Thursday, March 31, 2011


Taking Griffin to his Speld lesson today... might go into Pukekohe and have a look see.

Then once I'm home again Amanda and Emily should be here for a couple of days.
I want Amanda to have a good rest while she's here, so I am hoping she will feed Emily then go to bed and leave Steve and I to care for Emily.

I've brought our old pram up from storage and am going to put Emily in it and walk her around to settle her after her feeds.... anything to give Amanda a break for a while.

Amanda says Emily is getting more settled again, so baby must be getting used to the Brace.  Thank goodness, cos she was fair ROPEABLE the other night!  (edit:  ropeable means really, really cross, mad, upset, angry)

ABOVE: my trusty Phil & Ted's Buggy... all ready for Emily to sleep in... nice and cosy.  I love my buggy... I bought it when Brylee was on her way.. so I'd have a good one to use when she came to visit.  LOL... I certainly ended up needing it a whole lot more... for Brylee and Griffin.   Nowdays I will get to use it for Emily. 

ABOVE:  Yet another reason she is not allowed in the lounge... lol. 

Got a foggy brain this morning... phone ringing at 3am does nothing for my mood.  Parenthood is not all it's cracked up to be sometimes.

For the first time ever I came home after dropping Griffin at his Speld Lesson, I didn't want to miss a whole hour of being with Emily really!
It took me 20 minutes to get home ... so that's not too bad.  Just have to remember to go pick Griffin up again in an hour!

ABOVE:  Amanda arrived with a parcel from Blondie in Taupo for me... and she couldn't wait for me to open it!

ABOVE: As she unwrapped things.. I saw her place something in her baby bag behind her!  Ahhhh NOPE... tis MINE!   lol
She is always nicking me stuff that Tart!

Emily is crying, better go check out what's the haps...

ABOVE:  5 weeks old and so alert! 

Yes... I remembered Griffin, he's back at school and I'm home getting lunch.

Had a lovely afternoon... walked up to the school to pick up the kids with Emily in the buggy... then  she went to sleep on my chest so we just sat quietly for two hours and rested.
Now... got to get dinner I suppose...

End of Day:  a bit early... but as my MOTHER is on her way back here tonight I thought it prudent to get me blog finished for the day before she gets here.  Blogging in the loo is so SAD...!
Diet:  good
nite nite


  1. New babies can be tiring and for me I stayed awake just so I didn't miss a thing, they also are great time wasters a front pack or a sling is always a handy thing eh! maybe Uncle Steve will walk with Emily in the sling (make your own I called them papoose, either way Amanda will be grateful for the rest I'm sure.

  2. She may be hurting too, are you giving her anything for pain? I am so sorry the sweet baby is going through this.
    OK what is ropeable mean?

  3. Chris, you are a GREAT mom! That's so sweet of you to want to give Amanda plenty of time for rest, and the up side is that it gives you more time with Emily, too. She's such a little doll and since she's had to have that brace so early, is probably getting used to it. Hope she gets plenty of rest, too!



  4. Anonymous8:20 AM

    What does ropeable mean? I have never heard that saying before! :)

  5. Oh lucky you getting to spend so much time with Emily, and it will be good for Amanda, having had a kid in a wheelchair for a couple of years I know it was harder for me as a mum than it was for him. Amanda will be happy with the support I am sure. Have a great day :-)

  6. i so wish we were NOT half the darn world apart :)
    lucky amanda and emily to get some grandma time in. :) hope amanda uses it wisely :)
    love ya

  7. You are a good mum and grandma.
    Very smart that you saved that buggy.
    I hope you remembered to pick up Griffin.

  8. Hi Chris, I'm catching up on my reading and saw that your sweet Emily has Hip Dysplasia. I'm so sorry but glad you caught it early. I Googled it and it sounds like it's a fairly easy solution-- I just wish Emily was more comfortable in the brace.

    I can't believe she's 5 weeks old already! I'd want to spend every second with her too. She's beautiful.

    Cheers, jj

  9. I like the baby carriage, it looks like it is going fast even when it is standing still!

  10. Emily is so cute. :)

    I don't like to let the cats outside because they aren't mine. They've been living with me since January and heaven knows where they would end up if given free reign - probably under someone's tyres knowing my luck. Lol.

  11. Just love the pic of Emily in the buggy...look at that gorgeous smile :-)

  12. Hey Chris, my canvas is just covered with a flannel backed tablecloth, the heavier kind.. I think you can buy it at spotlight. the fabrics just stick to it. I used to have it pinned on the wall in the other room but since its not my house I thought this was better ... and I can put them away if I need a bigger lounge sometime.

  13. What a beautiful baby ....just look at that smile!

  14. Glad tos ee the pieces arrived safely I see the teapot in the bag, the jug and the fishys behind Amanda hell she even managed to get the wrapping off WELL wrapped eh!

  15. hey Chris, just catching up on my blog reading and saw about Emily's brace - little darling!!! hopefully it all gets sorted quickly and she settles as much as she can!

    can't believe someone didn't know the meaning of ropeable?!

    i like the pics too, esp the sneaky one take of you!

  16. Enjoy your time with the little one. Hope you visit with mom goes smoothly. Good luck with that.

  17. Oh Steve with the baby :drool:

  18. Your granddaughter looks happy in the photos!


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