Saturday, March 26, 2011


When we lived in Palmerston North we found a takeaway shop that sold the most AMAZING Seafood Fritters... they were locally made in Palmerston North.

Since moving to Auckland we have only seen one place that sells them (out at Maraetai)... but have not bought any ....usually cos we pass the shop at the wrong time.

Anyway... I looked them up on the 'net and found a distributor here in Auckland... and I rang them yesterday to see who sold them around here.
Well... to cut a long story short I can buy them direct from the Distributor for an INCREDIBLE  price... I'm thrilled!

I'm going there on Monday to get us some.  Best thing... in a takeaway shop they cost about  $4 each.... buying them in bulk... $1.50 each.  SCORE!

Today:  we are heading down to Hamilton for Rena and Kelly's birthday party.... probably won't be there long as the weather is utter crap... and I've got a sewing commitment to finish and I should have done it already.  OOps... had visitors so couldn't do it without appearing rude.


As forecast, the weather today has been atrocious.... rain non stop.  So we travelled down to Hamilton, attended the Birthday Party for Rena, did not stay for the evening party for Kelly.... came home instead.  It will be nice to just relax tonight with nothing to do.   I will finish the sewing commitment tomorrow I think.

ABOVE: A few photos from today.  I forgot my Camera's card so could only take a few photos..Derrrr.

End of Year:  been a lovely day... watching a nice movie on the telly...
DIET: well, ooops
nite nite.


  1. Those seafood fritters look really great....just the kind of thing I would love and eat to many of.
    Have fun at the birthday party.

  2. those look yummy! Have a nice time at the party! The sun is actually out here. Hopefully it lasts until after I get home.

  3. O , I agree -they do look good.

    I hope everybody has fun getting a little Older! LOL

  4. I come to your blog and get hungry. You shouldn't do that to me!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. mmmmmmmm seafood fritters and spongebob cake!!!! my favourite. Weather atrocious in Taupo too.

  6. Anonymous2:45 AM

    Are your Sea Food fritters, Crab cakes? Mmmmmm, what ever they are, they look and sound delightful. Loved the Sponge Bob cake. Hope it was chocolate. I'd like a big piece please!...debbie

  7. Those seafood fritters look great! Are they freeze-able?

    I have an other question for you: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Absorbant and yellow and porous is he!

  8. Glad you had a fun time! Love the little ones pictures!!

  9. Awww yummy. Do they have a distributor down here...


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