Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I dedicate the next kilo I gain to WENDY.... because she reminded me of my Gingerbread Cake.. and how much I loved it.

I baked one last night.  *bugger, damn and blast*... and it was/is delicious... just as I remembered it to be.

Off to work at the Hospice Shop today, then when I get home I'm hoping Steve and I will go for a swim at the pool.

AND after that I plan on finishing the windows, I've only got three bedrooms to go now!  (oh and the bathrooms and front door I suppose) *sigh*

ABOVE:  went out to get the washing in... and  found 'Madam Muck'  happily sunning herself.  On that!  Silly dog.

ABOVE: the boys well 90% Steve turning over the area where the splash pool was all summer.  I'm hoping we can get grass to grow there this year... last year none grew so it was a horrid muddy patch for 9 months.


ABOVE:   no restraint today... I bought ME two tops and..

ABOVE:  This gorgeous blue glass platter and a wooden rolling pin.  OK.. I've already got a wooden rolling pin, but it's handles don't spin like this one!  It's really neat and I JUST HAD TO BUY IT. 

My right heel is hurting like buggery... any idea what caused your heel to hurt when you walk on it  AND even when you are sitting/lying down?  It's been sore for over a year, I mentioned it to my Doctor months ago but he kinda ignored me.  *sniff*

No swim.  No washing windows.  Just sat down and had a rest this afternoon.  Was tired.  And me heel is so sore today.  Must be what a few of you have said... and if so there is bugger all I can do about it... orthotics or lose weight.  Hmmmm... yet another thing I've done to myself cos I'm fat.  Lovely.


This is Steve, just sneakily took this photo of mum doing ironing hehe. Mum dislikes ironing you see, so im putting this photo on here as proof that she can do it :) That is all, have a lovely day.

P.S. Im sure ill cop it for this

OMG!  The little bugger... I must change my password!!!!!   He could have taken a better photo is all I can say.
Would ya look at that though!  I CAN SIT ON ME BUM and work too!
Take that Mother.

End of Day:  had a nice evening... watched tv and IRONED.... major event I might add....
DIET: not so good
nite nite.


  1. Oh my gosh....gingerbread cake sounds wonderful! I think I gained a pound just thinking about it! And that Coco...what an adorable little priss she is! Too cute! Good luck with the grass.



  2. My friend and I are going to make the Ginger cake on the weekend I don't care how many kilos I gain I'm going to eat it!

  3. You clean your windows!! Your so amazing I could really hate you, but then that wouldn't be nice would it. So i'll still love ya you tart!!!

  4. Your heel problem might be a heel spur - but you may need an x-ray to confirm what the problem is. Heel spurs are not nice - I had one that gave me problems for nearly a year, then one day I noticed the pain had gone - which apparently sometimes happens with these.

  5. Penny, NZ1:49 PM

    Lovely choices Chris, I particularly like the platter and understand about the rolling pin. The foot: have you thought about checking about orthotics in your shoes? They can be between $40-60 and can correct issues and therefore your pain, although it helps to see a physio or a podiatrist to get them fitted correctly, if indeed it is that causing the problem.

  6. Not sure if you got my last message, it came up with an error???

    Anyway look at this and see if it looks like your heel problem.

  7. O Chris,
    That little Coco is so precious.I would never have thought that she would have laid there and not slid off. Your "furbabies" are so precious.

    I have never had a ginger cake-. Hum?

  8. You really need to get another Doctor - one who actually listens to you.

  9. Love the blue platter.

    Is it under the heel? If so look up plantar fasciitis or heel spurs.

    Ouchy. I had them and it took months and months to go away. See a physio.

  10. Leigh7:48 PM

    Go get some newbalance shoes fitted to your feet. I did this and all problems solved

  11. 2 friends of mine had heel spurs they would sit at night and roll a GOLF BALL under the heel (no shyte) and it helps break down the calcification YOU really have to grit your teeth and work through the pain but would give them days of relief and then after doing it every night one came right the other unfortunately needed surgery this technique came from a doctor too not some mumbo jumbo thing.(remember you injured your heel HOW long ago now was that?)

  12. Could be heel spurs Chris, classic symptons, and you don't get them sitting on your bum either. Did you sit on your bum to wash the windows and bake the cake, and work at the hospice shop, and, and, and, and, and, etc, etc, etc.


  13. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Definitely sounds like a heel spur. Xrays will tell you. I had one in both heels. Don't know if it had anything to do with it but I started wearing maseur sandals around the house (the nobbly ones) and the spurs disappeared. Haven't had the pain for years even though I have gained more weight.I like to think that the sandals might have massaged them away! WOMBAT

  14. I thought it was a giant blue golf ball

  15. Ouch, hope you get your foot problems sorted out. Love the platter. What a naughty boy.

  16. Here is an idea for Steve, since he seems to have taken to this blogging lark like a duck to water, he might want to consider starting one of his own. (if I remember correctly, he was in charge of posting a couple of updates on yours some (many) moons ago and it was commented on that he seemed to have a natural gift for the sport, so maybe thats a suggestion for him.

    We could have two broadcaster a day from the same house, that could be fun. (and interesting).

    LOVE the blue platter, great score. It amazes me what some people hand over to charity shops. Last year I got three matches pieces of Julie O glassware which retails for around $35 - $60 a piece. Picked all three up for $7 each and its sooooo pretty I couldn't believe whoever gave it away wouldn't have a family member who would have loved it.

  17. Great shopping today! I've lost my nice big rolling pin like that. I thought I left it at my brothers but the only one I could find there wasn't mine.


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