Monday, March 07, 2011


This morning I have an appointment at the kid's school ... it's an IEP for Brylee.

Individual Education Programme in other words.  Yaaaa.
This time I'm going to take Steve along as my 'Support Person'... and I will not let them railroad me into anything.

Last time I walked into that room there were 5 of 'them' and one of me.  Both Brylee's teachers had their arms crossed in front of their chests... and looked like they were cross at having to be there... and the DP was really intimidating and I felt ganged up on.  Ain't gunna happen again.

If I don't agree with them, I'm going to say so.  I am not going to just go along with everything they say.  Brylee ain't THAT bad.  I  have to remember that and stand up for her.

Sure she can be a right little madam sometimes... but hell... she's a GIRL eh?  They can all have their moments.  One thing is for sure, she's getting better at controlling her stroppy-ness!

After that (it's at 9am)... we will come home and do... FRIGGIN HOUSEWORK I suppose.  *sigh*  oH... and make a Dr's appointment for Steve... he has rather bad ear ache.

Oh... on our travels yesterday we had a drive up THE MOST expensive street in Auckland, Paratai Drive... and saw this house:

ABOVE:  We wondered if this house was primed READY for it's final coat of paint (like white or cream)... and I got out of the car and asked some people walking along the street if they knew.... and they said "Sadly it's not primer, it's the finished colour!"  It is hideous interesting .... I'm glad I don't live next door.  (sorry if your house is this colour, no offense intended really!)  They had PURPLE curtains too.  Just GORGEOUS.


IEP went well... certainly wasn't made to feel 'ganged up on' this time.  Got a few things to work on at home in relation to teaching Brylee how to be 'nice' and how to not over react to things.  On a whole, a good meeting.

ABOVE:  misery... sore ears kept him sitting up all night.  Dr's at 12.15 today.

ABOVE:  after the IEP we came home and I decided to bake bread!  It's at least 2.6 years since I baked bread... I used to make it every saturday morning before our Open Homes in Palmerston North.  (An 'Open Home' is when you allow people in to view your home when you are trying to sell it)   Today's bread is going to be Herb and Garlic.  I just hope I've used yeast that is still viable.  Will know in 4 hours ....

Had to wait ages at the doctor's and Pharmacy... Steve has antibiotics and ear drops for his ear infection, so all good there.

ABOVE:  DONE!  I'm sure it smells devine too... but as me freakin nose is blocked I can't smell it.   I'm chuffed it came out so good.... wasn't sure if the yeast was new or old.   It's only a small loaf... one day I hope to get a bigger bread maker, but for now this will suffice.

 ABOVE:  the dogs this morning... on guard.. checking out what's the haps in our street.  So cute.

End of Day:  a good day... fresh bread was lovely...hoping by tomorrow Steve's ears are feeling a bit better.
DIET:  ooops
nite nite.


  1. I love that colour, and wouldn't mind living next to it, good luck with the IEP, know the feeling of being railroaded....oh and loving the pics with the new camera :-)

  2. The yellow car in front sets off the pink house quite nicely :)
    I hope your appointment went well and that having Steve along helped.

  3. Anonymous6:30 AM

    Aaaah yeeeessss, that is quite some house....Hope all went well with Brylee's IEP. Sorry to hear about Steve's ear ache. I haven't had one for years. Hope he's better soon....debbie

  4. As a survivor of many an IEP, I can only say hold your ground. You need to remind them you're all there to get the best possible outcome for Brylee, not the best possible outcome for the school.

    Kia Kaha

  5. Good luck with your meeting. And you're right to stand up for Brylee and ask any questions you want answered.

    As for that house: GAG!!! What a HEINOUS color!!! ick!

    and PURPLE curtains on top of THAT?!?!? Yikes! LOL

  6. Truly a pink monstrosity. Maybe the owners are colourblind. It does stand out, though!

  7. WOW that's just awesome lol. Our neighbor used to have his house painted such a bright color of yellow it actually glowed a bit. Took about 10 years for it to fade out! They finally painted it last year or so (new owner).

    GL at the IEP meeting. Melissa had one for a bit when she was in speech and I know what you mean about feeling ganged up on.

  8. Its amazing an IEP is about the home and school working together to get a good outcome for the child.. our school is amazing with these and I am proud of the teachers and staff who do these.

    If they get all blah blah negative, ask them.. Why are we here? thats right for a positive outcome for this child..
    For god sake do your job people ( teachers not you Mrs H).

    BTW do you like pro-points? ( I am catching up)

  9. Hurray another not boring house.

    One of the things I loved when we did our USA road trip was the variety of house colours and finishes. Driving around Whitianga it's grey, black, brown, various shades of sand. White houses are the bright spots. Why are we so dreary and boring?

    Having said that, this looks a little garish but presume the colour will mellow in a year or two. Good on them for getting out of the 'box.'

  10. I am so terribly sorry about Steve's earache! Between earaches and toothaches -they both are TERRIBLE! I used to make mullen drops for the kids earaches -seems like the health food stores carry them. I am anxious to see what the doctor told him???? I am fighting a toothache too - so my heart goes out to him.

    LOL - I am so tickled to see that little "Loaf -pan" sitting out???? LOL

  11. We-elll... the colour isn't so horrible but the house is so BIG that it doesn't go with it. You really ought have white or brown or something more neutral. It just looks so gaudy like that. And purple curtains? Wonder if the homeowners wear feather boas, zebra stripes and outlandish outfits.

  12. that house looks positively smashing, doesn't it? haha.

    I too haven't made bread in ages. I don't like the plain bread, but it does do lovely herb and garlic bread. Maybe I'll do that one night this week....

  13. ear infections are the pits! my husband gets them regularly and he has a hole in his eardrum so not as much pain but gets unwell and the stuff that come out, ewwwww!!!!

    glad the meeting went well, sounds like she has a bit of spunk, nothing wrong with that, just needs to learn to use it appropriately, took me about 18 years to work that out! lol

  14. Got a new breadmaker for my birthday (you'd think hubby would get me some naughty undies or something, but no...)! That loaf looks divine!

    And that pink house? gah!! My eyes!!

  15. Hi Chris! Well, my MIL and SIL come over all the time (particularly my MIL who sometimes babysits) and I really can't stand either of them!!!!

    I toned it down on my blog in case Tom reads it, but they are always hanging around and they drive me nuts.


    If only I had more family of my own (I only have one brother, parents gone, no aunties or uncles) I might feel better about things.

    I feel very alone sometimes...

  16. I love home made bread, I have started making my own again in the last week or so.

    Problem is the kids love it so much a loaf disappears in 2 days (if I am lucky).

    Hope Steve is feeling better.

  17. I know what you mean by feeling attacked by the teachers. Today I had a parent teacher meeting with my girl's teachers and I dragged me hubs along. I needed someone to back me up when I hear all the negative comments about my girl. As always, me hubs said not one word. I had to do all the defending.

  18. Well at least when giving directions when you say "we live in the pink house" there's no MISTAKING IT!!!! blurk

    Hope Steves ears feel better soon.

    WE HAD our FIRST frost!!!!!

  19. So pleased the meeting went better than you had expected! Makes it easier for everyone involved.

    Bread looks yummo... wish I could have some! ;)


  20. I cannot comprehend parents feeling 'ganged up' on by teachers. It has always been parents and teachers ganged up on one team, against me alone.

    If you can get inside Bryees head, and KNOW the situation, you can work wonders and strengthen the bond between you and Brylee more than you can imagine. But she has to let you in, you can't force your way.

  21. Glad to hear your meeting went well. Hope Steve feels better soon. Bread looks yummy.

  22. Glad to hear all went well with the IEP meeting. Isn't that how it usually goes when you bring reinforcements?

    OH.MY.GOSH. What in the world were those people thinking when they painted that house? It looks like a vat of Pepto Bismal exploded all over it. Just goes to show you that money can't buy good taste!

    So sorry to hear Steve is down with an ear infection...hope he's much better soon!



  23. I am so glad your IEP meeting went well! You were wise taking Steve with you!

    That bread look delicious!

  24. glad everything went well. If you get serious about bread I can help. We went to many an IEP meeting too. Most of the time they were looking for the easiest road for them, not what was best for our grand daughter.
    That house needs to be in Boca Raton Florida where the whole city is pink.

  25. I had to sleep sitting up too when I had the skull crushing headaches in January. I hope your son gets better soon.

  26. Poor Steve, I hope he's feeling better now!

    And you too! Being sick sucks.


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