Thursday, March 03, 2011


Today is going to be a great day, Griffin goes back to his Speld Teacher for his weekly one-on-one lesson.

I am 100% sure this extra tuition is what has made such a difference to his learning... and that is why I am only too HAPPY to pay the fee.  She charges $50 an hour and Griffin has a 1 and a half hour lesson... hence the cost. I don't think she is that expensive when I know how much it means to Griffin's learning.

Brylee has an exciting day ahead too with her class trip...  all dressed up as a Victorian Child.  I'm going down to the school to see all the children in their outfits.... hopefully I can get some photos too.

After Griffin's lesson Steve and I are taking him to lunch in the mall... compensation for him not being able to go on the class trip... he has taken it so well too!  Usually he would pack a huge wobbly if he was missing out on something 'extra' at school.  Maybe he is growing up? 

Awww.. the kids looked so cute!  The girls in particular.  All the boys had on jeans, shirts and braces...

 ABOVE:  Brylee and some of her classmates, and her teacher, who hired her costume.

ABOVE:  Griffin's teacher... who squealed when I aimed the camera at her!  lol.... they all looked so cute!

HI... back from being out 'n' about... Griffin enjoyed his lesson and his nice lunch... and is now in the pool cooling off.... it's a stinking hot muggy day today.

We went to Spotlight too and I bought some wadding with heat resistant material in it... cos I want to make myself a couple of pot mitts now!  *smiles*  I've been meaning to for YEARS!  I have been using folded up tea towels .... derrr.  Fancy making a dozen for my neighbour  before I actually THINK to make me some.

I have not been reading blogs the past couple of of days as we managed to go way over our Broadband useage so the internet has been SUPER SLOW here.  I got hold of Telecom and have increased our useage so hopefully soon we will be back up to speed and I can do more FASTER!  This morning it took over an hour to download those photos above.. nearly drove me NUTS.

End of Day:  another good day .... Steve cooked the meat for dinner again.. BBQ'd spare ribs... bloody nice!
nite nite.


  1. Oh Ok then for 1 1/2 hours the price is not bad :-). Hope you have a great day all.

  2. Anonymous8:19 AM

    An hour and a half is great for Griffin!! Hope this teacher is good!! Education is worth every dime! It may make a great difference in his life as an adult by having this education. You and hubby are fantastic granparents!!!! Kuddos to you both!...debbie

  3. $50 well spent - your a fantastic grandmother Chris.

    Brylee looks cute in her costume, she quitethe young lady now.

  4. You should tell them you're putting it on your blog, and give them the link!

  5. What a cool class trip, especially getting all dressed up.

    It is a shame Griffing could not go but I suspect lunch with his Mum & big brother will well & truly make up for it. A good reward for not making a fuss when he could not go too.

  6. You are an awesome grandmother!! Most kids now a days have to have extra help!

  7. As you know I adore dress up days lol and they all looked great, I am glad Griffins learning is finally going places.

  8. wow i'm having flashbacks to Old Sydney Town - a place we used to go to on school excursions which was literally Sydney in it's former days! it was awesome (for young kids) the people who worked there all dressed in costume, i remember having a crush on one of the workers! lol oh to be 14 again!!!

  9. Definitely worth $75! Does he go once a week?

    They have "Pioneer Day" here in 3rd grade. I'm so glad I have a boy to dress next year instead of a girl lol.

  10. Yay for Griffin! And for his amazing grandparents (parents? I'm confused. I thought they called you mum and dad)

    The costumes look great ... I am a tad concerned about the awful affliction that appears to have hit the faces in your neighbourhood. Have you notifed the health authorities?

  11. Tell Brylee I think she looked really great, so cute. How did she find the white stockings? I wore white lisle stockings when I was at school. It's a specially spun cotton thread that was used to knit stockings in the dim dark ages.

    Glad to hear Griffin is able to continue with his Speld lessons. Well worth it.


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