Friday, March 04, 2011


ok... Sparkingmerlot is confused.... maybe a few others out there are too.

The kids.  Brylee and Griffin.  Are our GRANDCHILDREN.   But as we are, and have raised them from birth... we are FIRST and FOREMOST their parents... their MUM and DAD.

They both know we are their MUM and DAD  (and their Grandma and Granddad) ... but they only ever call us Mum and Dad. 

We decided very early on that ever child deserves a Mum and Dad, and so that is what we are.                  

So there you are... I hope that clears that up?

Today:  lazy day I think!  Can't think of anything that is pressing right now.  Well... except the friggin washing!
The kids have been having lots of swims and using LOTS of towels.... wonderful.   I'm the mug who has to wash them all.   *sigh*

Ages ago I was asked to make a Baby Bag for Jo down in Wellington.... and I finally got it done!
As I know she has a wee daughter already I decided to make her a bag to match her Mum's... AND I also made her a change mat too... just for the hell of it...

ABOVE:  The two bags and change mat... I really loved them and I know Jo does too.

Well over a year ago my 'best' laptop crashed and burned... totally DEAD.   I couldn't get it to even start up... and decided to just buy another one rather than spend the money getting it fixed.
Steve had tried to fix it many times too... but had no luck .... UNTIL TODAY!

ABOVE:  I had a 'nana nap' this afternoon, and Steve finally fixed it!  See... he even put a new desktop screensaver on.... it says : 'GENIUSES  Even mediocrity can spawn them'  Cheeky little bugger!

End of Day:  it's been a funny old day... ending with lots of rain... which has been good as it's made the temperatures drop.  Still muggy though. 
DIET: so-so
nite nite.


  1. towels are the one thing i dont mind washing drying and folding lol... everythign else is just a flipping chore.

  2. I feel like quite the insider 'cause I knew about the kids. Kudos to you for all that you do for them...and I think it is a credit to you that people think they are your kids.

  3. Kids are very tech savvy these days and wouldn't take too long to learn how to operate the controls on the washing machine!

    I have a friend who gives her children a washing basket on their 13th birthday and stops doing it for them :-)

  4. Yes, and you are amazing parents at that.

    I can't wait for summer! Except for my house getting trashed because the kids are home all day. Other than that, I love the swimming!

  5. You are awesome parents!! I don't know where you get all energy!!

  6. Anonymous11:23 AM

    Awesome bags!!! So lovely - Jo and "R" are going to LOOOOVE them...

    Ahhh all this talk of babies....

    No... I can't have any more anyway but ahhhh.......

    Anyway - back to it - have a good day!

    Kate (

  7. Haha yip you guessed it - thats what I am doing lol

  8. Now those are nice bags! I think this is the perfect thing for your skills. I love the little bag for her daughter too :)

  9. Those bags are gorgeous!

  10. O Chris!

    I totally adore the bags and the changing mat is just icing on the cake!

    I see you are another one of those fiber artists who know how to match fabrics that you might not think would go together -but work Perfectly!

    Way back when - it seemed that everything had to match perfectly - but now it is a brave new world and all these beautiful creations just astonish my wee brain!

    So, please pack me up a little of your brain chip and send it my way!

  11. the bag set is gorgeous can see more orders coming your way how are the CARDS going?, that Steve is clever alright now there is a back up laptop. Neato

  12. I don't just love the bags - I ADORE them! They are even better in real life, and are just perfectly PERFECT!!!
    Chris is SOOOOO Talented!

  13. What beautiful bags and a changing mat.. Brilliant idea. I must make my niece one to go with the quilt.
    It must be great having Steve around. Cheeky bugger.. clever bugger too huh. Love it.

  14. I know Chris! I often wonder how parents of 3, 4, 5 and OMG 6+ kids do it.

    Mostly, I wonder how they aren't to knackered to have sex - again, to conceive another!!!!!!

  15. Better they call you Mum and Dad instead of Mud and Mad!
    Haaa I crack myself up!

  16. OMG the bags and change mat are so beautiful :O)
    You must be enjoying have Steve home it sure make for good reading all things you two have been up to :O)


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