Wednesday, March 09, 2011


First of all today:  I don't have to go to the Hospice Shop... they have enough volunteers today.

So... that gives me time to muck around with me camera, and bore you all to death!

I tried all 12 different colour setting.. so here we go:

'PURE'...I like this one


'EXPRESSIVE'...bit too colourful

'CUSTOM'... nice one

'FILM GRAIN'... another interesting one

'PINHOLE'...I love this one!

'SILHOUETTE'... yeah, not great


'DYNAMIC ART'... different, but nice


'MONOCHROME'... another fairly good one

'ELEGANT'... pretty good too

Now as you can see... there are quite a few differences!  I can't see me using all of them.

I am going to do the same 'test' photographing inanimate objects too... cos I reckon some of the different setting would suit 'objects' better than people, but DON'T worry, I won't put them on here.  lol

So while I'm playing with me camera... what are YOU  gunna do today?


I'm now working at the Hospice shop on Friday instead of today... yaaa... I can 'shop' or 'not' then!  lol

DEBBIE: my camera is a Panasonic ?  will go see...  OK... it's a FZ 100 ... I got that one cos it had a really good zoom ... and it had a good write up in the reviews online that I read.

CAN YOU make fantastic scones????
I can't.
I tried a new recipe last night... Lemonade scones.  They didn't rise and were doughy.  We still ate them, but I was disappointed as I was told they were 'easy peasy' and lovely.

I'm trying them again right now.. this time I've added some Baking Powder and heated the oven up higher... I hope they look better than last night's effort.

SO anyway.. if YOU do have a never fail scone recipe... can I have it??? PRETTY PLEASE?

Yaaa... thanks girls I now have two new recipes to try tomorrow!  Hey Ashlee those cheese scones sound freakin yum! and Christy, thanks for the link ... I am going to try them too.  Surely I can finally get a decent scone out of my oven?

ABOVE: just a couple of flower shots I took today... pretty?

End of Day:  well it's been a lovely afternoon/evening... I ooops I mean Steve roasted a chook for dinner... it was really nice too.  Stew is out at a work BBQ and is going to be late home.  Hope he has a nice time. 
nite nit


  1. Go to work boo hoo hoo :)

  2. I'm going to go and work at the Vet Hospital from 8.30 until 1 p.m., then at the Food Wholesalers from 1.15 until 5.30, then go to the gym, then come home and collapse. Lucky I used the leftover lamb from Sunday night and made a shepherds pie for tea tonight!

  3. Work and bits and pieces :-)

  4. That is amazing how the same hat looks on different people! You think you know the hat, but it almost takes on a different personality with each wearer. :)

  5. Anonymous7:18 AM

    I have to go to work.... I've resigned because I have a new job I start in aboout 3 weeks or so!! Yay!! So... as unpleasant as it is with them all hating my guts, I will grin and bear it for a while... once they find someone else they will be A-OK once again...

    So apart from that excitement, not up to much!!!

    Have a goodie

    Kate (kittie444)

  6. What am I gonna do today?? Try not to kill anyone :)
    He's a bit of a looker your Steve ain't he?? I feel like an old perve! Hehehehe.....

  7. I love the pinhole. Brylee is a cutie :)

  8. lets see ive been at work since 7 got a meeting at church at 6 and still got to see my husband and kids sometime after that. and maybe some dinner too.

  9. Anonymous10:04 AM

    I did some painting. I did some taping, took cooper eith me to get Madison off the bus, we played Rango on the Wii and then she went home and I fixed dinner!! Liked all your different settings. What did you say was the name of your camera?? ...debbie

  10. Looks like you are having fun and enjoying your new camera, Chris. There are some very interesting settings, but the photo quality on all of them is very good.

    What am I doing today? Went to physical therapy and they worked me to I'm going to take a nap! :o)



  11. Amanda10:36 AM

    I love the pinhole one, next time we are up take a pic of Emily using that one and Im gona put it up on my wall.

  12. Griffin looks really thrilled at having to pose :-).

    Enjoy your day experimenting with your camera.

  13. Some definite nice settings there still life pics will probably be great too, ANIMALS? Friday hospice people then have had all week to clear out stuff so Friday is probably a good day.

  14. This is the scone recipe from the Australian Country Women's Association (CWA). This is the *very* last word in scone making. Enjoy!

  15. Adorable. All 3 of them :)

  16. Interesting contrasts in all the different shots. I bet Griffin let you take his picture only after Steve let you take his.

  17. Ashlee3:56 PM

    I made these in the Cafe i used to work at in New Plymouth and they were always a Winner.... Brett that won mAster chef tried them and said they were the best cheese scones he has ever tasted.

    4 Cups plain Flour
    4 tsp Baking Powder
    200grams Butter
    1 tsp Salt
    1 Tablespoon Sugar
    About 2 Cups of Milk- Enough to combine

    Sift flour BP salt and sugar together.
    Grate the butter into the flour mix.... But make sure it says grated and does not clump together.
    Add Tasty cheese or more sugar if using for sweet scones.
    Add milk and mix until you can roll the mixture into smallish round balls.
    Place onto a greased tray. And bake at 200 degrees for 15 or 20 mins...

    And FYI the cheese scones are yummmmmmy with the Cerbos Tomato relish when still warm!

  18. tupperware scone recipe is the easiest and best i've made/tasted! i have it at home, no amount of googling seems to be able to locate it...

  19. Interesting!!! Hope you are feeling better! Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Well Chris! I have to agree with you -you guys certainly do make beautiful babies! LOL

    With your experimenting with your camera settings I like the same ones that you do, so I guess "great minds really do think alike! " LOL

    That little giraffe pattern is so cute.

    I had to laugh when you mentioned that your camera is a panasonic -that is what mine is and I have only had it a year and I think it is "croaking" on me. The picture of poor Miss Rosie , on my blog is the pits. I am beginning to think its days are numbered -(the camera -not the kitty! ) : )

  21. I'm glad you got to play around with your camera. You got some really terrific shots!

  22. Just popping in to say hi from Christchurch - this is the first time I've been on a computer since the quake 15 days ago! We still have no power, water, sewer or landline, but are safe and well (and very thankful the quake hit in February - and not May - as my work was negotiating to move into the CTV Building from then) - but I have missed out on reading your blog and that of others!! I've just snuck into Mum's house to get a quick-fix on the net, but will return tomorrow to catch up. I hope you and your family are well. :)

  23. Edmonds scones in a bag... they sell it in the baking isle.. :) works every time, add herbs and cheese or dates or whatever you like to it.. :)

  24. Anonymous10:14 PM

    You should use the pinhole shot and use the timer (if thats possible) to do a family portrait of you all! WOMBAT

  25. Changing the different settings makes it look almost like there are pictures of three different models! Incredible!

  26. My scone recipe.
    4 cups flour
    1 can diet lemonade
    1 bottle cream.

    Fool proof. I sometimes add some sultanas too.

  27. I love the hat pictures - and I must say that I'm shockedthat you took picturs of flowers! Are you feeling alright? ha ha!


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