Wednesday, March 23, 2011



Lacy goes to hospital in Whangarei for an operation .... it's not a biggie.... but enough to mean spending the day there.  I wish I could be there for her... but as it's only a day stay and she has the support of a friend I felt it better to just stay home and carry on as 'normal'.

I've got Hospice Shop this morning... then I hope to go for a swim!  WITH me goggles and mask too.   To hell with what people think!  I want to use them, so I will.
I might even drag Steve along with me... he can pretend he's not really with me if he's embarrassed!

I took some photos of Teddy..... he's grown some darker hair and it's in a HEART shape... so cute!

 ABOVE:  see?  How cute is that?

ABOVE:  he still hates having his photo taken, the little shit.

ABOVE:  Coco adores him, he's so spoilt!


It's so far been an excellent day!  Worked till 12.30pm then went swimming with Steve at the local pool... YES.. I took me snorkel and goggles and NO ONE gave me a second look!  All that worry for nothing!!!   Well OK, maybe the life guard gave me a second look, BUT I choose to believe it was cos I'm so GORGEOUS.  OK?  ha ha ha   

JEANIE:  ahhh, NO, I ain't posting a photo of me in me googgles... not that flattering really!  lol

Got Lacy on my mind, I hope she rings and lets us know she's OK.  It is a sad day for her.


End of Day:  got an unexpected visitor this evening... Me MOTHER.
DIET: ok
nite nite


  1. Ring them first cause some pools wont allow the snorkel, have fun :-) and as for the heart shape on Teddy, think I see it lol

  2. Looks just like the hearts on your quilts....Are you sure you haven't patch-worked Teddy.

    And I'm so happy I was sitting down, even laid back in my recliner, when I saw you are drinking water. Otherwise I might have had a nasty fall from the shock. *hehe*

    You'll have an awesome time at the pool. Rock on.

  3. How cute is that patch have fun snorkelling in the pool.

  4. Wow! So cute the heart on the dog's hair!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. :) Also for scaring me about their teens. Haha! I try to block that part out of my brain. I make them do chores every single day. Even though they are faithful to do them, they still haven't realized that if they just picked up after themselves they'd have no chores.

  5. hugs an dteddie is sooo cute... prayers for lacy. and momma. :)love you.

  6. Love teddy hating having his pic taken pic!

  7. I hope all goes well for Lacy.
    I love the pic of Teddy and Coco together.
    I don't suppose we will get to see a pic of you in your goggles :)

  8. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Wishing Lacy all the best for her operation and a speedy recovery. Enjoy your swim, stuff what other people think. Just don't swim into people with your head down and snorkel on! Ha! Only Joking!
    Have an awesome day!

  9. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Teddy's heart is cute! Have fun at the pool. I want to hear all about it!!...debbie

  10. It's no wonder Coco adores him - he really is a bit of a spunk rat hey :-)

  11. Hey Chris, hope Lacy is OK.

    I've lost your link to your pepsi update page (had it when you first started it), can you resend me the link please.

    Loved Teddy's snarl when you were taking his photo......very cute.

  12. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Well done you on the swimming. Keep it up.I took adult swim lessons which made swimming much more enjoyable eg not exhausted after a length! Mind you the lady did say I took the most classes ever! Nothing like a good perv at the life guards. I love just cruising up and down(with my flippers & kick board for a warmup) looking at the sights underwater & above but then I have to get out & I become the sight!
    Another bonus is you get a great tan while you exercise

  13. Hope everything goes well for your daughter and thanks for the advice :)

  14. Love to you and your girl... hope she is ok. **hugs**

  15. What?? YOUR MOM IS THERE!?? That's lovely! You will have to post pics later! :)

  16. Now lookie here, Jeannie has a good idea. We NEED to see a picture of you in your goggles. IN the pool.

  17. Teddy is just showing his heart on his "sleeve!"

    As for swimming with goggles and a snorkel - I swim with earplugs and goggles and I don't care what I look like!

  18. I hope everything went well with Lacy's operation.


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