Friday, March 25, 2011


Mum leaves for other places today.. and I expect Amanda, Emily (and Steve maybe) to go back to Hamilton....

So it's back to just me for the day.  Housework will feature heavily me thinks!

Until I come back, here's a couple of very cute photos:  OH, there is a story behind them too.... Emily was awake ALL DAY yesterday... she took a couple of 10 minute 'cat naps' but that was all.   Then Stew came home at about 8.30pm from work and sat down and held her... and the little bugger was sound asleep in about 2 minutes flat! 

ABOVE:  See?  Out to it.  Oh so cute .... Stew was rather proud of himself.   I just think she was exhausted! 


Mum just left... will see her again in 10 days or so I suppose.  Her visit went fairly well until this morning when she got right up my nose... Mother's eh?

*sigh*... but anyway, Amanda and Emily are still here so I can cluck over the baby to my heart's content.

Clucking over for today, Amanda, Steve and Emily have gone back to Hamilton.  We will see them tomorrow when we go down for Birthday Party for Rena/Kelly... and Steve will be brought back on Monday by Amanda... so I will get to see my wee Emily again ... *smiles*....WOULD YOU BELIEVE THAT BABY IS ALREADY SMILING AT US?

Well, She is!  You can tell it's a real smile cos her whole face lights up and her eyes twinkle.  God it's so adorable! 

On a less happy note:  I took some sausages out of the freezer down in the garage for our dinner tonight... but forgot to bring them up... left them on Stew's workout bench.  The dogs found them...  and ate them raw.   My own fault I know, but I still yelled at the dogs... man you should have seen them run! 

End of Day:  Tired tonight.  Haven't done much at all.  Weather is crap... but lovely and cool!  So, so happy it's getting cooler.
DIET:  not too bad.
nite nite.


  1. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Cute photo of grampa and baby!! You could have at least humored him and agreed that he put her to sleep! lol...debbie

  2. awww sooooo cute papa and emily!

  3. Heh. Or he has the magic touch. :)

    How is your Mum? So glad she could drop by!!

  4. O man - don't those moment just break your heart! She is so lucky to have such great grandparents!

    Since Stew is so talented I bet he could make a killing getting babies to go to sleep for some weary Mom's. LOL

  5. Such a beautiful baby :-).

    It is probably a good thing your Mum only visited for a short time, imagine how frustrating it would be for you if she was here for longer.

    Enjoy the rest of the visit with Emily.

  6. hilaro, doesn't matter how old we get, our mothers can still drive us spare!!! lol

    your baby girl is beautiful!!!

  7. Sooo not sausages for tea tonight then :-)

  8. Emily is a little doll!

  9. Emily is Grandad's girl eh little cutie she is!I am home momentarily am at school all weekend KAPA HAKA starts again with a vengenace kids had one performance tonight and are hard out practicing for NATIONALS!! I am cooking for 35 (30 teenagers 5 adults!)

  10. Glad to hear the visit went well for the most part. Have a fun weekend celebrating. Enjoy those cooler temps.

  11. Ugh well maybe not such a nice visit with mom lol. My mom and I got in a fight about a year ago and we haven't been as close as we were since before that happened.


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