Monday, March 28, 2011


Today Amanda and Emily are visiting again... and bringing Steve back home again too.

So that will be nice eh?  I can sit on me BUM all day long if I want... but I won't really.   I mean, who the hell does all the housework around here most days?

Sure isn't the Housework Fairly.

ABOVE:  the CUTE bag I made for my neighbour using fabric from her existing bag.  I hope she likes it. 

ONWARD...  CAN YOU SEE MY PHOTOS?  Having trouble with blogger eating me photos!

Coco is a very clever dog.  She can jump over the dog pen.. so therefore can get out of the garage at night into the house and wreck HAVOC.   I am racking my brains for a way to confine the little shit.   Still working on it....

Well.. I'm happy to say I am cleverer than our little escape artist Coco:

ABOVE:  Teddy in his 'bedroom'...

 ABOVE:  Coco in her's....

ABOVE:  Coco trying to eat her way out of her 'bedroom'!  There is no way in hell she's getting out of there on her own.  YAAA... I win!

It's mid afternoon and Amanda and Steve have not arrived yet.  Emily had to see a doctor about possibly having  'clicky' hips.  *sigh*.. so I've been doing some routine sewing jobs.. mending, naming uniforms etc.  Such exciting stuff.

Just heard from Amanda, Emily DOES have clicky hips (hip dysplasia) and they have put her in a harness for 8 weeks initially.   Poor wee bub.  But better that than hip problems... or in a body cast for months!

End of Day:   so Amanda, Andrew, Steve and Emily arrived at dinnertime.  Fed them all... Amanda fed Emily then they went home again.  Emily was a screaming mess... very upset about not being able to move her legs at all.  Poor wee mite.
DIET:  good
nite nite.


  1. Hmmm can't see the pics lol - anyway have a great day :-)

  2. I can only see one pic and yesterdays posts 3 pics wouldn't show BUT I saw most of them earlier when I refreshed there was little empty boxes.

  3. No probs seeing the photos, but other blogs are reporting trouble with Blogger eating their pics. It's a Blogger problem, not anything to do with your 'puter.

    That bag is gorgeous. I am a sucker for red. Love it.

  4. No problems with the photos - I love that bag, love the black and the bright together!! She will love it.

  5. um a house work fairy, what a great idea. I want one. Very CUTE bag!!! Vera vera vera cute!!!

  6. OOO I LOVE the bag! !!!!! Yes, I can see your lovely pictures!

    If you find one of those "Housework Fairies" - please send one my way!:-)

  7. Only some of your photos are showing up. But the bag looks great!!

  8. I love the bag, I am sure the neighbour will be really pleased.

    Enjoy your visit with Amanda & Emily.

  9. i see all your pics :) love them Love teddie and cocos bedrooms!

  10. Love the bag.

    poor wee bub...but better now to have the harness than the body cast later.

  11. Hope little Em's will be ok

  12. That bag is awesome. Gorgeous colours Chris. Sorry to hear about Emily but fantastic that they found it early.

  13. Its 9.30pm and I see 3 out of the 5 bag photos? thats if all of them are bags!! I also see the dogs.

  14. Absolutely love the red and black bag, my most favourite yet......

  15. Buggar about Emily hips but at least they are on to it.

    Any advice with getting a new puppy? I see you have crates, fences etc.,

  16. Anonymous2:38 AM

    The purse you made your neighbor is just GREAT!! You did a fantastic job Chris!! Of course she'll love it! I love it!

    Sorry to hear about Emily's hips. Does she have Perthis Disease? My sister had that when she was a little girl. She walks fine and dandy now. Hope she does as well.

    Your little escape artist is quite a character. Cooper has graduated out of his crate and I just shut the door into the kids room. He rarly has indoor accidents any more. So we are making good progress in that area....debbie

  17. I can see the pictures fine - well, all except one.

    First - that bag is absolutely wonderful. I like the combination of black and red.

    Next, good for you for outsmarting that little Coco. She won't be able to chew her way out of that bedroom!

    Next, sorry to hear that Emily has to be in a harness for a while. However, it will hopefully keep everything in order and she won't have issues when she is older!

  18. No problems with seeing the pictures. Poor baby hope this clears up quickly. Aww poor puppy! Hope you have a good week.

  19. Poor Emily. My girl had a scoliosis scare 2 years ago. Since then, she's had to go for check-ups every 3 mths. So far every visit ends with a "it's good but we just want to be sure." I'm grateful.

  20. Poor wee Emily. I bet she is frustrated as hell & doesn't understand what on earth is going on. Having said that, within a day or so she will be used to it and will settle down.

  21. LOVE the bag!!

    Sneaky little Coco!!


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