Monday, February 23, 2009


Picture this:

Stew is doing the weeding, I've asked Brylee to sweep the patio.. I'm lying on the couch with a killer headache... and Brylee askes Stew:

Brylee: "Dad, how come we have to do all the work? What does Mum do every day? Does she just lie on the couch all the time?"

WTF? Stew did his best to explain just WHAT I did every day.... I'm lying there listening, thinking: "Great, my daughter thinks I"m a lazy tart who just lies around doing nothing all day!

All I can think of is... YOUR time will come little Miss, and you are going to find out exactly what a Mother does all day!!!


So, it's Monday, and everyone knows how much I love monday's... he's at work, kids are at school and I can do whatever I like... hmmm.....might just LIE ON THE COUCH! ha ha ha!

But in reality I will do the bloody housework and potter around doing whatever needs doing.... you know... housewifey stuff. Gawd how thrilling ....
Here's Teddy looking soooo much happier/healthier than he was 2 weeks ago! I'm just so happy he's better.... AND I weighed him yesterday and he's put on 1.3 kilos since he started eating his new food!!! I will have to put him on a diet if he keeps that up! ( he was 3.70 kg and now he's 5 kg!)

One for the books... I get up to school today and Griffin's teacher pulls me aside to tell me that 'they' have reviewed Griffin's paperwork that came from his old school... and lo and behold they HAVE to take him into their Reading Recovery Programme as he was on it in his last school and had not completed it! So, he starts on Thursday.... see what happens when you kick up a fuss? EXCELLENT. Shame I had to get all stroppy before they did it though.

I've been making swimming tog bags for the kids... and lying on the couch! lol

I don't read blogs over the weekends anymore... so I make a half hearted attempt at catching up.. and give up! I just 'marked as read" over 100 updated blogs... errrrr sorry about that!

Got to pull finger now and sort out dinner... Stew did dinner over the weekend, and folded all the washing... seems he DOES do everything around here! Now where was that couch?...

ABOVE: the finished tog bags... the kids are wrapt with them!

End of Day: another day bites the dust... I got a bit done and am happy with the day. nite nite.


  1. Oh he looks so cute.....

  2. Glad the little Teddy is feeling better, he looks much better!

    I occassionly lie on the couch. It's usually after busting my ass cleaning up everyone's crap though!

  3. Love Julies comment.......that's what I do too!!!!!
    So good to see Teddie looking much better. Now what was the name of the food you put him on????
    Have a great day doing whatever takes your fancy.......ooops.....forgot, he's at work!!!!! ROFL
    Sorry couldn't resist!!!! :) :)

  4. Oh you know kids think the cleaning fairy comes everyday. Unless they actually see you doing it, they just cant fathom all the work we do.

  5. DUH! SUDDENLY the kid qualifies. They were hoping to just let him go, the joiks.

    Um, interesting photo popping up on my reader. Brylee will NOT look like that in 20 years, Lord willing.

    God bless ya!!! You sound better.

  6. Pleased to hear the news about Griffin.

    Had to laugh at Brylee's comment.

    Too much time over the sewing machine may have given you the headache!

  7. Oh Teddy looks so much better! give him a scratch behind the ears for me, that is if you can find the time in between your lying around on the couch all day! lol j/k:))

  8. I am glad Griffin is getting the reading recovery he needs. My daughter had it & it made such a difference to her confidence.

  9. Teddy is so precious! I'm glad he's feeling better!

  10. Glad the school as seen sense. I've spent the entire morning cleaning and I've no doubt someone will ask me what I did today. I need some couch time!

  11. LOL...

    Kids say the darndestthings...

    Your Teddy is such a handsome pup...

    Lil' P

  12. Anonymous7:54 PM

    Alrity, make sure you bring all the pieces cause all the tupperware pieces have numbers on them.

  13. How cute!
    Just stumbled across your blog. You seem like alot of fun :)
    I'll be back!

  14. I like the first picture, is that how you lay on the couch all day?
    All the rest of the pics are good too. Cute puppy.
    I didn't know what a tog was till I saw the picture!

  15. The tog bags are neat - not bad for lying on the couch all day!

    Great news about Griffin. I hope it helps him out a bit!

  16. Funny thats where I spent the majority of my weekend too. For sure her time will come. Hope you are feeling better soon. Glad to hear you don't think it is the shingles.

    Nice to hear Teddy is coming around.

    Take care

  17. Good to hear that Griffin will get the assistance he needs at school. That's wonderful! Also that Teddy is doing better. Poor pup. I hope you feel better as well!

  18. I think Blogger ate my original comment.

    Glad to hear that Griffin will get help at school. Also that Teddy is doing better. Poor pup. I hope you feel better soon.

  19. Anonymous2:22 PM

    You are a classic Chris.... I thought that comment from Brylee about you lying on the couch all day was the funniest thing I have heard for ages.

    Where did you get that great photo of the woman on the couch, at first I thought it was you.

    Maggie (Melbourne Au)

  20. My son asked my wife why she wants another kid when she doesn't have time to play with her current kids.

  21. Brylee's comment is so funny! Her time will come! :)
    I'm happy the school finally came round. good for you getting on them about it.
    I LOVE those bags. They are gorgeous! Well done.
    Teddy is so cute!

  22. Oh if only she was older - you could tell her that you spend so much time lying on the couch because you're spending her inheritance on the maid ... lol

    Oh Teddy looks so cute in that photo - and looks amazingly like my Tara but skinnier - Tara eats ANYTHING in sight, i'd swear she would try and eat me if I let her!

  23. OH MY STARS! Love the pic of the tart lying on the couch...don't you ♥ how our kids thinks that is ALL we do all day???? Glad the reading program is working out for the best...

  24. Cute bags! Glad your boy is getting the help he needs at school now!


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