Tuesday, February 24, 2009


There is a really lovely lady in Australia ( Tia ), who is asking all sewers out there to make 12.5" star blocks so she can assemble them into quilts for the Australian Bushfire Survivors!

So, if you are a quilter/sewer how about it?

Here's her blog address: http://campfollowerbags.blogspot.com/

All ya have to do is make one (or a few) and send them to her. She will gladly give you her address if you ask!

- kids to school
- ME to patchwork class... and I can't wait!

I'm going to the shop first to get yet more material... I have a quilt in mind for Brylee now!

ABOVE: for those who asked, this is the dog food Teddy is now eating. Today is the first day he's turned his nose up at it... I hope he doesn't keep that up.

"CLASS" was great again... I say 'class'.. but really it's more like a major gossip session with some sewing thrown in! The 'tutor' sure has a cushy job I tell ya.... she seems to be there to just show us the odd thing now and then! But I am loving it ... and that's the main thing.

End of Day: well I havn't been very 'chatty' today eh? Not a lot to tell, spent the afternoon cutting out patchwork bits and pieces, have to get sewing now. Stew is home late tonight, so I have to get the kids off to bed.... nite nite.


  1. 1. I love the lavendar bags. I think they are adorable. I wish I could sew. My mom is great at it, and so was my grandma, but I lack the creativity gene.

    2. My fiance asks me what I do at home all day. He has told me repeatedly that it must be just sitting on my arse eating bon bons. Heh...guess he forgets to notice that the kitchen is clean, the shopping done, the laundry washed and folded, the toilets scrubbed, etc. I find the best way to explain "what you do" is make them do it for a day. =0p

    Have a great day!

  2. Another way to make them notice is to not do anything for a day!!!! I mean nothing except to go do what you want to do or just lie on the couch. No beds made, no lunches, no dinner, no thing picked up......you get mt drift!! When they comment just say "I just didn't know where to startso I didn't" ROFLMAO. It works!!!
    The dog food is the same as what Tarsha used to be on. It is good but expensive. She has got better over the years and now I just give her the Sensitve one by Purina from the supermarket.
    Enjoy your class :)

  3. My cats are on that Perscription diet... bloody expensive isn't it!! My cats go in phases with it sometimes they eat lots and other times they aren't fussed. Hopefully Teddy is having an off day. But so glad to hear he is getting better!! Enjoy your class today. :)

  4. What a wonderful idea. Good for her and good for you!

    I have to admit, for a second, my mind went into the sewer because I thought that was what you were talking about....but then I realized you were talking about people who sew - "sewers" - duh!

    I'm glad you found something to get passionate about. Please show pics when you finish your projects!

  5. Maybe start introducing just tiny bits of something to Teddy's diet...if he shows a reaction...then you know he can't have that again. Perhaps try him on one plain chicken wing for tea tonight? Good for his teeth too! That food is soooo expensive....one of my cats was on it for a while a few years back... nearly had to sell a kidney to finance it!!!!

  6. My Cat eats the same brand - the fat cat one (oops, I mean diet food). She had a break in her spine at the base when she was a kitten (cause unknown, happened before I got her) & she needs special foods to keep her regular if you know what I mean. Most uncomfortable on the lower back if you're a blocked up kitty cat. Rosy likes it, so I hope Teddy comes 'round!

  7. What a great idea with the quilt blocks. I suppose poor Teddy is like us all and needs some variety in his diet.

  8. The patchwork thing is a great idea! I might tell my friends who are quilters about it :o)

    As my husband works at and is the quality assurance guy at Friskies Australia, it is my job to tell you that the best choice for your dog is Purina :oÞ
    Seriously! I know what goes into the stuff they make and it's good stuff! :o)

  9. Not very chatty at all Chris!

    Will pass on making the blocks, no way could I do anything like that! You really are talented!

    Sounds like you are settling well into Auckland, great you found a class you like going to:-)

  10. It sounds like a nice way to pass the day. Everyone in a while I like to stay busy, but not all that often.

  11. LOL @ your class being a gossip session, if your "leader" ever decides to give up maybe you'd be qualified for the job ... lol

  12. Don't feed the dog anything but the food from the bag and he will eat it. Screw around with little bits from the table and pretty soon he will be sick again and not eat the good stuff. There is no such thing as a dog that starves when there is food to eat. They don't care what it tastes like, they eat cat turds for goodness sakes. Quit giving him human traits. MUD

  13. Nice to see you had a good day. It's great that you are getting lost in your quilting. Can hardly wait to see the quilt you make for Brylee.


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