Sunday, February 22, 2009


I THINK the rash has improved... I still have the swollen glands in me neck and on the back of me head... but MAYBE??? things are settling down. I can only hope so... cos I am sure I don't have SHINGLES... my rash didn't get blistered and pop etc (eeeew).. so probably just a random infection. NICE ONE anyway!

I havn't looked outside yet, so no idea what sort of day we will have.... I want to pop out again and find some more material... I'm HOOKED on friggin patches now. It's not good for ya bum sitting for so long though, I swear my tailbone is screaming : "Get the hell off me" !

Oh and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACY" 29 today.... right that's all for now....

I have made 8 more little blocks:

Three are 'double ups' so that's why there's only 5 on show.... and I actually dislike orange but the material was on sale and I only bought a tiny bit .... I think they look alright though.

An Auckland lady who reads me blog called into today with some fresh lavender for me! Thanks Donna, you are a sweetie!

The weather today is the pitts, one minute hot and sunny, the next pissing down with rain. I hung half the washing outside, the rest has gone in the dryer! I hate using the dryer, but I want some of the stuff to get dry.

End of Day: I've just made 3 more of those friggin little lavender bags, that means since tuesday I have made 21 of them! Errrr MAYBE I should stop making them now? lol

nite nite.


  1. My bum says the same thing to me from sitting so long at the computer! Glad you are loving the patchwork!

  2. Oh I hope this clears up soon because it sounds like NO fun.

    And yes, happy birthday to Lacy. Hugs to you all. :]

  3. glad you did not have shingles...and I love the chair I got for christmas makes the bum happy when sitting here at the computer for way too long LOL

  4. I wish you had put up a warning label on that first paragraph-I was sitting down with my cottage cheese snack and read about blistering popping rashes-yuck! LOL!
    Hope you're on the mend!

  5. I love, love, love your little patches.
    My shingles were in the optic nerve, no spots, just pain as bad as childbirth, but in my eye, and I haven't been the same since!!!
    I'm glad you are improving with the antibiotics.
    Fresh lavender, how lovely!

  6. NNNOOOO!!! Don't stop making them, keep making them and start selling them - you could make yourself some more shopping money :-)

    What a lovely gesture from Donna.

  7. shingles arent always like that. my wife gets it sometimes, and for her she just gets a red rash on a small part of her back.. it usually goes away in a day or so..

  8. They are really cute though!

  9. I hope you get better soon!


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