Sunday, February 15, 2009


I got a phone call yesterday from the Art Class Co-ordinator.. they have had to CANCEL the Art Class I was going to be starting on Tuesday due to lack of numbers! (they only had 2 enrolments)

BUGGER IT! I was so looking forward to tuesday too! AND I have only gone and spent about $250 on materials for the darn class!

Grrrrrrr..... I feel like stamping my feet. Childish I know, I know.
So, today I will look on the net and see if there are any other Art Classes starting up around here, surely there is?

TODAY: not sure yet... yesterday we stayed home all day... I am now feeling stir crazy! I like to get out and about on the weekends.... so hopefully we will go/do something!

I suggested to Stew that we go for a walk around the entire suburb... he's keen.. so that's what we are going to do! The kids are going to hate us, especially Griffin...but that little guy needs to get his butt away from the TV screen!
Now I need to find a peodometer that works....

That took 50 minutes.... Griffin whinged and moaned and bitched for the first 30 minutes, then got the stitch and REALLY moaned.. then he decided he could jog uphill...! Friggin kid! Brylee was great... she is quite fit... I found it hard going .... it is so hot out there today! Not a cloud in the sky...

Wednesday night I bough 6 X 2.25 litre bottles of Diet Coke.. it should have lasted at least 6 days....
TODAY... all gone. And there is NO WAY I drunk it all, in fact I know that I have not had much AT ALL... So I look at Stew:

That bloody man goes on about how much Diet Coke I drink... and he's the one guzzling it...! He will pay.... oh yes he will! lol

KAREN: yep he'd love to be drinking Waikato beer or Rum and Coke... but he's a type 2 diabetic... so ain't allowed! Poor bugger....

End of Day: it's been an interesting day, ups and downs ... looking forward to tomorrow when I get to spend 6 hours on me own. nite nite.


  1. Bugger about the art class.... how about contacting The French Art shop and see if they know of any classes going.

  2. just a diet coke in the fridge an thought of you! i love all of your quirky saying like bugger it! does that mean like, damn it? of course I understand grrrrrr! that's universal! but what's got the stitch? thanks for motivating me today...i am getting ready to go for a walk now!

  3. How many steps did ya take? hehe

  4. Sorry to hear about the art class and I hope you find another one close by soon.

    Good on you for going for a walk around the suburb....

  5. sorry for your disappointment but bravo at getting the family out for a walk! good job mom.

  6. Yep, Stew looks guilty.

    I'm sorry about the art class. That stinks!

  7. Bugger about the art class! I would be gutted too so hopefully you can find another one somewhere else *fingers crossed for you*

    Yay for a nice family walk :)

    Butter wouldn't melt in Stew's mouth in that photo!!! LOL

  8. Darn about the art class, but I'm sure your supplies wont go to waste.

    Now how can you blame poor Stew -with the face of a Saint!

  9. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Bugger bum about the ARt Class Chris. Hope there is another one somewhere close. Who's been drinking your diet coke.. not that innocent big teddy bear .. surely!!! Wouldn't he rather have Waikato???

  10. ohh no! you were so looking forward to that art class, hope you find another one.

    SPRUNG STEW!!! your in trouble now Mr!!!

  11. Bummer about the art class. If you don't find another, perhaps you could sell what you've already bought. I'm sure you'll find a class soon.

  12. Do you guys have the equivilent of TAFE? Coz they do arty classes. Or ask the local high schools if thier art teachers know of any?

    That's a lot of coke to vanish.Maybe you are sleep drinking? lol

    Way to go with walking around your area! Some kids just aren't sporty. My son, Jason, is a game freak. Mention sport and he breaks out in a rash lol

  13. Everyone drank my cherry 7 up I bought to go with my rum. Didn't even get a glass.

    Maybe your boy needs to ride his bike. Then he could zoom around without so much work.

  14. So sorry to hear about the art class. I'd be mad, too, after buying all those supplies. Hope you find another class to use them in.

    I'll bet that walk felt good. Even if it was a hot one! Kudos to you for getting out there!

    Enjoy your "me" time!

  15. In the summer, I can go through a lot of Diet Coke on hot days. Love that stuff. Coke Zero is good too.


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