Thursday, February 26, 2009


I'm gunna get it this morning... last night I told Griffin it was his swimming day today (thought today was friday didn't I?).... so now I will have to tell him it's not swimming today... and OH MAN is he gunna moan at me! I have NEVER met a kid who can bitch and moan like him.... and he doesn't stop for ages, and he probably won't let me forget all day. *sigh* What a great way to start the day!

Anyway.... Stew is off to Wellington for the day, so I'm dropping the kids off at school first thing, then Stew to the airport... then I shall do a grocery grab and head home to...

do the housework and sew I suppose. Though today I will have to do it with me feet UP... last night me feet were so swollen from sitting at the sewing machine all day, they were aching! Grrrrr, wish my kidney's would friggin well behave! AND WORK.

I've had fluid retention for almost 20 bloody years, I have had countless tests to determine why... the verdict: NO APPARENT CAUSE. Pfffffffft. Just one more thing to piss me off I suppose.

Right, better get going.....

After dropping Stew at the airport I went to Onehunga to check out a patchwork shop... it was closed... so I dropped in on Lynda instead. Hee hee, caught her in her dressing gown I did! She was ever so nice about it though... so I stayed for an hour and had a nice catch up... then off to Sylvia Park for some groceries and home.

I have been just pottering around at home since then.. feeling a bit 'off' today... heachachy and just listless. Dunno why. Ya just have days like that eh?

Thank god for pills... I have had to resort to taking some Panadol ... my head is hurting and so's my neck... too much sewing? Maybe!
Going to do any easy dinner for us tonight... not sure what yet but you can bet it won't involve me cooking much!

LYNDA: *snigger*... and you looked fine in ya dressing gown... YES YA DID!

End of Day: well we had fish n chips and I felt like shit afterwards, thought I was going to throw up in fact! Don't know what the hell is wrong with me today, just not up to par. Hope I feel better tomorrow. nite nite.


  1. Tell him at the last possible minute, Chris!! Oh, gracious, I hate days like that!

  2. You really seem to be loving the sewing.

    Izzy's been a monkey, gone for a couple of walks this week, she can jump the electric fence now!

  3. guess what I got in my snail mail today... the christmas card that martha and I sent you early in december... has a stamp on it saying there is no such house number as what we have. sigh... there is even a letter from martha in it too ... hope the feet swelling goes down.
    Hugs Laura

  4. I am already wishing it was Friday too. Oh...and Junior Mayhem can whine and moan with the best of them!

  5. OK so you had to mention the dressin gown? Actually I was in my nighty!! Only put the dressing gown on for you. Feel welcome to pop by anytime though - seriously you've seen me at my worst now :)

  6. Hope your headache gets better, maybe you need a good massage on your neck.

  7. Yay-always knew you had some smarts in ya'-hehehe!

    Hmm neck probs+sewing=you're probably onto something there-have you thought of a chiropractor or masseuse?
    I've found a great chiro that did a wonderful crack on my neck -and it relieved my neck probs as well as should give it a go girl!

  8. Yikes! I hope you feel better tomorrow. It isn't fun to feel bad after eating!

  9. Anonymous11:47 PM

    Chris, You sound like you aren't too well at all. Maybe you have some type of virus.\\


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