Friday, February 27, 2009



- Kids to school
- Pick up Stew from airport

Home... housework... sewing... try to do some exercise too!

Watched a tv programme last night about people who have lost enormous amounts of weight through various methods and their lives afterwards. It reminded me why I have to shift the weight I have gained again... hell I so don't want to be in the same position again.

MOTIVATION.. it is hard to maintain... and sometimes I wonder where it is, then I get a whiff of it and off I go again. But it doesn't last long nowdays... why is that???

I am frustrated, angry with myself.... and feel pathetic. I have done it, I know I can do it... but why can't I do it RIGHT NOW???

I think much of my recent health issues have been because I am not in good form, am not fit, or healthy. I need to get a grip and start again.. take small steps back to building my fitness...

I will do something today... I will do something today... I will....

Teddy was beside himself with excitement to see Dad home again! Hell he was only gone a day mate... I don't get a welcome like Stew got! Pfffffft. Hubby has a sore head... wine is evil ! Serve him right!

Stew came home early... fell asleep on his chair.. so I sent him to bed at 5pm! He's out to it.... I do believe him and his work mates stayed up too late drinking last night! Suffer!!!

End of Day: I have had a friggin headache all day AGAIN... and wish I could go to bed too! But alas, someone has to look after our little kids eh? *sigh*

We are supposed to be getting a storm tonight... hope it happens, I love a good storm and I still havn't seen thunder and lightening here in Auckland! Fingers crossed. nite nite.


  1. i have no answers to those thoughts... am so there with you however... come see bradley, steph sent me the sonogram pic from today!

  2. You and me both sister! It's so hard to get motivated and stay there.

  3. Hope everything goes well with you. I believe you can do it! Weight is a hard thing to deal with.

  4. my best advice to you is to just go slowly.

    set small, easy milestones and then go from there...

    making hard or unrealistic goals for yourself will just frustrate you and make you quit trying..

  5. Know the feeling - my motivation comes and goes....

  6. Why in the hell are we always freakin' having to deal with this? I hate it. I've been dealing with this issue for 20 years and am sick of it. Sorry, i didn't mean to use your comments to vent. I feel ya girl..haha

  7. If we knew the answer to the motivations issue we would make a fortune. The text books say "Goal Setting" is the way to go. Making short term and long term goals will keep you focused on the issues, just make sure the goals are acheivable.

    Hmmmn, I've never been a text book gal,more a fly by the seat of my pants, maybe that's the problem!!!

  8. I'm in exactly the same headspace as you mate. We know we can do it. Somehow we've gotta find the way.

  9. Hope your headache improves soon!

    As to the motivation - it goes more than it comes sometimes huh? I guess you've got 2 choices - wait till it comes back or do something to MAKE it come back!

    Maybe focus on one small change a week to get things moving, before you know it 6 weeks will have passed and believe me 6 small changes can add up to quite a bit of motivation.

  10. Hope you headache is history today. I'm sure you will find your motivation. You can do it. Take care and have a good weekend.

  11. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Oy. I wish I knew the answer. I've lost weight so many times...

    I love how real you are about all that.

  12. I am struggling with the same issues as you. I had the motivation once. Where did it go?

    Sigh. :-(


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