Monday, February 09, 2009


I proudly present:

I couldn't resisit OK? Stew picked this tomatoe a day ago..... it tickled me fancy. I have no doubt we will eat it.... ha ha ha. Doesn't take much to amuse me obviously.

Teddy got bathed yesterday too... he really isn't very cute wet. And he's getting bloody knots again, so I will be booking him in to be groomed again... but not at the Manukau place I took him to last time! They butchered him...

- kids to school
- housework

Might try going for a swim too... will wait and see.
Didn't go swimming... went shopping instead! Saw an advert on the telly where a shop was selling art canvas's for half price, and in light of the fact that I'm starting an art course next week I thought it would be a good idea to get some now.

So I got some, and some paint and other stuff. All set for class now I reckon.

Home now and it's stinking hot, supposed to rain later on today, and for once I hope it does! This heat is a bit much after a while.

NOLA: google "Haw Coo Clock" and you will find them.

KAREN: I want to go to an Art class to learn how to paint properly! I don't feel I am that good at painting, mostly I just muck around.

We didn't have water at our house (or street) all morning... this guy comes in his truck and turns on the water valve at my driveway... he told me we would have water back soon, then he drove off....

A couple of minutes later... and I have WATER... like a major fountain of it! 10 minutes later the guy comes back and turns it down a bit.... and it continues pissing out for another 45 minutes before it stopped! Meanwhile, 2 of my neighbours have rung to let me know I have water pissing out of me water valve! (errr, tell me somthing I don't know ladies!). I hope I don't get billed for all that water!

I WAS hoping for rain this afternoon, but not from under the ground! lol


  1. What a funny looking tomato lol.

  2. My in laws had a great groomer in auckland, around howick I think for their Minature schnauzer.I can try and find out who it is for you.

  3. my Weezie doesnt like her bath either. Is Teddy a shih tzu too? He's got the underbite like weezie :-)

  4. love that tomato i see it on a bacon lettuce and cheese sandwich :)

  5. Tomatoes can certainly grow in weird shapes, can't they? I am sure it will taste as good as it looks!

  6. That tomato is hilarious! At first I thought you made it from a party balloon!

  7. Crazy tomato!!

    Last time I sent Saffy to the groomer she got a staph infection on her back, think they combed her too hard and pulled out some hair and then with her being left slightly damp and in the heat she got really bad. Poor thing.

    Love the cushions you made for you Mum, I'd love some in a lavender and forest green.

  8. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Um Yeap you sure grow funny tomatoes up in Jaffa land??? What will the next one look like??

    Not sure why you're doing an art course.. except to get MORE skills I guess. You might get bored. Have fun though .. look forward to seeing your work.

  9. Funny tomato, good luck with the excess water

  10. Have fun with your art class...I would like to take one someday.
    I thought your donkey clock was cute and funny.

  11. That is cute. Until you mentioned it, I thought it was a balloon. Can you tell I went to a birthday party yesterday? A party with a balloon man.

  12. I just want to cry seeing all that water going to waste :O(

    And that tomato looks rude lololol

  13. LOL I thought the tomato was a balloon too! Sheesh I can't believe they wasted all that water! Did they at least tell you why they drained it all out??

    Good luck for the art course, sounds like it could be fun :)

  14. lol ... be careful what you wish for!

    Love, love, love the tomato! Could make a colourful adddition to the lounge room :-)


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