Tuesday, February 10, 2009


- kids to school
- weigh in a bit later
- shop for something to lug art stuff around in


Last night I was bored out of my mind... nothing on the telly, Stew was not home... so I ate crap. STUPID TART.

Boredom is my biggest enemy....what's yours?

I have been out and about all morning, sussing out a good carry-all bag for the art stuff.... while out I also got some more art supplies :

ABOVE: this is the bag I finally found... I had to look for 3 friggin hours before finding it. *sigh*... and it also involved a bit of road rage too... the traffic here is just diabolical some days.

It doesn't help that it is stinking hot still, with 100% humidity today. You just can't do anything without breaking out in a sweat.

WEIGH IN.... can I lie? NO? Oh well then... I gained 800 grms. Not that happy, but it can be undone just as quick.

I am going to sit and watch the news now, it is so sad to watch the death toll rising all the time in Australia's Bush Fires. TRAGIC. I hope they catch the Ba*$#ards who lit some of them.

I *WAS* having a nice day... till I got a text from a certain family member... now I am fuming. Might just have to go see a lawyer real soon.

I am dying to have a MAJOR RANT and RAVE about this... but I don't think that would be wise here.. it might come back to bite me in the arse. BUT you can bet I want to..... just IMAGINE lots of nasty swear words....

End of Day: wound up and upset... can't say more. nite nite.


  1. Here's hoping you're able to get that volunteer thing at the hospice going. :]

    My problem is mostly stress. Bleh. Can't get rid of it!

  2. Snap! Boredom! I also find working from home hard. At work you have set break times, every time I go back into the house, the fridge and pantry are there....

  3. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Start a Quilt!

  4. Stress, emotions, boredom... you name it - I eat for it! :( That is something I need to address and will get there eventually!
    Fingers crossed for a good weigh in result today!

  5. I'm right there with you Chris. Boredom gets me too, and then I wind up grazing like a friggin cow. Then I get mad at myself. Like a never-ending cycle...

  6. Stress for me, too.

    I just bought a book called "Eat to Live," which is giving me some hope. Basically, it's eating really fresh, mostly vegetarian. I like meat, but I really don't want to have a heart attack, so I think I'll start taking better care of myself, stress or not. :)

  7. Oh Chris, it really is a sad place to be in Victoria at the moment, we are about 15mins from the fires-we are so lucky,it is so heartbreaking to see it all unfold.
    The toll keeps rising and the stories of courage and loss are just everywhere.
    At least the weather is cooler here now, we had 4 days straight of 43+ degree days the week before last, we are just ever so thankful the fires were not started then.
    Who ever started these fires should be severely punished.
    We all need to be so grateful for what we have,we are the lucky ones,

  8. Chris, I was gonna comment on the cute art supplies but then all the news about the fires just makes me *sick.* Just incredible.

  9. when im bored i eat alot of crap too. its a viscious cycle, and very hard to break out of.

    stick with it!

  10. I eat when I'm bored. I smoke like a chimney when I'm stressed. I'm such a healthy girl..ugh. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing a great job friend.

    Congratulations on your new art classes. I wanted to try to paint once, but I don't have a creative bone in my body unless it has to do with photography.

    You know the fires that are in Australia are all over the news here. Even in the Eastern part of the States. It's horrible. I hope that they find out who is behind this.

    Talk to soon lady..have a great day.

  11. Anonymous4:58 PM

    It is pissing down in PN and the roads are flooded including Fitzherbert.. goodness knows what my street is like. So much rain and yet Victoria could use it so badly.
    See what you are missing!

  12. I have been eating non-stop since the weekend. I just ate a big gooey cinnamon roll. It was delicious thankyouverymuch. But now I feel a little icky...

  13. Sorry you ended up having a bad day, text messagea can be such a nasty way to convey a point. Cant he/she talk face to face, just delete them from your contacts and block them too. Chin up mate

  14. Anonymous1:34 AM

    Tell her to F*#K off and use the C word. I know who your referring to, she disgusts me every time I think about her and the whole situation. She needs to pull her head in, accept what she has done and created and be grateful for how everything has turned out. She has been given every opportunity and continues to, inlight of all the past just throw it away and worry about herself. F*#K Her!!!

  15. I eat when I'm sad/stressed.

    The news here (midwest USA) probably had over 5 minutes of the 30 minute broadcast all about the fires. So sad =0/

  16. Ouch - sounds nasty, hope you are all ok!

    The bushfires are a tragedy, i've gotten to the stage where I just can't watch it anymore - so much senseless death and destruction.

    Boredom is a dangerous thing huh? At least the art course will serve as a distraction.


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