Friday, February 13, 2009


I have decided that today I am going to do NOTHING!

I mean it... bloody nothing.

My spirits are low... and I need to just chill out.

So I'm going to do the usual morning routine.. then do some exercise in the garage (treadmill and exercycle), have a suana and then a cold shower...

...lie down, put me feet up and read a book! I NEED to put me feet up, they are soooo swollen... I'm sure it's from this dreadful heat. Wanna see?

OF COURSE YOU DO..! See... I have CANKLES...! Such a good look.

Things are ticking along in the background so to speak.... I think I am a lot less stressed out than I was a couple of days ago. We know where we stand legally now, so that is great.

***This is my blog, I can and will write whatever I want... I do try to remain respectful of other people's privacy.. there are things that are NOT put on here.. present stuff for instance. And just to be clear... anything I put on here concerning FAMILY is always cleared with them first.

Some of my family LOVE my blog because it means they can keep up to date with what's happening 'at home'.. and this is lovely to know.

Some of my family do not like this... and for that I am sorry. But I feel this blog is good for more than just me and some of my family.. so while I have seriously considered deleting the whole bloody thing... I will not because at the end of the day.. IT IS MY BLOG and I love doing it. It helps me get through each and every day.... I have made literally HUNDREDS of friends from my blogging... and for that I am eternally thankful.

I hope that if you really don't like what you read here on my blog you will just stop reading! Why go reading something if it upsets you? If you want nothing to do with me, fine, stop reading my blog. It's simple.

(Civil conversations are fine by the way... being screamed at and abused are not... and that is what I am avoiding.... this comment is directed at ..#*%%@^^). And that's all I will say on that matter.

My life feels like a bloody Soap Opera ....someone save me from myself! ONWARD....

Go away... I'm doing NOTHING remember?...

It is really really hard to do NOTHING.. I have only been semi successful..... I did vacum the lounge and a few other odd jobs. I still havn't put me feet up! And it's 4pm. DOH.

Here we have poor Teddy in his crate, where he's had to stay for the past few days... the wound on his rump is OOOZING and there is NO WAY he's gunna sit on my furniture with OOOZING wounds!

Ewwwwww.... On a positive, he's taken to the new prescription dog food well, this is great. Here's hoping it helps his allergy subside (if it is a food allergy!).


  1. chin up, move onward. Life is short enough as it is.

  2. ouchie your foot looks painful... hopefully the swelling will go down. You are right about if being your blog, so PPPBBTT to anyone that doesn't like it!

  3. Your in sweltering heat and here we have another day of freezing rain and then back to the deep freeze again tomorrow. My ankles are sore as well but from slipping and falling on the ice.( too much rum)

    I am so sorry that you are under a lot of stress lately and really hope that things sort themselves out very soon.

    The condo purchase continues with a visit for the building inspection, that went well it was really with the Flooring guys and Carpenter friend of ours.

    Monday going over with the contractor to get a quote and hope the floor guys can start the day after closing..

    We are wanting to be out of the Apartment by the 6th or 10th of march. We went and ordered new appliances but they won't be here till about the 13th or 15th of march. It is funny how spending money you do not have always seem to calm the nerves. Until the bill comes in anyways. LOL

    So I guess we will eat out. One advantage of that is no dishes to wash. Have an appointment with the Movers tomorrow, they only moved us a month ago LOL. They know us by first name how scary is that.

    I wish I knew how to use the HTML as well as you do, some color in my blog would liven it up a bit.

    Do keep up the good work. I may not comment everyday but enjoy keeping up with life down under at chez vous. Hope Teddy gets better.

    Well I have supper to make for the Mrs. and a car to scrape clear of ice. Lost .2 of a pound last week.

    Best wishes from Nova Scotia,


  4. Don't let those others bring you down to their level...
    It's your blog and you'll blog if you want to. ; )


  5. Your hardwood floors are beautiful. What do you wash them with? I've been alittle frightened to scrub mine because people keep telling me the wrong product will wash away the "good wax" or something along those lines. I suck at housework.

  6. Good for you, put your feet up and relax. Hope your weekend is good too!

  7. Oh Chris, thank you so much for that blog referral. I will definitely go check her out!

  8. can you please leave her address again. I've tried what you typed in, and other variations of it, but that blog hasn't been updated since 2004. Just checking out if I typed it in wrong...

  9. Anonymous10:28 AM

    nice blog chris and i do agree.xoxoxo

  10. Anonymous10:28 AM

    Morning Chris. I agree. Your blog is yours and your Blog is my favourite place everyday. It's good to hear what you guys are up too. Me, like many others miss you and Stew and the littlies. I bet that heat up there has been cruel. We are a lot cooler after two days of heavy rain. Much easier to sleep at night!
    It's Friday 13th but so far I've received Kapiti fudge, scratchies and a quilt mag from someone at PT, I've increased my branches to check (vote of confidence yay) and I've found my missing rotary cutter (I'd left it at the shop) so it's a wonderful day for me. Oh, and I had my check up with surgeon and I don't have to go back for a year ..for boobs anyway. Blowing a few joy germs your way Chris. Big Hugz

  11. Sounds like some time to yourself is just what you need. Enjoy the sauna and a quiet day reading, sounds like you well and truly deserve it.

    Am I too late for the private blog? Oh well... :-)

    Take care.

  12. Anonymous10:58 AM

    Hi Chris,
    I really enjoy reading your blog throughout the day, especially at work when I'm struggling...
    As you say it's your blog and it makes you happy so I say continue on =) Have a great day relaxing, you deserve it.
    Katrina (Australia)

  13. Your poor Cankles! Up with your feet woman.

    Couldn't agree more - if people don't like what they are reading STOP READING: if they don't like a show on the TV they change the channel - it's not bloody rocket science is it. Hugs.

  14. First of all, big hugs for you! I hope you don't delete your blog. It's a journal for your kids and their kids. Besides, I do enjoy it so, especially your tarts and arses!

    Oklahoma had tornados two days ago. There was some life lost, but a tremendous amount of debris. People lost power, roofs, windows, and entire homes. One entire town was almost completely destroyed. That storm passed over us that same night, but not the tornado.

    Keep your head up! I love the chuckles you bring to your blog!

  15. Doesn't hot weather suck?? My feet swell up too, and I managed to stretch my work shoes...

    Hope you have a good day relaxing, and may it be fairly stress free for you.


  16. keep those feet up and maybe some more of your stress will melt away,... good luck!

  17. bless your heart, your ankles are puffy, raise them higher than your heart to get the fluid off.
    As for the irritation with certain family member well, I leave that one too you,,no advice.

  18. Hopefully the food will help his itching. My mom actually makes her own dog food. I told her nothing better happen to her because the dog will die if it has to live here!

  19. Anonymous9:22 PM

    ditto! That is what my feel look like! But i think mine is all the extra weight i am carrying!

  20. Oh we so need to send you the definition of "NOTHING" - I agree wholeheartedly about the blogging thing too!

    Hope the fluid goes away soon and that poor Teddy's wound stops oozing.

  21. You go Girl! Blogs are for the person who writes them and if others like to read -so be it!

  22. Isn't it lovely when we say that we are going to take it easy. Never quite works out that way. Now go put your feet up and try to relax........

  23. Anonymous6:47 PM

    i have cankles too, but it's cold here---could it be the valentines candy?

    So my mil once got so effing mad that she wasn't mentioned enough on my blog that she wrote my husband and scathing email that stung my heart for weeks, and actually even now. if my family had written something like that to me, i would have been devastated. lucky for me my husband know show to deal with his lunatic mother. some people just need drama in their lives. i say good riddance, and i am glad you are sticking to your guns.

  24. Hope your foot gets better soon!


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