Saturday, February 21, 2009


After Teddy being so miserable for two weeks, he's finally back to normal!

He's loving the new 'special' food (which is going to bankrupt us!)... and he's put on masses of weight! His skin is clear and his eyes are bright and sparkly again. It's such a relief.

Think we will stick close to home today, I'm going to have a lie in and try and get my headache to go.. .I've had it for about a week now! Might be from the rash/pains in me head.... YEP I RECKON!

Lacy wanted to visit today, but I said "NO", don't feel like having visitors .... it's her birthday on Sunday, she will be 29. Pfffft, I can still remember her birth... she gave me lots of trouble then and simply HAS NOT STOPPED! *shaking head*....

My dearest friend Chris D got a new baby last night, here he is:

He is a Bichon Friese puppy... as yet un-named.... but already much loved. I am so happy for her... she needed some company now that her darling husband has passed on. I think this little bugger will keep her on her toes! *smiles*

LATER... The puppy has a name: BUDDY.... and I'm sure he will be Chris's little buddy too!

We went out for a while today to look for material for me.. I wanted to suss out the local material shops ... found on in Devonport called "Cushla's" which was mind boggiling! So many fabics it made me head spin! Luckily my 'nether regions' have settled down a bit today eh? lol

End of Day: I've been sewing this evening, the eye strain is really getting to me... and as for threading a bloody needle... GRRRR I could scream! Time to go to bed and leave it for another day. nite nite.


  1. I love the puppy picture. what a cutie. Makes me want to get a dog again.

  2. Am glad teddy is doing better. And what a nice companion for Chris D.

  3. glad Teddy is back to normal:) hope your headache goes away - shingles ( if thats what it is ) SUCK!
    cute puppy - she looks like a snowball to me:)

  4. Does Chris have a blog? She should ask for name suggestions for a bit of fun....or you could here on your blog. Tell the readers some of his little "quirks" and get them to come up with ideas. That would be fun!! For instance....if he pees a lot I would call him in "clancy of the overflow"!! lol
    I am really pleased to hear Teddy is getting better.

  5. Yay for Teddy! And So glad for Chris D. You are such an awesome friend.

    Here's hoping all is ok with your daughter.

  6. What brand is the food? Is it Hills prescription diet? If so, it is one of the best foods you can put your pet on, but yes it is damned expensive.

  7. he is just too cute! I am sure she and he will love each other ...
    I hope your headache gets better.
    have a great weekend

  8. Love the pic of Chris's new puppy. She will sure have lots of love & fun....LOL
    What food have you got Teddy on now?
    Have a good weekend taking it easy until you feel better.
    Hugs from down here :)

  9. I'm glad to hear Teddy is doing much better. Hope the headache goes soon.

  10. I'm glad Teddy is doing well. The puppy is so adorable!

  11. Cute puppy, am glad poor Teedy has had some relief with the new food.

    Get some serious pain meds on board, headaches are the pits, you have my sympathy.

  12. Oh what a gorgeous puppy! Good to hear that Teddy is back to normal.


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