Saturday, February 07, 2009


LAST NIGHT: The movie was actually very disappointing.. much as I love Brad Pitt, in this movie he was not beautiful for much of the time! I kept waiting for "something" to happen to make the movie interesting. It did not happen. It was a slow, quite boring movie. SAD.

Stew and I had a quick cafe dinner before the movie.... there was a television in the bar...

and like a typical sports mad man he left our table to watch cricket! BLOODY MEN and their sports! At least he's 'normal' I suppose!

NOW, back to my lounge and titivating it a bit:
I put together a little bowl of artificial flowers ...

Add the candles from yesterday and...

My lounge is starting to get colorful .... I still want to get some new cushion covers too.....maybe I will find something today..or buy some material and make 'em. Hell, I've made dozens of cushions in my day, I can do a few more!

One year I made EVERYONE cushions, these were the ones I made my Mum:

I really loved these ones.. they were so pretty.


So far today we have been out to the mall .. I saw something there yesterday that might look good on the lounge wall... then home for lunch. The kids are now playing in the paddle pools. There's lots of paper wasps around... nasty things! They are attracted by the water... so I am staying inside... I'm a whimp.

GRIFFIN: "Mum, what's for dinner?"

ME: " Stewed cat 'n' onions, fried peas and beans"

GRIFFIN: (without missing a beat) "Cool, I love meat!"

He got spagetti on toast.

And on that note...End Of Day: an awesome day, got lots done and had a nice time. nite nite.


  1. And also don't forget how long the movie is as well..... the colors are looking good :-)

  2. I found that movie to be rather sad too! Glad to see you got a night out on your own. Your home looks quite cosy and inviting. Have a great weekend.

  3. LOL - My man hates sport so I guess he might not be normal. I can see how you thought that the movie was a bit slow, and actually more of a "makes you think" kinda movie rather than something funny or lighthearted.

  4. Those cushions look like such fun! And LOL at Stew running away to watch the cricket!!

  5. You certainly have an eye for decorating! Looks beautiful!

  6. We really liked the Film. It was slow but very interesting. Like the home made pillows nice color.

    Cricket- now that is slowwwwwww.

  7. You are so talented! Love the cushions:-)

  8. I thought I was the only person on the planet who didn't like that movie. I saw it the day after Christmas and was really dissapointed. Plus, it drug on for DAYS. Lovin' the living room Girl. come over here and finish my decorating would ya?

  9. haha. As many blogs as you read, I still can't believe you have time to stop in on mine. I stepped on the scale first thing this morning and had a loss! woohoo!!

    I really like the candles. I'm thinking of stealing the idea for my house!

    My guy always finds the nearest tv to watch sports. Doesn't particularly matter which one is on either. He doesn't like basketball, but if it is on, and there is a score, he's off to watch it and not pay attention to me. =0p

  10. you went to the movies???
    I barely remembler what that feels like!!!!

  11. hey chris

    when we were living away from the home that we own the walls were very boring so I asked BJ to knock up some frames the size I wanted I went fabric shopping for material that suited that the look I was going for.

    Just an idea for ya!!!


  12. Geez Stew could get drunk going up to the bar to watch the cricket haha. I loved the pic Chris. A real Kiwi bloke.
    Your colourful additions are gorgeous, you sure have the knack.
    Enjoy your weekend. I love these long ones.. I wish I never had to go back to work!!

  13. Your man is like mine....if there is a game in site on the tv, his eyes are glued to it.....frustrating if you are out to dinner and just want to talk.

    Bummer about the movie.

  14. A lot of people have made the same comment re that movie, I think I'll wait until it comes on DVD

  15. So how many points would there be in stewed cat and onions? Just out of curiosity of course ... lol

    Mate, if you ever send yourself close to bankruptcy with your shopping addiction you could always try your hand at interior decorating - you've got quite a talent at tizzying things up, lounge is looking great.


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