Monday, February 02, 2009


My poor darling has to go back to work today! And I do believe sometime today he will go back and read EVERY post I did while he was on holiday! Not that he didn't know what I was up to or anything... but he likes to see what I wrote! NOSEY BUGGER.

Me? I am going to try and read and comment on a few blogs... I know I can't read each and every one that I have missed over the past couple of weeks, but I will try and visit as many as I can.

What else? Well tomorrow is the start of school, so I will go over the kids school uniforms ... make sure they have pens/pencils etc for their first day back... and I suppose I should try and find out what classes they are in so I know where to take them!

I also need to wash some floors, do some laundry, vacuming etc. You know, the BORING part of being a kept woman who can stay home and do NOTHING all day! I wish.

Do you realise that I didn't go shopping yesterday? I didn't even leave the house! That's weird.

BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER... I just rang the find out what classes the kids were in this year....

And the nice lady told me that school doesn't start tomorrow, it starts on WEDNESDAY! I'm not a happy girl. I was so looking forward to tomorrow.


ANONYMOUS from Ontario, Canada (yes I have your ISP Address too)... surely you don't think I am going to publish your filthy comment do you? (Ann(ie)... do you remember the really big banana I showed on my blog a while ago? Well this twit tried to tell me where to 'put' it!)
ABOVE: I found this pottery wall hanging that I made years ago, so put it on the fence by the table... it kinda matches!
Still reading/commenting... think I'm getting to the point where I will need to 'mark as read' all the rest!
I sat out in the sun... and moments later a paper wasp was feasting on me leg... I freaked out and ran inside like a girl! Those suckers can really sting like mad! I am not going out there again today! Friggin bugs.
Stood on the scales just now too... looks like I will have a decent loss this week! WOOOO HOOOO!
ALRIGHTY... I have read 281 blogs today, I have commented on all of them... and I have 'marked as read' the remaining 594 ! I am DONE.
As far as I'm concerned, I'm UP TO DATE. Forgive me if I missed you.
My bum is killing me, gunna get up off this computer chair and move it.
End of Day: it was so nice when Stew got home from work tonight, he looked at me and said "God you look lovely".... awwwww. Do ya reckon he's gunna get lucky tonight or what? ha ha ha. nite nite.


  1. Enjoy your day to yourself. You deserve some time alone to do what you want to. I'm sure Stu will miss you, but being at work makes coming home to you more special, right?


  2. Hey the table looks great - you are very clever!!

  3. Wow, not going shopping for one whole day? and you didn't have a breakdown? lol
    Enjoy your day after the kids go back to school!

  4. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Hahahahaa Oh I am sorry Chris but I can just imagine your face when the school told you the kids don't start till Monday hahahahahaha Hehehehe... oh dear!

  5. I need to vaccuum so bad, but I'm ignoring that fact right now and happily reading blogs. :) what's up with crazy from ontario???

  6. Re your question on magnet: Chris it would fall of so easy.

  7. What I would give to be a kept woman.... Ah, that's the life!

    Yes, Chris, we buggers will all be watching the game...some for the action...some for the commercials.
    It all starts about one hour from now. Bruce Springsteen is performing at half-time!

    Enjoy your day!

  8. So starting later does that mean they will finish later too?? I know some schools are finishing this year on Dec 8th, how crazy is that????Kids will forget what they have learnt lol

  9. Love that wall hanging. Your backyard must be looking lovely.

  10. Lucky you checked with the school Chris. It would've been more disappointing to have taken them tomorrow and then had to bring them back home.

  11. Re your comment to me... of course the wine does not help! Trouble is it is just so easy to have a glass or two. What we do now is just have total drink free days and try to have more of them than before.

  12. Love your pottery & the table looks great too! I'm envious!!! Would love to make time to be a bit day :0)

  13. sorry about the school lol
    the wall hanging is just right and yes keep away from the bugs

  14. Commiserations to Stew for having to go back to work and also to you re school start date.

  15. Your husband doesn't read your blog every day?? That's how my dh knows what goes on at home. :]

  16. Um that's a lot of blogs my dear! I know i'm one of the lucky few who's got read, seeing how I maanged to get TWO comments out of ya!

    Buggar about the kids being at home for another day. Never mind, it'll pass quickly enough.

  17. You are looking darned good in your photo there lady! Almost as good as the pottery hanging, for which I have a bit of penchant myself!

    I must admit then when I think they're going to school and then I find out that I made a mistake.....I am not a happy bunny.

  18. *sniff*... I was one of those 500 that you didnt read... shame on you...
    *sob* I am crushed... hahahaha
    Hope you have a top week..

  19. Nice pottery piece. You are so talented with that kind of stuff!

  20. I don't get the whole troll thing. Guess people just need attention.

    How sad on school not starting until WED!

  21. Wow the summer vacation passed in a flash. Sorry to hear you have to wait an extra day before the kids head back to school. But you will have your freedom soon.

    The table looks great. What a lovely weekend you had. We just start around the house, as it was just too bitter to contemplate going any where.

    Have fun with the little ones. Take care.

  22. I love the wall hanging, you make me want to beautify my back yard. What a jerk about the banana! He needs a life! If Stew were mine he would surely get lucky, you are a lucky girl!


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