Sunday, February 08, 2009


Yesterday we bought a new clock for the lounge... it's a 'Haw Coo' clock! Sounds weird eh? Instead of a Coo Coo Clock with a bird coming out on the hour, ours' has a donkey!
I thought this was totally appropriate seeing as we have a donkey across the way who hee haws sometimes!


Also yesterday I found this really cute little plaque for the lounge too:

It has a 'nautical' theme too.

ABOVE: from this angle the lounge finally has some colour....

ABOVE: from this angle... it does not. I am not sure if I need to make new cushions or not... I might just get a colourful picture at some stage. Maybe I can even paint it in the Art Course I am starting soon!

Today ... no plans as yet, maybe just lazing at home for a change.

ABOVE: a quick movie of the clock in action.

Stinking hot day... lay in the sun ... and the paddle pool.. sooo hot we just couldn't do anything. Really don't have much else to report so...

End of Day: a blissful weekend ... did lots of NOTHING. Kids are already moaning about having to go back to school tomorrow. Poor little buggers are probably going to melt in their classrooms. nite nite.


  1. You have cool taste...I love that funky clock...Hi, My name is Meme....I would like to personally invite you to both of my blogs...Screaming Meme and Project:{Create A Home}....Screaming Meme is a decorating blog that I created to share my career as an Interior Decorator and Model Home Stager, as well as, share ideas and how to's on decorating, faux painting and getting a professional look on a shoe string budget!...It is all about decorating over there! I then created Project:{ Create A Home}...I envisioned a blog that women could all share in...Where we could come together and learn everything from decorating our homes to stepping out and learning new things that we always wanted to learn but didn't have the road map...Project: {Create A Home} is that road map! We have decorating, organizing, cooking, finance, technical/computer knowledge, family rearing, relationship advice, spirituality and uplifting wisdom...just to name a few...I hope you get a chance to stop in and look around...And if you have something that you want to share...Something that we could learn from you...Well, we would love to talk to you! :) I look forward to getting to know you! Meme

  2. Chris: The clock is tooooo cooollll!!!
    Love your tastes!

  3. Omg, I LOVE that clock!

  4. oh my that clock is AWESOME!!!!!!! I love it!

  5. Anonymous9:41 AM

    How fun! Btw, I love the map picture you've got over the couch!

    I do not know how you can stand shopping so much! Oh my gosh, I'd rather clean toilets... pull weeds... pick up dog poop... LOL!

  6. My god I could not stand that clock for very long, lol love the picture though....and like coffee bean how can you love shopping so much, I avoid it unless I have to get something....

  7. Hey Chris! Thank you for your kinds words. Whether you pray or not, I'm glad you're my friend.

    I see a snapper above the TV!!

  8. I seriously love your taste in home decor!!!!

  9. LOL on the clock. It would probably drive me nuts after awhile though! My dad used to have a cookoo clock and my oldest would always run to see it when it started going off.

  10. OH, that donkey is hilarious. It's something that I would love in my home. Cracked me up. I knew I liked you, you're as quirky as me..hehe


    Oh, thank you for the well wishes for Logan. It means alot Chris.

  11. Cute - but I'm another one that can't stand shopping!

  12. Your house looks really cool, I like the fish above the TV.
    The clock is very cool too! Here we have chickens and roosters running around and I am becoming able to identify the rooster by his cock-a-doodle-doo!

  13. Oooohhh ... love the clock. Infact goggled it, and saw you can get other animals in them too - but sadly, I couldn't find any on NZ websites. I reckon my brother would love one of these for his next birthday present. Can you let me know (please!!) where you got it from and approximate cost. I'll be up in Auckland mid- year for a conference but could perhaps get a friend to get me one before then. I also love the candles - very nice! :))

  14. That clock just made me laugh out loud and wake up the kitty who was snoozing on my lap!

    It like the clock and the color!

  15. I WANT that clock!! Where did you get it? Do they have a website?

  16. Oh definitely looking nice and colourful! But how the bloody hell do you get your house to look so tidy with two kids in tow?

  17. Hello, I love your donkey cuckoo clock. where did you find it?! I have 3 donkeys and would really love to find one. thanks so much Di


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