Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Due to certain circumstances my blog will be only about ME for the forseeable future... not my family or the kids.

This will be in effect till some things have been sorted out and I can feel comfortable yakking about anything and everything again.

Stew is seeing a lawyer today ....

I am FURIOUS that this is happening.....

God help anyone who comes near me right now and pisses me off......


Now Teddy (I can talk about him)... is in a bad way. His skin is playing up again and I am sure he's getting bothered by flies on his sore skin... yesterday he was being driven nuts and crying... so I'm taking him to the vets today.... hell that's gunna cost a bomb!

I over ate last night... blame it on STRESS...... now of course I am even more pissed off about everything.
I feel like crying at the moment, due to being so INFURIATED about the shit going on right now....

I really must try and stop stressing .... and NO MORE eating crap. I am only hurting myself.
Sorry I am such a sad sack today.

Teddy has been busy overnight and knawed off all the fur from his rump... it is festering and so sore looking... he's off to the vet's at 10.15 today. I hope they can help him....

When he came in this morning he started attacking himself again and I yelled at him to 'STOP" and he jumped up on the back of this chair and looked real 'hang dogish'! He stayed there for ages not moving! See the neck cone thingee? DOES NOT STOP HIM... he's been wearing it for almost 4 months non-stop. It only stops him scratching his face.
I have tried changing his food several times... nothing seems to help....

ANONYMOUS: while I appreciate the support ... perhaps 'blasting' a certain person will not help OUR situation right now? It will only make things worse I think.... but thanks anyway.


Poor Teddy has a SEVERE allergy to SOMETHING... as you can see... we do not need to take him to the groomers right now!

THIS is how bad he knawed himself in just two days! He is now on steroids (probably for the rest of his life)... he's had an injection to give him some immediate relief and the vet has ordered some special food for him. It should be here later today.
When they shaved him he screamed and yelped... I CRIED. I am such a sook.

For the time being he will have to be inside ALL THE TIME, so I shall get his crate set up inside... I will have to help him eat and drink as the NEW neck cone thingee is too long for him to do it himself.

End of Day: just picked Stew up from the airport, he's been away in Wellington since monday morning. Teddy is still totally miserable... whimpering and crying constantly. Poor bugger. I am coping.... feel rattled but I'm sure all will sort itself out ... nite nite.


  1. Sorry things are a mess! Have you tried changing dog food to some not containing corn? A lot of dogs have allergies to corn and it shows up in the way of itching.

  2. chris, I hope everything gets sorted and that you can continue with how you express yourself. My MIL is going to get me the names of all the grommers in your area that she knows with her experiences - ie good or bad. Will email you them once she has giv en them to me, will be a couple of weeks as she is packing and moving over this week.

  3. Hi Chris I read your blog every day, several times a day, but have never made a comment. Its such a shame that someone has taken away your right to talk about the people that you love. Hope you get is sorted out soon. I promise to comment more often and not lurk. Cheers Kels

  4. You are NOT a sad sack GRRR for saying that!!
    Chin up only positives come from positive actions, Stew is off to the lawyer that will put you on the right track.
    Take care, much love and hugs,


    PS the pantry is NOT your friend today.

  5. Oh Chris!
    I hope in my heart of hearts that everything is alright.
    As simple as that sounds, all I can do is worry and hope good things for you.
    Please know that your blog friends are with you, no matter what you write about.
    Stay strong.


  6. Hope everything is ok and settles down.

  7. Anonymous7:41 AM

    take care chris hope it all comes right for you and your family

  8. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Oh boy... that all does not sound good at all. I'm sorry that you are having to deal with that kind of stress and will be praying for you and your family. Hang in there Chris!

  9. Being a sad sack is allowed! Stress does funny things to people and I know all about being a stress eater! Heres to hoping everythng turns out well:)

  10. Oh my gosh Chris! What the hell? I really hope everything is alright. I'll be thinking about you.

    Hang in there, whatever is going on WILL get better.


  11. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Hang on in there Chris you are a strong woman andyou and Stew will get through this we are all behind you 100% take care big hugs

  12. Sorry things aer going poorly. I have to assume it has something to do with teh kiddos...all I have to say is even with the funny stories about them, it is VERY clear that you love them to pieces.

    Hope it works out.

  13. Hi Chris. I have been reading for about 100yrs but never commented before. I had a dog who had the same trouble as Teddy. It ended up being red meat. Strange huh? Try making him a "dog stew" LOL Chicken(can use necks to keep the price down), pasta or rice, left over veggies (I use no name frozen veggie mix)left over chicken stock or herbs for taste. Sounds dumb but it worked for me.
    I hope all will work out with what is going on.
    Take care.
    Cheryl :) XX

  14. Poor Teddy!

    And poor you! Not sure what's going on - but hope it gets resolved really soon!

  15. I'm sorry to read about your current situation...

    Families you can't live WITH them and you can't live WITHOUT them!

    Stay strong and don't let the stress become youe enemy.

  16. Sorry to hear you're going through all this extra stress at the moment! Hopefully things will get sorted and you will be free to say what you want on you blog again.


  17. Sorry things are not good, I hope you get it sorted out quickly. Antything to do with lawyers is bad news. Bigs hugs mate!

  18. Poor you.....poor Teddy!! I hope you find out what is wrong at the vets today....about Teddy, not you:)
    Good luck ... you just have to feel sorry for the trouble makers..they obviously have no life of their own, so whinge about everyone else's!!!

  19. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Could it be somthing that your washing him with maybe?

  20. Poor pup. Sorry about Teddy. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

    I'm also sorry to hear that you're having to deal with nasty people and a lawyer. I haven't commented before, but I do read often, and find you to be hilarious! Thinking about you and sending prayers.

  21. I love you guyssss... Talk when you're ready!!

  22. Hope everything is ok, Big Hugs!

  23. My intuitive mind makes me believe I have an idea of what may be going on so I send all my love to you and your family and hope all settles down.

    Poor teddy, it could be anything from the humidity to food to grasses or even a tiny mite. It's terrible for the poor wee buggers. Hope something gives him relief soon.

    Chin up chick, you are made of strong cells, you'll get through.

  24. Chris big big hugs just for you :)

    Re Teddy.......Tarsha is allergic to our grass and is on prednisone tablets and has been for most of her 14yrs. Just a 1/4 tablet these days but it sure helps. These small breeds sometimes do have lots of skin problems. Tarsha's mum was just Teddy until they started her on tabs too. The heat doesn't help either. There is also an anti-itch spray you can get from the pet shop which helps too.
    Thinking of you.

  25. Hope Teddy comes right soon.

    *hugs* to you and Stew and hopefully things are sorted soon so you can relax and go back to expressing yourself openly and honestly in YOUR blog! I may not comment often but I do LOVE reading your day to day adventures!

    We are all here for you mate!

  26. Oh Dear, I have a guess at what may be going on & I hope I am wrong but either way you will get thru this and I am sure all will be fine.

    Good luck with Teddy, it may end up being noting serious, this weather probably isn't helping the poor wee thing either.

  27. Cyber-hugs and prayers coming your way. So sorry you are going through this. But, you will get through, no doubt.

  28. hugs chris, you know where to find me if you need vent space...
    Poor teddie and his bum... more hugssssssss

  29. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Oh Chris, nothing I can say or do but please know all my thoughts are with you and Stew and huge big hugs. And I mean HUge. Hope it works itself out mate.

  30. Sorry Chris to read of your troubles. I hope something sorts itself out soon. Hope you sort out Teddy's skin problems.

  31. Anonymous12:36 PM

    sorry to hear this Chris, hope it gets sorted out without a lot more damage to you & yours.

    I am quite happy to read about the Chris H & Teddy Adventures for as long as it takes.

    Hugs to you & poor Teddy, hope the vet helps.

  32. Sorry you are so down Chris. I agree, not good when lawyers are involved.

    Poor Teddy. His back looks very sore. I really hope he gets some relief with the new food.

    Sending big hugs your way.

  33. Hope things sort themselves out for you..... take care

  34. Awww poor Teddy!

  35. Hope you manage to get everything sorted out soon... BIG HUGS!!

    As for Teddy...poor bugger!! Hope that gets resolved quickly too.

    Take Care!!

  36. Poor little Teddy.. he's so darling..

    can you give him Benadryl? We tried it w/ our dog and it seemed to help..

    and lots of Fish Oil tabs squeezed in her food....

    I over eat every single day..
    I hate myself.

  37. i hope life settles down for you real soon Chris, dont eat your feeling sweety, as you know it just makes you feel more crappy!

    hugs xxx Erica

  38. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Oh! Poor Teddy! I might cry! He looks so pathetic!

    You are a good puppy mum and I'm sure you'll get it all figured out.

  39. Kia Kaha chris and teddy too poor thing
    thinking of you

  40. Thinking of you my friend.

  41. Damn really know how to pull a cliff-hanger!
    I hope your life gets sorted soon-it's not good for you to have so much stress! Hang in there chick!

    Poor Teddy-Hope he heals soon!

  42. Poor Teddy. Good grief. I hope the steroids help and the new food gives the poor thing some relief.

    Hope whatever has happened and what's upset you gets resolved asap.

    Try not to stress, these things have a way of working out. Hang tough and hang in there together.


  43. Awww .... Teddy doesn't look too impressed with that big cone, does he? I hope his skin condition improves soon.

    Also, sorry to hear that you have extra stress to deal with at the moment - I hope Stu's visit to the lawyer today went well and your extra stress is soon in the past.

  44. Thinking of you, hope you are ok

  45. Maybe we should all get one of thos cone things so we cant eat either...
    Poor lil teddy...

  46. Anonymous12:18 AM

    If you need anything give mea yell!! hope all is ok

    steph xxxxxx

  47. Awww Chris, hope things sort themselves out soon for you!

    Poor Teddy, it's a helpless feeling isn't it? I went through it with Jessie when she was younger, whatever affected her was at our old house, she didn't bite nearly as much once we moved here!

  48. Sorry to hear life is stressful right now. Do hope you find a resolution to your problems ASAP. Hang in there.

    Poor poor puppy. He must be in terrible state to do that to himself. Hope the medication and food resolve his problem.

    Keep strong this will pass. ((Take care.))

  49. So sorry to hear that things are all messed up! It can't be fun but I think you are doing the right thing to restrain yourself and not rant about the person or persons. Ranting can only hurt in a bad situation.

    Poor Teddy! His poor rumps looks like it hurts . . . a lot! I know the meds will help him a lot. You are a good Mommy to take him to the vet and to be so concerned that you cry. We all have a weak spot for our pets!

  50. Oh no! I hope you guys work it out.

  51. Anonymous7:47 PM

    I just CRIED reading this post! Georgie has done the same thing - woke up one morning and the bitch was BALD on her left side. COuldn't believe it. Was some skin irritation, poor thing.


  52. Poor Teddy.. Hope he is doing better!
    I am so sorry to hear things are in shambles. You are a lioness about your family and whatever it is you and Stew (a lion!) will take care of. I am sending lots of good wishes to you! Stay strong!

  53. Poor puppy! He's really chewed himself up! I took the cone off the cat for awhile last night but he started licking his stitches non stop so I had to put it back on.


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