Saturday, July 23, 2016



Steve is coming down today to install the attic ladder.
I can't wait to get everything out of the freakin' hallway.

Bex is coming down first with the boys, and Steve should be here mid-afternoon, after he finishes work.

Before they arrive, we are popping out to get a few bits 'n' bobs.  

 ABOVE:  We finally have lights above the kitchen sink.  They sure make a difference when you are working there.
It's a bit hard to appreciate the difference when the 'before' photo was taken during the day.  But I'm sure you get the gist.

ABOVE:  Botton left, we now have power points in the entrance way.  I will show you later, WHY I wanted a power point there.
But not right now, we are off out and about soon.


12.41 pm:  So, Stew and I went out to Wairere Nursery at Gordonton to look for a big pot.

 ABOVE: They have a pretty good selection there, but quite pricey.

 ABOVE:  Stew liked these concrete pots, but only because they were cheap.  I thought they were ikk.

 ABOVE:  They also had lots of the very big Atlantis pots that I adore... but at $1,200, they stayed there!

We then had a look in Palmers at Rototuna, but they didn't have much of a selection to look at.

So Mr Google directed us to another place on the other side of Hamilton.

 ABOVE:  It was called 'More Than Pots', and it's a lovely shop!  We wandered around for a bit, not seeing many really big pots that we liked... then Stew spied the ONE AND ONLY big Atlantis Pot they had.

AND it was on sale.
SO we bought it.  Hundreds of dollars cheaper than the ones at Wairere Nursery!

ABOVE:  The rest of the shop.  Oh we bought another thing there to.  I will show you later.  It's been dismantled to fit in our car.

ABOVE:  One of the advantages of having a big vehicle like our Highlander.  So bloody handy.  *smiles*

Right, it's lunchtime and my stomach is churning... better eat something.

2.37 pm:  And lunch is done... and we are now just enjoying the kids.

 ABOVE:  Archer just loves taking 'selfies' on his mum's phone.  He pulls all sorts of faces!

ABOVE:  He is utterly adorable!  When he frowns at himself, we all crack up.

We had unexpected visitors this afternoon... Marty and Jacqui and their kids.  So it was neat to show Marty around our new home... and spend time with them.

Marty... decided to re-arrange some things in the family room!

 ABOVE:  First he exchanged the metal/wood trolley for the white marble top unit.  He took the huge blue glass jar off the table and put it on top of the white unit.  Then ...

 ABOVE:... then he put the coloured candles back on the table, took 'DINE' off the wall AND the Giraffe painting! 
He put the Giraffe painting on the wall over where I sit.

 ABOVE:  Then he moved a few other paintings around till he was happy with it all!
What a crack up.

 ABOVE: I think he had fun.  I've never had a friend come in and move stuff around before, it was OK though.  I sure didn't mind.

 ABOVE: Steve finally arrived, and after spending a few hours visiting, Marty and Jacqui and kids left for home.

Steve and Bex left to spend an evening out without their boys.
It was the first time we had babysat Archer, and we expected him to scream the house down when they left, but he didn't.
What a relief.

ABOVE:  Oh yes, this is why I really wanted a power point in the entrance way.  Fairly lights!

So pretty.

And that is all I have for today.  Time to wrap this up and enjoy the evening with the kids.
And Coronation Street.  Cos I love that programme.


  1. Yeah! I love it when things get done! You are the greatest!

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Yay for another productive weekend. When do you get your Hobbit playhouse, I cannot wait to see it? Have a great day.

  3. Awwww cute photos, Bex looks so happy, lovely.

  4. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Wow what a score on the atlantis pot... I love that 4 lamp stand there friends I know have a red telephone box in their garden and a harry potter street lamp Maybe a BLUE telephone box lol the lights make a huge difference in the kitchen.Its me Blondie

  5. loving all your decorations and the fairly lights especially x

  6. Totally love the photos of Bex and Archer.. such a QT... do you have a free power point in either the family room or entrence way??.

  7. I love that you have such a beautiful home finally and are having so much fun shop for it. I hope your time with the boys was nice, they are so adorable. :)

  8. So did you leave the stuff where he put it or move it back lol.

    1. I left it there! It did look good after he moved stuff around!

  9. Love the fairy lights! I need lights over my kitchen sink too!! Still no pics of your new hair????? Wahhh!!!

    1. Hair appointment isn't till Tuesday this week...


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