Friday, July 15, 2016


Last night we had the best ever phone conversation... with our youngest son Mike.

We had not heard from him in a while, so it was just wonderful to catch up with him.  We miss him and Joyce dreadfully.  Now we are just that bit closer, distance wise, maybe we will be able to see more of them. 

I won't be driving down there for a few months though, I don't like snow and ice on the roads!

Today I'm going into Hamilton to find a 'range booster' for my PC.  Then I will be able to use the main computer again.

I'm sure the kids will enjoy going to the mall again.

We have decided to take this weekend off from doing jobs around the house/yard.  Steve and Bex will also enjoy a weekend without travelling down here.
So, we will probably take a little road trip to Tirau, which is under half an hour from here.

It's a very popular 'through town' for stop offs.  It's got quite a few funky shops and eateries.  I can't wait! 

So, back to today.  I hope I can find the range booster ... last time I went to get one, the shops didn't have the one Steve recommended. And of course, they tried to sell me one that was twice the price.  But I'm not easily talked into buying something that I don't need.  NO !  REALLY.  I'm not a push over.  A Shopaholic... YES.  Dumb.  NO.



9.53 am:  Well we might not be going to Hamilton after all.  A friend has a modem for sale on Trademe, so if it's what we need (asking Steve)... I will buy her's.

I'm freezing today.  The sun is out but it's really 'crisp' out there.  Brrrrrr.  Think I will have to turn the heater on.   I can't stand being cold inside. My hands are like blocks of ice.

Kids... are still in bed!  And the dogs too.  Such a life they have.

 ABOVE:  My tidy computer area in my room.  See the mirror?  That's so I can see behind me... cos certain people like to creep up behind me, and scare the shit outta me!
So now... they can't.  

ABOVE: I suppose only I would post a photo of a LINE eh?
As my car has a reversing camera, I can now use it, and the line to back into the garage.   Works for me!

Just text conversation'ed Steve.  We don't need my friend's Modem/Router.  So I will be going into Hamilton for a Booster after all.

Is there such a word as 'conversation'ed'? *laughing*

Going now, this isn't getting me warm just sitting here.

2.22 pm: WOW!  Huge thunder/lightening/torrential rain!  

HEY Leanne, what happened to your comment???

OK... because the weather was SO BAD, I decided to stay home.  The kids didn't mind at all.  
So... I had a nice time mucking around in my sewing room.  I am itching to start sewing again.  But, I won't until everything else is done around here first.  I don't want anything hanging over my head.

Michele... get back to me with details for your baby cot quilt!

It's going to be a quiet evening here, as per usual.  Coronation Street in the family room, and rugby in the lounge.  *smiles*


  1. Tirau is a great place to visit. Enjoy yourselves on your well deserved weekend 'off'. Helen in France (and Ruawai)

  2. I love Tirau, it is one of my favourite places to visit and potter about. I would not be driving those roads until summer, too dangerous.

  3. Chris I have a netgear range booster we used it for upstairs downstairs does up to 8 bedrooms and the 2 carports downstairs its on trade me..... was $300 I used it 8 months selling for $150 (trader blondieone!)

  4. Anonymous7:54 AM

    oops cost $238 bought at Noel Leemings. Blondie

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Lol, not sure and can't even remember what I wrote now. Sorry, been a long day. I'll try to remember tomorrow :)

    2. No worries Chick! Hope your evening is better.


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