Sunday, July 31, 2016


Today we have the Hamilton clan coming for lunch. 
And Lacy and Keera will be here too hopefully.

So, we should have around 12 visitors for lunch.

We are going to have a few cooked chooks, ham and salad stuff on buns.  Nice and easy.

How about a few photos from last night?

 ABOVE:  Wee Liam was packing a shitty cos he wasn't allowed in the bathroom while his Dad was getting ready to go out.  He came right as soon as they left!  So typical.

 ABOVE: Miss Emily... being the little Diva she is.

ABOVE:  Guess who Amanda was dressed up as?

Right... I am going into Hamilton soon for a quick look in Spotlight for BIG NUMBERS.  I would rather buy them than try to jig saw them from plywood if I can.


3.48 pm:  Everyone has lunched, and left.
It turned out to be a nice family time after a bit of a bump at the beginning.


And... I got photos of everyone... except Huston!  No idea how that happened, but seeing as I wasn't taking all the photos.... *sigh*.  

Next time.

All is quiet in the house now... left overs for dinner.  *smiles*

10.31 pm:  And it's the end of the day, and all is quiet.  I'm about to go to bed.  Tired.


  1. I hope you're having a lovely day. A family lunch sounds nice.

  2. gorgeous photos and I would recognise Kelly's daughter anywhere, those eyes!! Glad you had some nice family time xxxx

  3. Oh my Goodness, Liam's wee sulky face - too cute.

    Love your pink crown, how it should be :-)

  4. Hey? Where are the ones with the princess on the bench!? :D

    1. "Princess" looked like a beached bloody whale... so stayed in the camera.

  5. You have some great photos today! Looks like a lovely day with family!

  6. You have some great photos today! Looks like a lovely day with family!

  7. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Those eyes on you your kids your grandkids so blue! That bench surface I the kitchen is the bees knees so perfect for a big family gathering .... Its me Blondie

  8. Just love that pic of your three granddaughters.... Just gorgeous!!

  9. Love Kelly's blouse, so pretty! How nice to have all the kids there. Most of them got your blue eyes didn't they?

    1. Thanks julie. Lol my blouse is actually a throw over togs beach top but I love it.


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