Monday, November 17, 2014


Can you believe, in between doing a few odd jobs around the house yesterday, this is all I got done on making the pattern for my Mariner's Compass yesterday???

ABOVE:  it took me forever to get the circles done... I have made this pattern really big and couldn't find anything round and large to use as a template, so I had to muck around getting the curves right free hand.  NOT EASY.

The colours are not precise, and the black dots might not stay that size... it's actually still a work in progress!

I am enjoying doing it though, it's going to be gorgeous once it's actually made... I HOPE!

Before you ask, NO, I'm not colouring in any more!  I don't really need to ... I've got all the bits sorted now, and know, up to a point, what colours I shall be using.

Today I shall do some housework, work on me pattern and then head off to Hospice after lunch.

So, that's me for now... catch ya later.


Well its been a long day. .. I'm still at the shop!  Just waiting for the cashing up to be finished then I can go home.  Its been a fairly busy afternoon, so good! 

5.50 pm and I'm finally home.  I can't show you what I bought today as they are to be Christmas Presents!
I did get a white T-shirt for me and another for Steve for work over summer.
But that's all.

Stew just arrived home, Bex is finishing dinner, Dante is eating his dinner and depositing 50% on the floor, the dogs are running around wanting to eat it all off the floor... it's that time of the night when it's a bit hectic.

Really looking forward to tonight, I'm going to start transferring the pattern onto the Vliesofix then the fabric!  Exciting...

And back breaking! I've spent the last 4 hours bent over a table transferring markings, cutting out and ironing.   JUST doing the circles I might add.

Finally called a halt when Stew wanted to go to bed at 11.  Now I am about to follow him.

Sorry it's been a rather boring post today, and virtually NO PHOTOS.

I will try to do better tomorrow... when I take Coco and Tallulah to the Botanic Gardens for a little walk!

End of day:  a long, wet day.  Glad it's over really.  I need to get to bed with a panadol for me back.
nite nite


  1. Well done on getting the circles drawn!!!

  2. Curves freehand?!?!? You are good.
    This is going to be fabulous in your new dining room-- it's stunning.
    xo jj

  3. Your talents know no bounds, you could start YouTube tutorials and get paid! Animals kids and dinner always a busy time.

  4. Any imperfections will make it better

  5. Glad to hear you found a good home for Teddy. Nice pattern hope it all comes together as you hope. Take care.

  6. Can't wait to see your new project transform!


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