Tuesday, November 18, 2014


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Griffin!!!  He's 13 today... so now we officially have two teenagers in the house.  
Dude, I hope you have a lovely day, we all love ya.

I'm so happy.
Teddy is happy... look at these photos I got from Gayle's Facebook last night:

 ABOVE:  I KNEW it wouldn't take Teddy long to get on Shane's lap!  He lives to be in this exact position.   

ABOVE:  This photo totally cracks me up!  I wonder if the dogs got anything?  If so, that means Shane got bugger all....  *smiles*.

See how well Ted is fitting in?  I no longer have any pangs of worry about him.

Now... in this house... today, I am taking Coco and Tallulah to the Gardens for a little walk.
It will be Tallulah's FIRST ever venture off our property (except for at the Vet's), so a big day for her.
And Coco.  She's been cooped up at home for ages too.

I have to pop into Animates first to get Tallulah a collar ... she doesn't have one yet.

After our walk I plan on coming home and sewing... so excited about this Mariner's Compass, it's something I've wanted to make for myself for simply ages.

Right... off to get started with the day.


Well!  A very interesting morning.
I went down to Animates and bought some new collars for both the girls, then we headed back to the Gardens for our walk.
To find this going on:

 ABOVE: The Botanic Gardens had been transformed into Amber Beach Dinosaur Museum... and filming was taking place.  It was quite amazing to see how many people/vehicles/equipment was required to make a film!
Getting that photo of the bloke in his armour was lucky, he got out of it just after my photo was taken.

ABOVE:  I didn't get to see the horses in action.  I have NO IDEA what film/programme they were filming.

Now, back to our walk... Tallulah wasn't very keen on her walk to begin with, she kept diving into bushes and had to be pulled out.  But by the time we left she was having a blast!

ABOVE: hiding in the bushes, those ducks were SCARY!

ABOVE:  Luckily there is plenty of water around for drinking and playing in.

ABOVE:  Finally, having a blast!  Coco was clipped to my backpack, so she didn't keep tangling up the leads, she's really good at that.

So, it was a good walk ... and Bex is keen to tag along tomorrow if I go again.

Lunchtime.  Starving.  Off to find food.

Found food, ate it while watching Home And Away, then spent the afternoon cutting out parts for me M/Compass.   Totally got heaps done!

Might even be ready for stitching soon!
Not sure yet if I've got enough batting so might have to wait until tomorrow to start the stitching.

Actually, just remembered I've got a few more little parts to cut out and iron on.  That will be what I'm doing after dinner.

DINNER:  Fish 'n' chips for Griffin's Birthday.
Followed by cake of course.

End of Day:  well... dinner was nice, cake was nicer, then I continued working on the M/Compass.  It's coming along nicely, almost ready to stitch it.
nite nite


  1. Oh! The puppy cuteness! All of those dogs look the same! How do they tell them apart! So glad Teddy can get some proper puppy loving there! I knew someone would want that canine cuddliness. Teddy is a darn good dog, just not with the little ones around!

  2. Very happy for you and Teddy.

    Happy Birthday to Griffin.


  3. Happy Birthday to Griffin. Hope he has a great day. Teddy looks like he is totally at home where he is.

  4. You can tell the dogs are loved in that house!

  5. Happy Birthday Griffin. Glad Teddy is happy. Walkies looks like fun!!!

  6. I know you must feel so good that you found the right place for Teddy and that you have the pictures to prove it.
    Happy birthday to Griffin.

  7. Happy birthday griffin. Hope u have a great day. Love the photos of teddy. He looks at home and happy

  8. Happy birthday to Griffin 13! Wow that has gone fast alright. An interesting well all round for you and the dogs.

  9. Happy Birthday Griffin :-)

  10. Southgirl5:58 PM

    Happy Birthday Griffin.I hope you have had a great day.

    I love the photo's of the little girl's walkabout in the Botanic Gardens,looks like a fun day was had by them both.

    Southgirl x

  11. Hope you've had a really happy birthday Griffin:-)

  12. Sounds like you had a really nice day. I didn't see any dinosaurs though.

  13. Happy Birthday to Griffin. Looks like a lovely Spring day.

  14. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Happy bday griffin


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