Thursday, November 27, 2014


It was lovely to see Russell last night... he's been working up in Auckland and it was about time he came around for a visit!

Dante has always been very shy around people he doesn't know, but Russell must have a way with him, cos he just lets the kid come to him, and it works every time...

ABOVE:  it sure didn't take Dante long to be playing with his Uncle Russell.  So cute.

 ABOVE: Russell holding Griffin down and tickling the shit outta him... and Tallulah making the most of Griffin not being able to use his hands, and nibbling his ears! Poor kid.

ABOVE:  Steve picked up his 'new' van yesterday morning.  He's utterly rapt with it.  It's a bloody nice van I must say.  First time I've ever seen one with 'windows' in the sliding doors!
It's a 5 door van, so it's going to be super convenient for Steve to use for his work, and the roof racks are a big bonus too.

 ABOVE:  Everyone outside checking out the van.
Note my car is missing... *sniff*.   I should get it back on Friday sometime.

Bex, Dante and I are off to Sylvia Park this morning.  Dante needs a 'mop chop'...

ABOVE:  Dante sporting his 'mop'.  His hair is that long I could just about put it in pig tails!  I wonder if he will cry again at the hairdressers?

Time will tell....


EXCITED.  Just booked flights to Palmerston North for early December!  AND my girlfriend Chis D is on holiday the same days I'm down there, so how cool is that?  Talk about fluking it.  

The haircut... well what can I say about that?  Same as last time, lots of tears and snot.
But, he's got a lovely little boy haircut now.
We did some shopping, I can't show you what I bought as it's Christmas stuff.
We had lunch at Sylvia Park too, I had Subway again.  Just love it.

Now home, and am expecting the Archgola man THIS afternoon, he was supposed to arrive yesterday, but he got caught up somewhere else.  He better arrive today, or I'm going to be a bit crabby.

Yaaa, the Archgola bloke arrived early and as soon as we get his revised quote we can go ahead and book it.  ETA is mid January all going well.

LOL... he was talking to a lady at squash club a week or so ago and she asked him if he had done a quote for Chris H ?  Of course, he said yes, but how did she know?
From me blog... too funny PINKY aka Lisa!

So we had a quick chat about blogs.  He didn't know a thing about blogs.   I told him I'd give him a good write up.  *smiles*

ABOVE: Showing us his haircut... 

 ABOVE: Afternoon tea time.  Such a gorgeous wee man.

End of Day: well takeaway night, so we went to Carl's Junior, lovely burgers there.
Then I watched TV, played 2048 till my eyes bled, and now it's 1 am in the morning!

Shit.  I had planned on SEWING tonight!  Stupid game.
nite nite


  1. Make sure Steve gets an alarm for the van. Also, his work tools are likely not covered by your insurance policy. He needs a separate policy for them.

  2. I put Trevor's up in a pony tail on top of his head one day. That was funny!

  3. haha so funny about your blogger mate asking the guy if he'd done your quote yet!! Congrats Steve on the van. will make work life so much easier!!!

  4. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Lol I wondered if it was him! Can't wait to see it all done. Lisa

  5. I love the haircut - such a good looking wee man :)

  6. Looks like I'll miss you again this trip down. I'm off to a 70th Birthday in Brisbane. Next time😉 Have fun with the girls.x

  7. Nice van!
    Of course Dante will cry at the hairdressers, you're embarassing him. A big man like that needs to go to the barber shop, not hairdressers! He has a reputation to maintain, you know!
    He doesn't want his hair cut with anything but a chainsaw, dammit!

  8. Trevor used to cry when he got his hair cut too. It's so nice when they outgrow that!


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