Wednesday, October 03, 2012


Coco has this weird need to hide her biscuits around the house...

ABOVE:  she does this EVERY DAY.... and has been doing it for months.  Do you think she is worried we might not feed her some day?
We find her biscuits ALL OVER the house... in corners of rooms, under pillows on beds, but mostly we find them in the corners of the lounge suite seats.

More darling photos of our puppies:

ABOVE:  yesterday was the first time I took all the puppies out of the whelping box so I could change their bedding.  Coco jumped in the basket with them!  I had to lift her out so she didn't squash them.   She was not a happy Mummy dog while they were in the basket.

ABOVE:  Lacy helped me change the bedding, and here she is returning the last puppy to the pile.. with Coco making sure they are all OK after her ordeal!
She was so worried about them.

ABOVE:   our gorgeous babies... and a happy Mummy Coco.

ABOVE:  Steve took this photo of Keera in the car yesterday while we waiting for Lacy to get some groceries.  Isn't she just gorgeous!  Little monkey smiles and 'talks' now.

TODAY:  I've got a visitor coming!  Penny, who has a private blog, lives in inner city Auckland.  We have never met in person, so today is going to be one of those days where I meet someone I know, but don't know!  
She's coming out on the train, so after Brylee has been seen by the orthodontist, we are going to pick Penny up from the train station.


JEANIE:  Teddy would rather STARVE than eat those TUX dog biscuits!  Coco only eats them when there is nothing else on offer.  Right now she is being fed puppy pellets and dog roll as she needs masses more nutrients to feed her pups.  The biscuits are her 'back up' ... lol.

*Waves*  I'm back from 'visiting' with Penny!  We got on like a house on fire... talk about yak! I think we yakked for 3 hours solid.  It was really nice to visit with a girl who 'knew' me via the blogging community and who  got on with me so well in person too.
I always worry that when someone meets me 'in person' they won't actually like me.  Silly I suppose, cos if they don't like 'me' on the blog, they sure aren't gunna like me in person!  I'm an open book!    And I call a spade a spade.  lol

ABOVE:  Teddy made her feel welcome by sleeping beside her.  (in fact he just wanted to lie on my blankie!) lol

ABOVE:  Penny and I.  Griffin took the photos, so they are a bit blurry.  At least this time I remembered to get a photo or two!

Once we deposited Penny back at the train station we came home to find Stew home early from work, which was lovely.  He can help get dinner cooked!  Ha ha ha.

I made beef/bacon/tomato pies for dinner tonight... pastry top AND bottom Penny!  lol
Everyone loves me pies... I just wish they were less labour intensive to make.  I only made them tonight because Bex was due at dinner time and Steve said she always misses out on pies!  So.. she didn't miss out tonight.

I'm NICE eh?  *smiles*

End of day:  I've had a lovely day, and now I'm going to have a quiet, lazy evening.
Tomorrow I plan on reading blogs all morning!  Time to catch up seriously!  
nite nite


  1. I've met some amazing women in real life through blogging. Have a fun time!

  2. Aw have a fantastic visit with Penny (I envy you both meeting today)

    Love the puppy and baby pics too

  3. Photos cute as usual the puppies seem to be getting lighter in colour too. Have an awesome day

  4. Coco is funnt maybe she knew she was having a large brood this time round, and thought well I have to keep up my sustainence. The pic of Keera is so darn gorgeous she has amazing skin too what a beautiful babe.

  5. Too cute about Coco hiding the biscuits. I'm surprised Teddy doesn't follow her and gobble them up.

  6. Keera is looking so cute! - Love the ones of coco hiding her stash!

  7. The puppies are *squeeee* and their mummy 'squirrel' is looking good.

    And Keera! So adorable! But they usually are when they belong to someone else, aren't they? :D

  8. Coco must feel that she is a most responsible dog for hiding those biscuits away like that. Our dogs favoorite toy is an antler he found in the woods. Once, we were dog sitting a golden Retriever named PEarl. Pearl took Buddy's antler and hid it under our sons pillow. When he went to bed that night he has quite a surprise!

  9. Glad you had a nice visit from a "reader" - You are a wonderful person in person and in the computer!.Have a great evening

  10. I really enjoyed getting to know Chris in person today - thanks Chris! Brylee and Griffin are also pretty cool and looked after me very well.

    If anyone out there is interested, I am happy to send an invite to my blog - it is private because I am a lecturer and I don't want students to find it, not because it is hugely private. It is mainly about me trying to find motivation to lose weight and get healthier, hopefully to have children soon and figure out the next part of my life. If you are interested, feel free to email me, tell me a little about yourself and I'll send you an invite:

    Hope all of you out there in blog land are well! I'm glad you enjoyed the visit Chris ;-)

    Penny xo

  11. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Sounds like a great day, lucky Bex getting spoilt and what a nice surprise Stu coming home early. Are you liking the daylight savings. I wish we had it, I'm in Queensland and we don't have it like a lot of the others states in Oz!
    Cheers Glenys

  12. What a busy, yet wonderful day! How do you do it? Very well, I can say. The puppies are adorable! So glad you got to meet a fellow blogger! I've been lucky to meet one so far, and it was a great experience for me! Enjoy your day!!

  13. How do you keep up. Those are such cute pictures.

  14. Anonymous5:28 AM

    How wonderful you were able to meet with one of your readers!! I don't know why you worry about not being liked. You are a hoot!! I'd love the chance to sit and gab with you....but your just tooooo far away!!...debbie


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