Friday, October 26, 2012


The Owen's Girl has been given her FOREVER NAME.... and so from this day forth she shall be called....

ABOVE:  everyone... meet Poppy!  I know it's a bit confusing... but it won't be for long.  I am rather tickled that The Owens have chosen such a LOVELY Name for her  ... *smiles*

So.. I was left having to give a certain wee girl a new 'HOME' name, and it didn't take me long to rename her!

ABOVE:  meet Jasmine... who will be called Jazz for short... cos she is a jazzy wee girl!  

Today?  Cos I am sure we are not infectious any more, I am taking the kids out for a bit of fresh air.  Maybe a walk in the Botanic Gardens?  Or I might just be tempted to go to Spotlight... got some gift vouchers to spend!  *smiles*

I NEED some retail therapy... I'm having withdrawal symptoms!!!  I twitch, I'm sure of it!


DONNA: no, we are not keeping Jazz... maybe we will keep a little girl from our next litter.  I'm undecided right now though.

Something weird is happening... I woke up feeling hungry!  That NEVER happens.  I might even have some cornflakes for breakfast!  BREAKFAST... OMG I never have breakfast.  This is weird. 

Home... I bought some lovely artificial flowers for the front door area at Spotlight.
Then the kids and I had a small wander around the mall.. be we got rather tired quickly, so headed home.
We bought some sushi for lunch... and dropped some off to Lacy too.

Lacy is really struggling to get any liquid into Keera.... so I am picking her up and taking her back to the Dr's shortly.

It just goes on and on eh?

When I get home AGAIN I will post a photo of the pretty flowers.

Baby is moderately dehydrated, Lacy is at her wits end trying to get any liquid into her... and of course the baby is picking up all the stress and anxiety Lacy is exuding... so is refusing the bottle from her.  The Doctor recommended I take baby home with me for a day or two and let Lacy go home and have a really good night's sleep... then she will feel better able to cope with the baby.  Lacy is still recovering from the tummy bug too.

Once I got home with the baby she and I had a lovely quiet, gentle chat for about ten minutes, then I offered her the bottle while we were relaxed and happy ... and she drank the lot.  As I suspected, baby was picking up all the tense vibes from her Mummy.  
I must teach Lacy how to just relax and chill a bit!  That could be interesting.  *smiles*

I feel like it's been 'ONE OF THOSE DAYS'... I've been out and got food for the frogs, I've feed the 6 puppies 3 times, Coco 3 times, Teddy once, Brylee and Griffin twice, Keera once, me twice...and now I have to turn around and feed everyone dinner too. 

The good thing?  The frogs won't eat each other cos they are hungry!  Oh and I've actually found time to hang out 4 loads of washing too!  No idea how I got that done too!

Just brought in, folded and put away those 4 loads of washing, and have hung the 5th load of the day outside and put on another load!  We have so much washing this week!  Blankets, sheets and towels... lots of sick people!  I hope we never ever all get sick at the same time again... it's been bloody awful.

ABOVE:  butter wouldn't melt in her mouth would it?  She's a little honey.

End of Day: Well our little Miss Muppet just had a bath.... done by her Uncle Steve... good practise for him when he becomes a father in 10 weeks.  Then she went to sleep... I shall try a bit later on to give her a bottle... she was not interested right now.  I'm happy though, she had a good bottle mid afternoon.

Sometimes I hate blogger!  I did a post for tomorrow... scheduled it to appear tomorrow morning... and hit publish.  It published RIGHT NOW?  So I had to delete it.  Grrrrr.  Now I've got to do it all again!  Hey... you who see it on Google Reader now have time to think of a nice comment to leave tomorrow!  LOL... there are some benefits of a post going awry. 
nite nite.


  1. Are you keeping jazz ? shes a lil cutie. have a great day :)

  2. Anonymous1:29 PM

    Jazz is cute. My mom's cat's name is Jazz-Purr! She is a darling puppy!...debbie

  3. How cute that the Owens girl be now Poppy and Jasmine well she is as cutie pie as ever!!!! Glad to see everyone feeling better hope Keera picks up soon Lacy will be worried How are Kelly and Rena doing? amanda and family were they sick too do you know....

  4. Anonymous3:49 PM

    Awwwww i want a puppy :( Bee - Gold Coast

  5. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Oh poor wee Miss Muppet.Hope things are better for her really soon.Lacy you are one lucky Lass to have such a caring Mum.


  6. Keera is SO cute! Her skin is just perfect, isn't it?

  7. Hope you all have a lovely weekend, saw the pic of Steve bathing Keera and thought what a great role model he is for Griffin, lovely.

  8. keera is as cute as a button... good on ya uncle steve...hope you have a quiet night with keera chris

  9. Lacy is lucky to have you. It must have been really hard for her when Keera is fussing- Lacy is stressing- which leads to Keera fussing- which leads to Lacy stressing and so on. I had a similar experience with Siobhan & It was only a short term thing but a lovely woman stepped in & took her for just a very short time, long enough for Sio & me to relax & calm down. Lacy will be fine after a good nights sleep & sime down time.

  10. I'm glad you get to spend so much time with Keera. And your puppies grow more adorable every day!!

  11. Those puppies are just too dang cute! And Keera too, hope she starts eating better! A (grand)mother's work is never done eh?

  12. Keera scrubs up nice and shiny, bless her

  13. Oh what precious pictures! The pups are cute and Keera is adorable! So sweet.


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