Friday, October 12, 2012


Well, after promising you a video of the pups yesterday... I have one for you today:

ABOVE:  what do you think of me puppies now?  Ain't they getting just so daymmm cute!!!

NOW... we have kids:

ABOVE:  while I changed their bedding, I put the pups in the dog bed with Coco... the kids watched over them.

 ABOVE:  Brylee having her first ever cuddle of a puppy. It's best not to over handle the pups at this stage as they are still so tiny... but the kids love to give them a cuddle when they can.

ABOVE:  Coco nipped out for a piddle, and that's when Teddy moved in to have a sniff.  He does not like the puppies much... they SCARE HIM!  He's such a sook... and probably scared to death of Coco telling him off if he dares get too close to her babies.

TODAY:  hmmm... Blog reading/commenting for a while this morning, then I want to pop out and post a parcel... should have done it a day or two ago... but I wanted to add a couple of bits to a certain wee man's wall hanging.  So Christy, you 'Corbin' wall hanging will be on it's way later today.

YES... that is me talking on the video.

We have another absolutely spectacular day... this is more like Spring!

Talking of Spring.. I just spent an hour or two tidying up a few areas in the house... I think STEW will be pleased!  Start guessing Darling.

Ducked out to do a few jobs... spent a fortune on Puppy Food, but made up for it by getting a really good buy in The Warehouse!  I wanted a few puppy toys for the pups to take to their new homes ... something with their Mum's smell on it, to help them settle in...

 ABOVE:  PUPS at 19 days.

ABOVE: While Coco had her lunch, two of the 'kids' grabbed the opportunity for a sneaky drink... it meant they had to feed upside down, but they didn't care!

 ABOVE: Darling Dill doing what she does best, lying on top of her sibling, Chilli this time.

ABOVE:  these are the toys I got from The Warehouse... all of them for $18.  SCORE.

End of Day:  well... feeling knackered now.  I did so much housework today... it was good to get the bulk of it done so the weekend can be spent relaxing a bit.  
nite nite


  1. Anonymous6:29 AM

    Loved the video. Love to listen to them and to YOU!! Love that NZ accent!!...debbie

  2. Cute! Who can beat a post featuring puppies and kids, right??

  3. Oh my they got so big in just a couple days! So cute!

  4. Yay! thanks so much for the gorgeous wall hanging! I know just the place I'm going to put it, right above his cot. I just love the colours and I can't wait to see it in person!!! xxx

    PS: loving the kids and puppies. Awesome combination

  5. Poppy is a fiesty wee thing, the others cute in a pile of fluff way, I forgot to say Brylee hair cut was lovely really pretty and a young lady she is becoming. Lacy new fringe cut made her look stunning, was thta Griffin singing in the background of the puppy video?

  6. oh boy those puppies slay me...your havin way to much fun and you know we love hearing your accent. You would probably howl laughing at mine! Are all the puppies claimed? They are so fat!! beautiful.


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