Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Hopefully I am asleep as you are reading this right now.
I cannot say how our night went... but I hope it went well.... I can let ya know once I'm up outta bed.

The state of play when I wrote this last night was everyone was rather ill or starting to improve.

Keera... again, I will update on her condition later on this morning.

One good thing I got done last night before going to bed early was to take some darling photos of Saffron (aka The Owen's Girl) ... her new Mum wanted a few photos of her... I was happy to oblige!

I have learnt how to get good photos of puppies.... you take about 100 photos, and of them 10 might be awesome!
I love doing it too... I'm the PAPARAZZI in this house.  *smiles*

Anyway, I'm blithering on ... here's some of the photos of Saffron:

ABOVE x'S 4:  I think she is a stunning wee puppy.  

Right, that's all for now... I'm tired and going to bed... catch ya when I wake up.

Well... I'm up and it's 7am.  I think everyone is feeling slightly better... Stew is going to work, I think Steve is too.
I'm keeping the kids home again just to ensure they don't pass it on to anyone at school.
Keera:  very grizzly, but thankfully the rash seems to be going.  She has refused to drink her bottle since yesterday afternoon... so we are now trying to get some Pedialyte into her.

Right now:  I'm going to make up some puppy food and see how they like it today.  Most of them had a good few laps of it yesterday.

I'm so happy with my puppies!  They all had a really good go at the puppy food this morning.  AND I'm also happy cos I've booked them in for their first immunisations, and it is nowhere near as expensive as I thought... silly, but I couldn't remember what I paid last year!  

Because I had almost everything I needed for this litter (having bought it all last year) the overheads are so much less this year!

I don't breed pups for the money though, it's for the sheer enjoyment they bring.  I love them to bits, and they are so entertaining!   ♥ Little loves ♥


  1. She is just adorable! Lucky Owen's!

  2. Anonymous7:22 AM

    Glad the bug seems to be subsiding. Gorgeous pics - even as if she's posing for the photos!

    Have a good day - nice weather for a change!

    See ya.


  3. That cute little Saffron could be a dog, so cute.
    I hope everyone contnues to mend.

  4. Glad you are all on the mend hopefully keera is a lil better soon....just love those puppies. Hopefully you have a better day today

  5. OMG that made me laugh out loud I too have done that when I have been ill it is THE most awful feeling!!! I do hope yall get better soon LOVE and FAR AWAY hugs big big hugs for Keera!

  6. Oh that definitely beats me crackers hehehehehehe :) I mean, poor Chris snigger

  7. Anonymous11:01 AM

    hahahahahaha i actaully laughed out loud at that! Hope your feeling better soon. Bee - Gold Coast

  8. Oh that is briliant!! I haven't laughed so much in ages. Thank you for sharing.

    Glad everyone is feeling at least a bit better :-)

  9. ok so the day isnt go so well lol poor u and poor lil keera

  10. OK, guilty, that has happened to me... once.

    Poor wee Keera, I hope she feels better soon.

  11. Anonymous12:06 PM

    Holy shit!!!
    Hope Stews telephone calls don't get recorded for customer services purposes
    Mary H

  12. Saffron is absolutely adorable!!

    Your family is really going through the wars at the moment. geez I hope you're all better soon.

    Don't worry about the 'shart'. It happens to most people sometime in their life. Especially with the stomach bug. Best that it happens at home though!

  13. Oh, Chris, I'm sorry you had that fart problem but thank you for sharing!!! I was having a really, really bad day but after reading about what happened to you I laughed so hard and I really needed that! Hugs...

  14. Anonymous2:42 PM

    I feel terrible to say this, but I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes! You are without a doubt the funniest, sweetest person in Blogland. The photos of the puppies are wonderful!! You do a great job with your camera!!

    Sorry to read little Keera is not eating well. Bless her heart. I hope she feels better soon. Glad the kids are doing better!! We call all that "Montazuma's Revenge"...debbie

  15. Chris.....I do hope everyone gets better fast.
    I've sent you an email about "Foodlovers" on Facebook looking for an adorable puppy at a reasonable price for an 11yr girl who has lost her brother to cancer and her other brother is sick too. Think they are in Auckland. Just a thought :)
    Hugs to you all and lets hope there are no more surprise farts LOL

  16. CHRIS!!!! - Frig you make me laugh! - SO funny but so sad!
    Like the others have said - it has happened to the best of us!
    Hope little Keera is feeling better soon, and at least Lacys lawyers realised she isn't lying cause you had announced what had happened - Gotta go in her favour!
    Hope everyone feels better soon!

  17. I'm sorry but Lacy has to get a medical certificate for Keera but Dickhead can just cancel a visit because "it is not convenient" - in who's world us that fair. Still if it comes up in court the Lacy's lawyer can say "well I was on the phone to my client when ...."

    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  18. Anonymous8:02 PM

    Thank you Ma heaps for having me and Keera for the last to days and night, even tho you and dad...ect were also not feeling that great you still went that extra mile for us and toke us to the doctors 3 times and looked after trully are the Bestest Parents/Grandparents a girl could wish for xoxoxox Love Lacy & Keera Mwahhh

  19. I agree with Tracey that it sucks that you had to go get a medical certificate for Miss Keera when HE cancelled the first visit just because it wasn't convenient to him! Hope it comes back to bite in the butt!!!
    And I had an accident like yours a few years back....
    Can't wait to see the puppies on the grass tomorrow.

  20. Good news Keera has improved and everyone is on the mend.

  21. Glad to hear you are all feeling better. What an awful couple of days in your house.

    Puppies are so cute. I bet you will find it hard to say goodbye to them all.

  22. I hope your clothes aren't stained! LOL at the lawyer needing to know the details, ohhhh man...


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