Saturday, October 27, 2012


I mentioned yesterday at some point that I had got some lovely new flowers for our front door area eh?

Well... let me show you WHY I got them:

ABOVE: THAT was once an alive and vibrant begonia plant, it died whispering "Water.... waterrrr...."   I'm not very good with live pot plants.
So I got these:

ABOVE:  And YES... I do have a green soft toy frog by my front door.  There is nothing wrong with that is there?  
No, I didn't think so.

Stew came home last night with a teething ring for Keera, and I hadn't even asked him to! :

ABOVE:  she seemed to like it a little bit.
After our dinner I asked Steve to bath Keera for me... save my back!
So, he got the water ready and I handed her over.  
He wasn't THAT informed on what to start with.. so I talked him through it... after her face wash I said he was to get the baby shampoo and give her hair a wash.... so he grabbed the shampoo...

 ABOVE: The shampoo he grabbed... OMG! I yelled 'NOoooo ! ! ! ! "  

ABOVE:  see what he grabbed???   He laughed at me... the shit.  He was winding me up of course!  He knew damn well that was the dog's shampoo!

ABOVE:  after that he did really well making his baby niece nice and clean.  Griffin enjoyed 'supervising' too...I'm sure he would have been only too happy to bath baby too!

Today I don't want to make any plans as such... a lot will depend on Keera.  I want her to have a quiet, settled day.  A day to just get back into enjoying her bottle hopefully.


Keera has an amazing TEMPER... this morning at 10 I tried giving her a bottle... she'd not had anything since 5am.  Well... did she scream holy blue murder!  There was NO WAY she was going to have it... but... everytime I put her dummy (binky) in her gob she shut up and sucked it happily.  So. not to be outdone by a 3 month old, I took the dummy away, wrapped her up and put her in her bassinet.  She screamed like someone was throttling her... I'd pick her up, offer her the bottle... screaming ensued, back into the bassinet she went.  

We did this for about 45 minutes! In and out... no to the bottle, yes to the dummy... so of course I did not give in and give her the dummy!  After almost an hour of protracted and more and more ANGRY SCREAMING from her she finally gave in and had her bottle.
Little madam.  I have told Lacy she must not let baby have the dummy until AFTER she has her bottle.  It's as simple as that.

There is NOTHING wrong with Keera, she is just a bloody minded little spitfire.  And used to getting away with it as Lacy can't bear to hear her scream!

LACY... grow some balls.

After baby had her bottle I parked her on the floor in front of the telly:

 ABOVE:  we put a music channel on, and the little bugger lay there and sang along ... well in baby babble of course...

ABOVE:  The next thing I knew Miss Amazing Temper had gone to sleep!

After her bottle we picked Lacy up and went over to Botany for KIWIYO for lunch.  Lacy did a bit of shopping too... I would have but I'm getting the most wicked heartburn at the moment, it doesn't matter what I eat.  Me tummy is not happy.

Once home again, I fed the dogs and pups and after this update I am going to take a bloody nap.  This bug has knocked me around too... still lacking in energy.

AND before anyone asks... here's some puppy photos from today:

ABOVE: Yes, we do put them in a fish bin when we need to change their newspaper and bedding....  notice they do have a lovely warm sheepskin to sit on.  *smiles*    Spoilt?  Yep.

ABOVE: today was the first time they had puppy food with GUSTO!  The gobbled it down.  I think Coco is slowly weaning them, she is certainly not feeding them as often as she was even a week ago.  Maybe this time she will wean them completely ON HER OWN!  Last time I had to put her in a baby's stretch 'n' grow to stop her feeding them during their last week at home.

End of Day:  well I think today has been not too bad... most of us are 100% better from the bug from hell ... OR Hamilton... depending on how you look at it! 
Sick of having heartburn.  I get it no matter what I eat.  That sucks.  MUST REMEMBER TO GET A PRESCRIPTION FOR LOSEC ASAP.
nite nite.


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  2. LMAO at least keera wouldnt have been itchy. Have a nice settled day and love your new flowers you wont kill those ones just rinse them under the tap once a month and shake dry lol

  3. Keeras photo from yesterday was beautiful I hope Lacy got some rest too, Those flowers bright and cheery, your son is a hoot really! Bex she will have his humourous antics to now feast on for years to come!

  4. So nice to get help with the little one.

  5. Funny guy! What adorable pictures. She's a beauty for sure:)

  6. SO cute! Keera will be just fine with you-all to help her. Dog shampoo indeed.

    Coco has probably figured out that you will feed the puppies when they are ready. :)

  7. Anonymous4:38 PM

    One strong willed little girl,but an even stronger willed Grandmother.Definately have to show them who's the Boss.Good on you Chris for sticking it out.


  8. Get your heartburn checked - when I had it that bad I was diagnosed with my hiatus hernia. Leaving heartburn to continue is dangerous so get it checked and take the omeprazole (losec). My heartburn has reduced to only a fraction of how bad mine was since going low carb and I love that I don't have that reflux all the time!

  9. I love reading your blog everyday, glad you are all feeling better xx

  10. Luv puppy pics!! Adorable. My daughter works in child care. They play Norah Jones for the sleep time and it works a treat in the background.

  11. Those little ones sure know how to rule the roost don't they!

  12. Keera is such a cutie! I can understand the temper. ;) Our daughter A. has her moments. She's eating solids, but I still nurse her to "top her off". There are moments when she refuses because she thinks she has to work too hard for it. What a little princess she can be! I still love her more than anything though!


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