Monday, September 24, 2012


Last night Stew went out the glass sliding door in our bedroom to trim his hair on the grass ... he uses an electric shaver... anyway, he called me to come see something:

ABOVE: Snail invasion!!!  Like, where did they all come from... and why are they congregating outside my bedroom?  Weird, and slightly gross.

Now, what else?  Oh yeah.  Steve went down to Hamilton to get all of Bex's stuff, they said she "only had a little bit of stuff"...

ABOVE:  Well bugger me!  That's a full truck load if ya ask me!   And now it's all in me garage.

ABOVE:  Steve twisted his ankle while unloading that truck load.... 

 ABOVE:  minutes later... you could already see the swelling starting!

ABOVE:  somehow I think he's going to be fit for bugger all at work for the next few days.   This ankle has had this sort of damage done to it before.  I hope it gets better quickly.

Puppy watching.
Puppy watching.
Eating lunch.
Puppy watching..... YOU GET THE DRIFT!  *smiles*

One of the pups was acting quite weird yesterday... lying on it's back gasping ... quite a worry... so I'm keeping an eagle eye on her right now.  edit:  she seems to be OK today.  Big relief.


Steve went to work.... I am betting they will send him home!  His ankle is killing him.  Sprained?  Ligament damage ... or both!  *sigh* edit:  he's working!  Not lifting stuff though.  I still think he should be home with his leg up!

Coco is doing really well... this morning she had a quick run around the house, said 'Good Morning'  to Steve in his room, checked out the kid's rooms, ran outside for a piddle then raced back to her pups.   It was really funny watching her.  She sure can move fast without those pups onboard!



ABOVE:  Simple!  Like this... body markings and face markings  ... all at a glance at the Puppy Board!   lol

OMG I just watched a taped episode of 'One Born Every Minute'.. and I ended up crying my eyes out!

There was a lady who's baby girl got stuck by her shoulders during a forceps delivery... and it brought back my delivery of Steve... he too got stuck by his shoulders.  It just brought it all back... how awful it was, how scared I was, how he could so easily have died from oxygen deprivation or having his chest crushed.
He was 10 pound 12 ounces afterall.  We are rather lucky he came out OK!

My maternal Grandmother lost her first born son when he got stuck by his shoulders too.  He was 11 pound 3 ounces.  I remember she was so worried when she heard that I'd had the same problem as she did.  But Steve was OK, and after 25 years... I finally got the damage his birth caused fixed!  lol

Afternoon did not go as I expected.  I ended up dropping Brylee and Griffin at Lacy's and taking Steve for an x-ray on his ankle.  Luckily it's not broken, just a very bad sprain.
The kids had a nice time at Lacy's... I asked Lacy to be a bit more tolerant of their behaviour as they are, after all... kids!
Apparently it went well, they didn't come home crying!  lol

End of Day:   well I've had a busy day doing the housework etc.  Time to relax soon... just have to cook dinner!  Butter chicken on rice.  Should be nice.
nite nite.


  1. Snails and swelling, it's like a horror movie. I'm easily scared.

  2. I quake when I find 2 snails in my plant pots .
    Congrats,. on safe delivery of the puppies .
    I did smile about the truck load of stuff , you fall for it every time.

  3. Yikes, poor Steve....that ankle looks like it really hurts.
    I hope the little puppy is better now.

  4. Snails pop a lid of beer on grass they are attracted to it oh no the dogs may drink it, Gosh that is a large truck of stuff STUFF always looks smaller thna we imagine until loaded into a vehicle...

    Steves ankle not cute hop ehe can mend it today whilst puppy sitting.

  5. That puppy board is ingenius!! cause this time around there is more WRIGGLY bodies!!!! I can just imagine Coco running past saying mentally Hi morning bye PEE babies in her head too.

  6. Awww. Poor Steve! You know... Emperor was 10 lb 4 oz and I never had stitches or anything. It sure burned tho. Too much bigger and I think I woulda popped.

  7. Poor Steve, glad it wasn't broken though having said that, pain of sprains etc seem to be more than if broken? .. hope he recovers quickly.

    Love seeing the pics of all the puppies Chris :) love the board too, fantastic idea.

  8. Love the puppy board - you are very organised (I'd be hopeless if I was in your shoes and trying to sort out one puppy from the next) :)

    I hope Steve's ankle feels better soon.

  9. What cute puppies! Hope all goes well.

  10. Maybe the snails are seasonal? We get land crabs all over everywhere once a year.
    I was going to suggest formulating a scientific puppy identification chart, but I read you already did it.
    I don't like to hear about you crying.


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