Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I haven't entered many blog giveaways lately... but one I did enter just a couple of days ago was drawn on Sunday night, and I WON !
It was a giveaway from a fellow 'quilters blog' and she was giving away what she referred to as her 'scraps'!  Lots of lovely bits 'n' bobs suitable to make strip blocks out of:

 ABOVE:  the fabric I've won...

ABOVE: and what I can do with it!  Awesome.  Looking forward to doing some strip blocks.

Now for something a bit differnet... we often look at houses for sale on the 'net.  And there is a house in a nearby suburb that is for sale that we LOVE.  We'd have to win LOTTO to buy it of course!  But... anyway... here is the kitchen TO DIE FOR:

ABOVE: my DREAM Kitchen.  I so love it.

ABOVE:  yeah, love this too.  

Now... off to make a start on the day.
I am picking up Lacy and Keera this morning so the Dr can check her Hemangioma, I looked at it the other day and it doesn't seem to have grown much more. Maybe it's going to stay at it's present size?  That would be good.


Doctor's visit went well.. the hemangioma has stayed the same... only now the Dr thinks it might not be a hemangioma afterall.   Getting referred to a Paediatrician now.  Might be an 'AV'.  Google it.  I'm going to.

I got a parcel in the post today too!

 ABOVE:  this is NOLA.. a really lovely Chick from Tazmania in Australia.  I told her I loved the ear muffs she was wearing... so the silly (but lovely) Tart decided to send me some!

ABOVE:  I got to choose me colour, so I wanted black of course, cos I wear lots of black... cos I'm 'cuddly'!

ABOVE:  in me new ear muffs.  I love them so much... I put them on as soon as I opened the parcel... went to town in them, wore them at the Doctors... yeah our Doctor gave me the 'double take' look... hee hee!  I also wore them to the mall, and Spotlight too.  
It's COLD and windy today... and my ears were nice and warm!

I know.. I'm a bit of a nutter.

After we have fed Keera we are going out again, I've got a couple of errands to run, then I'll drop Lacy and Keera back at their home.
Then I'm gunna sew again!  

End of Day:  well it's been one of those days where I was hardly home at all.  But I got quite a bit done, so that's OK.
Dinner tonight was burgers and chips.  Funny but nowdays I really don't enjoy chips, so ended up having about 6 then chukked the rest out.
nite nite.


  1. awesome kitchen chris have ya bought that lil yellow ticket lol !!! hope all goes well at the docs have a good day

  2. Oh that kitchen is awesome! Wish mine looked like that! Hope Keera gets a good report at the Drs.

  3. Oh god that kitchen is so amazing lovely! Gee that means you will have to do more sewing how terrible!!!! lol

  4. Hi Chris,
    I love that THINK picture too, thanks for sharing ☺
    I wish you good luck in the lottery, the kitchen looks great ☺
    But more important than a big kitchen is enough fabric, nice giveaway, congrats! Scrappy quilts are the best.

  5. Oh my gosh, I've been reading and enjoying catching up on everything that went on while I was gone. Never a dull moment Chris! Excellent pictures, I love the quilt and the pups, and all of the other pictures you've posted.

  6. Beautiful kitchen but I'll stick with my compact. Too much area to keep tidy would be bad for me.

    Hope all goes well as Stew gets ready for his flight tomorrow. Hope the weather keeps improving. What to pack? I think it will be freezing down there and I'm packing thermals.


  7. Anonymous12:31 PM

    OMG! That is what you call a kitchen! Ear muffs will be handy to block out kids! WOMBAT

  8. Really love the earmuffs. Nola is one awesum lady, met her when we went to Tassie last year....love her x

  9. You are such a talent! I can't sew my way out of a paper bag:)Love the ear muffs!

  10. I want to click "Like" on the picture of you in the earmuffs!

  11. what a fun lot of fabrics! I love the earmuffs, too- perhaps I'll get myself a pair this winter!

  12. Loving that kitchen as well. You were lucky enough to win the fabric so maybe you will have kitchen luck as well!

    That saying is perfect. Not always easy to do but perfect all the same.

  13. Love the earmuffs!!

  14. I like the muffs. Neat. They would be particularly handy around the fireside when camping! We go for the company, for relaxation, I don't usually cook on short trips, to see other people, and see places you probably wouldn't normally see. We used to go alone all the time (but for long weekends and holidays you have to book months (or sometimes years) in advance here). It's more fun in a group though. And these people become friends as well.

    I would recommend getting something when you find yourself with the kids older. Or even now. You want all the comforts, but if you stay at a caravan park they have hot showers (that you don't have to clean) and are usually quite clean. You could survive with a pop up camper but I would suggest a van. However, Roxy could tow a pop up camper but not a van.

    Go for a drive one weekend, book a cabin at a park close by, and just see what's out there.

    Talk to people in the park, find out what people have a why. The kids will love it, and it works out a cheap family holiday (after the initial outlay).

    go for it, you only live once!

  15. Love the ear muffs :) Looking at the weather at the moment maybe you had better lend them to Stew.....I see it's snowing in Christchurch :( Hope all goes well for his trip.
    Hugs from me :)

  16. Congratulations on your win Chris ... and I love your ear muffs! I'm going to look to buying me some like that for next winter I think. That kitchen is gorgeous!


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