Sunday, September 23, 2012


IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER...and I might have missed one ... here's some face photos of our puppies:  EDIT:  I've now got their little faces sorted out... so here they are:

EDITED the pup's faces, and now they are order of birth.... the boys first, then all the girls.

Today:  Steve is going down to Hamilton to pick up all of Bex's furniture and whiteware... it's going into storage in our garage, along with everything else she owns.

PLAN B has gone into effect.

Bex will board with friends in Hamilton until she goes on maternity leave.  Once she is on maternity leave, she will move up here.
Steve will continue working and Bex will have their baby... and then after her leave she will find work up here.

Once everything settles into place (baby & work) they will find their own little place up here.

So that is Steve's day sorted.

OURS?  I'm picking Lacy and Miss Muppet up mid-morning and she will spend some time here visiting.
That's 'it' for now.

I certainly don't plan on going out for a while.  I'm far too protective to leave Coco on her own with 7 new babies!  What if she needed me?

OK, OK ... she's a dog and I'm sure she will not NEED me... but I would worry if I went out.

So it's just not worth it.  I shall stay home and be perfectly happy clucking over our Miss Keera.  She's such an angel.


Well... I've been looking at the pups,  when they  were born they all looked black and white.  But today?  Some of them are now looking more black/brown and white.  Anyone's guess what their eventual forever coats will look like!  They are just so cute.

I wanted to weigh them this morning, so I picked up one.. and Coco jumped out of the whelping box and cried at me!  So... I put it back.  *smiles* 

She is just an amazing Mum.

ENZ:  I have one pre-sold, and the rest will be listed on Trademe when they are about 7 weeks old.  I had no trouble whatsoever selling the pups last time, so I am quite sure they will all go.

At the moment I am thinking of keeping one of the girls so we have two breeding dogs.  Not sure which one yet!

I've just had a really lovely chat with Tess over in Australia.... and seen our cute wee grandkids.   Not long till they come over for a whole month over Christmas and New Year.  Man, it's going to be busy here then! 

End of Day:  Steve got home from Hamilton safe... then while unloading the truck ... fell and twisted his ankle badly!  YIKES... hope he can walk on it tomorrow!

nite nite.


  1. Have you found homes for all the pups yet? How long will they be with you? Are they purebred?

    Yes I know , lots of questions. This is fascinating to me.

  2. Congratulations on all of the healthy puppies. Coco is amazing!

    It's great that you get to keep one this time.

  3. The pups are just gorgeous, those little faces just kissable!! How was Coco and has she recovered boy 7 puppies thats alot! no wonder she was waddling.

  4. Glad that all went with the birth of the puppies:) Of course Coco had the best midwife available LOL
    Skype is great for keeping up with family......not long to go now and you will be able to give them all the hugs for real :)
    Did you get the passports sorted.....keep forgetting to ask LOL

  5. Just thought I would comment because there's bugger all comments on today! Haaa! Love you! Xxx

  6. Anonymous10:26 PM

    looks like someone is gonna sponge off someone.

  7. Congratulations on the safe arrival of the latest litter of puppies - they are just beautiful. They all look so alike - I don't know how you remember which one is which!! I'd be hopeless!

    I hope Steve's ankle doesn't cause him too much pain and grief over the next few days.

  8. Hope Steve is OK!!

    The puppies look very much alike and I can only imagine how much work they really are! :)


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