Tuesday, August 17, 2010


ABOVE: a card I made last night that I particularly like... I 'blinged' it heaps!

Griffin's bum went through his last pair of school shorts yesterday... after I had patched them twice! So first thing this morning I am going down to the school to buy him another pair... size 16 this time! Bloody kid is only 8 years old and he's wearing shorts bigger than our 20 and 23 year old sons! No idea where he got his bum from! LOL

I am relieving at the Hospice Shop today.... so that is the rest of my morning taken care of.

After that I am going to Manukau to do some jobs... posting a duck to a lady in Australia who is gathering soft toys to give to kids in hospital, get more envelopes for my cards, not sure what else!

Maybe I will 'shout' myself some lunch out on my own. Though it really is no fun on one's own.... maybe I will just come home and have a peanut butter sandwich. Cheaper idea... and I can watch something I've taped on the TV...
Home again.... and the shop was on/off busy today... I got a few treasures too.... and a 'Hangman' game for the kids which has a real skeleton to 'hang'... the kids will love it!
I bought myself a KFC burger for lunch.. it was quite nice. Now I'm home I have to wrap cards in cellophane... then think about what we will have for dinner.... *sigh*... 'tis never ending....
End of Day: well I've been busy! Left overs for dinner... made cards till bedtime. All good. Might post some photos of my hospice shop 'treasures' tomorrow. If I remember! nite nite.


  1. That is a really cute card and very creative too :)

  2. Mmmmm Peanut butter!
    Since you like Diet Coke, you might like the following experience.
    Get an extra cold diet coke. open it and have it standing by. Then make a PBAJ with extra PB. Start eating the PBAJ as fast as you can. It will clog your throat and you won't be able to breathe. Just before you think you're going to pass out, guzzle the ice cold diet coke. You will feel it melt through the peanut butter like Draino. It is really cool!

  3. Now I like that card very bling GEE to think your cards will be jetting allround the world soon as gifts (if not already). Boys and school shorts what is it exactly that makes them bust out who knows.

  4. The card is lovely. I wish I was that talented. I want some peanut butter too..yum

  5. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Really like your Blinged card! Griffin's bum size will probably be ok, once he get's some height to himself. It's so nice that you help out at Hospice. Such a sweet gal! ...debbie

  6. You should take yourself out for a nice lunch, have a tasty meal & a glass of wine. Take a book or a trashy magazine to read. I do that sometimes when I have a rare day off work that does not involve a sick child to look after, I will go shopping then go to a cafe or restaurant for lunch. The ones at Albany Mall are great, I find the staff are fantastic when you are by yourself & I didn't feel like Nigel No Mates.

  7. I certainly have busted my "plus size" bum out of plenty of shorts!

    I love the card... I'm a bling addict!

    I want to party with MarkD! He sounds like the kind of guy who can make brushing your teeth a rip roaring adventure!

    Have a great day!


  8. your cards are looking fabulous Chris!

    LOL at Griffin's Bootay!

  9. Hi Sweetie

    Your card is so neat! and your child is growing like boys do. I remember one time I had to buy my youngest son 3 pair of flip-flops for his summer vacation because he grew so fast.

    This afternoon when I fixed kinda of a lunch-supper type meal DH flipped on the tv and there was a new program on called Coast Watch I think?? But what was so neat was it was about New Zealand and we got to see a little of your beautiful country! They were trying to protect your coast line from people catching too many cockerels(sorry -bad spelling) and then they drug some drunk out of the ocean where his friend left him floating because he was a nuisance. But I loved seeing your beautiful waters. I thought of you and sent you loving greetings . That made a perfect end to the day that our new great grandbaby came into the world today. Poor Mom had a awful hard time of it and they finally had to take him-but eventually they both came out fine . My daughter-in-law broke down crying when the baby's heart beat dropped dangerously low because the contraction was pushing him out , but she was so small she had not dilated enough for him to pass.Whew! Glad that part worked out ok. :)

  10. Hey chick. I can get you some cellophane bags which are perfect for cards. They have a sticky strip. Much easier than wrapping them. I get them from my supplier for $10 for 100. Let me know if you want me to grab you a couple of packs.

    Cards are looking great.

  11. Anonymous7:40 PM

    Chris, I wouldn't go trying MarkD's
    idea, you could choke or pass out.

    I somehow don't think you would anyway. Maybe he was just joking.

    strange idea.............


  12. Anonymous9:19 PM

    That's gross about the peanut butter sanger and diet coke! What if you gag and choke? Was looking forward to some photos of your treasures from the hospice shop! I love going to those places. I got a terrible habit of donating stuff to those stores then I go "shopping" and bring more stuff home! At the Red Cross, I got the most gorgeous set of 4 tiny apricot-coloured martini glasses with pineapples etched on them. They were $2 for the set.


  13. I've got two boys with 'back' too! If G ever gets a hard time about it when he gets older, he can say what my Dad did when I teased him about having a big bum. "You can't drive in a fence post with a tack hammer". :-)

  14. That "blinged" card is fabulous!

  15. PB sandwiches are the best. Looks like a busy and fruitful day for you. Another great card.


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