Monday, July 06, 2020


I'm feeling a little nervous today.

Steve and Bex will be picking up the keys to their new home today (it's a rental before you ask).... and here's the thing.

They have never set foot inside it before.

I did the viewing for them, as they had to get back to Auckland when the Estate Agent made an appointment to view for them.

So, I know what it's like inside.  I was the one who told them to go for it.
And if they don't like it...     WHOOPS.  That's down to me.

BUT... I am fairly sure they will love it.  They better, cos they have paid the deposit and rent in advance already.  Which ain't cheap, as anyone renting knows.

So this morning, bright and early (8.30 am), they and their boys are off to collect the keys and go look at their new home.

I CAN'T WAIT to see them when they get back, to find out what they think of it!

I'm nervous, but excited too.

Once they are back, I suppose the work starts to move their belongings OUT of my house, and into theirs.
Because we have quite a few helpers today, we should get quite a bit moved over today.
All going well, they should be sleeping in the new house tonight.

It will be awesome to get my house back to 'normal' soon.
I haven't minded having all their stuff here, it's only been for a little while after all.  And of course,  it's saved them a lot of money not having to pay for storage or moving costs.  


8.54 am:  Message from Bex.  "We Love It"

Phew, thank god for that.

While they were out, I went to put some stuff in my car.  And it was dead as a dodo.  Luckily I'd forgotten to lock it, so I could still open the doors.

We rang the AA and they came out straight away.  Totally dead battery.  So we just cut to the chase and bought a new battery rather than dick around.  I've got photos (of course), but downloading them is taking FOREVER.  *sigh*

Now... the work begins again.

2 cars, 3 people movers, a van and a trailer ... and we have moved half of it already!
And the weather is holding... for now.

It rained non stop all night, but so far this morning... no rain.
It's coming though, so the sooner we get this lot moved the better.

I'm looking forward to this evening.

Stew and I are going out to dinner at Iguana (cheap Pizza night), and Steve, Bex and the boys will be having fish 'n' chips in their new home.

ABOVE: And before someone asks, this is a 'people mover'.  There's three of them here, which is fantastic as you can get heaps into them.

ABOVE:  This is what ya do to keep the boys out of the way... you put them in the dog's pen!  With the dogs, so in fact they are very happy.

ABOVE:  Oh... and ya feed them all sorts of rubbish!  lol  There is some dried fruit on the plate... so a bit healthy right?  😂😅😆

12 noon... and 60% has gone over.  And it's now raining quite heavily.  So the rest will be going over in the back of Steve's van and the cars.  The trailer has been retired.

This weather is why we did the bulk of the moving down from Auckland on the weekend.  Such a good idea that was.

It's miserable out there now, and so cold!  I'm freezing, but can't turn on the heaters due to people coming and going and doors open.

4.00 pm: It's all GONE.  There is just food in our fridge and freezer that's theirs now.

My car is in MY GARAGE again, and their garage now looks like this:

ABOVE:  When Stew and I left their house they were busy starting to sort it all out.
I doubt it will take too long, unpacking is always easier than packing up.

They don't have hot water until tomorrow when the gas is turned on, so they will be back here shortly for showers.  I'm sure everyone is a bit hot and sweaty... so 'stinky'.  😂😃😅

I can't wait to go out to dinner and just RELAX.  I might even have a wine!  It's been a long process getting the kids down here and safely into their new home.  Steve and Bex must be utterly exhausted too.

Now they too can slowly get themselves settled in and then just relax... hopefully in just a few days time.

When Stew and I came home from theirs earlier, I timed the trip.  3 minutes and 30 seconds EXACTLY.  They couldn't get much closer without being our neighbours!   

Funnily enough, Lacy is also just as close now!  She's smack bang between Steve and Bex, and us.  It's so lovely having them all so close.  Comforting in a way.

6.45 pm:  And Stew and I ended up at The Foundation at The Base again.  Iguana in town .. yeah nah.  Parking is a problem and it's usually damn cold in there.
So The Foundation it was.  Such nice food and atmosphere there.

Now we are sitting in our family room, heater on... dogs at our feet, relaxing.  So very happy how today went.


  1. I know they will love it! After all, you have superb taste! And you know what they like as well. I wonder why you aren't going with them? Is it so they can explore it privately the first time. Or is it simply too early in the morning? That would be my reason!!! With all the help and everything being so close, I am sure you will get everything moved in one day. Just order take out, supply beer, and KEEP GOING!

  2. Ooh it's so exciting!!! I'm sure they'll love it.

  3. I bet that they will report back that it is perfect!! Being so handy to your house is an added bonus too!

  4. Ah good! I would have been extremely surprised if they didn't like it!

  5. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Oops a blonde moment haha it happens to the best of us chick. So pleased they love the new house I knew they would. George's Mum.

  6. I'm looking forward to some photos if that's OK with Steve and Bex... I'm so happy for you all.

  7. yay, I am so glad they love it - thought they would but you never know until they have seen it. Fingers crossed the weather holds.

  8. Kiwionholidays1:25 PM

    Hey you can add to your home done creations cv

    Multitasking multifunctional peoples available lol

    Fab to see the machines like people movers involved

    Great effort

    They will all sleep like logs tonight in their new home and you n Stew will as well 😴
    Cheers 🥂

  9. Anonymous2:47 PM

    Awesome move and then the unpacking lucky it’s holidays and many helpers I’m sure 90% will get over today. And EVERYONE REST that’s an order Blondie x

  10. What a day,busy busy.The kids look happy.Do Steven and Bex have to go back to Auckland is there any more stuff to come down.THE OLD MOO.

  11. I am so impressed with how quickly you all got everything moved from Auckland to your place and then on to Steve and Bex's new place. You will all be looking forward to some well deserved relaxation time soon after a particularly busy few weeks. Wishing Steve, Bex, Dante and Archer lots of happy times ahead in their new home.

  12. Anonymous9:05 PM

    So happy for you all, it must be lovely having them so close. X. AllyS Melbourne

  13. Great that you managed to get everything moved and fantastic that they like the house! Bonus that they will be so close to you :)

  14. Wow what a busy time. Glad to see the move went well. How lovely to have everyone nice and close.

  15. Almost 20 Years ago my mother was moving to our area (from out of town) and I house shopped for her. I had a list of what she wanted, a price range and an area. Obviously she saw it before closing. But I picked it out. She is still in that little house and has really liked it.


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