Wednesday, July 01, 2020


It's bloody freezing!

First thing I do today is turn on the heat pumps.  Brrrrr.

Once I've got the house sorted, I'm off to me studio.

Really looking forward to working on the two cot quilts today.  First up is more Free Motion quilting.  Then making stars.  Lots of stars.  😊😌

ABOVE:  Another bunting finished.  Love this colour combo.  Quite different from what I'd usually make I must say.

ABOVE:  One of my friend Susan's cats... he dribbles.  Lots.  I am NOT a cat person and really didn't like him so close to me diet coke!  In the end he jumped over to sit by me.  Weird cat.  Don't they get vibes off people?  Surely he knew I was sending him killer looks?  lol  

ABOVE: Yeah... it's too funny not to share.  
It's just a crazy year.  So far Ten and a half MILLION people have caught Covid-19, with half a MILLION deaths world wide.  Scary.

We are so very lucky that our little country is so isolated, being at the bottom of the world ain't so bad now.  I just wish people returning or coming here had to be tested BEFORE they got on a plane to come here.  The only Covid-19 cases we have now are ALL people who have flown in after our borders closed.  That is just so WRONG.
But who am I to bitch about it?  Nothing I can do.  I did my bit by staying home and isolating for weeks on end.  
I just hope that no one manages to slip the net, and spreads it into our communities again.  

BUT WELL, enough on that.  Time to get started on my day.


11.24 am:  Well... after a darn cold start, we now have a lovely fine day.  There's a brisk breeze blowing, dang cold in the shade.
But... I'm nice and warm in me studio, happily sewing.

I just ordered something that's been on my 'To Do' list forever.  Labels for my work.  Ones that I can sew on.  They are very simple, nothing flash.  Flash was way too expensive.
So... they should arrive in a few days.  From now on, everything I make will have a label on it.

3.10 pm:  And wow, I got all the quilting done on BOTH cot quilts today.
No one in the shop today, so I got to work non-stop.

ABOVE:  Now I get to sit and cut out stars while watching Home and Away.  

9.45 pm:  The afternoon was spent getting my stars ready for stitching tomorrow, and not much else.  I'm feeling really tired today, I think free motion quilting is damn hard on ya arms and back, and the concentration is exhausting!  

But anyway, it's the end of the day and Coronation Street is just starting, so I'm off.
Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    It is freezing down here today. Too cold to go to work even though it's on the other side of the hall. Going to have a CT scan today. See if I have a brain! Would have been a good fundraiser lol kj

  2. Heyyyyyyy Chris~ Wish I could send you some of our warmth! It is 102 degrees here. Hope you are well.

    1. For sum reson my phone has decided to change the sentings to farenheit and temp today is 36 bbbbrrrr and wind is even colder

  3. Cats know if you don't like them and make it their mission to turn you or annoy you even further. If you want him to stay away pretend you're his best mate. He'll ignore you then. Contrary buggers but I love them!

  4. Lovely cat,be nice.THE OLD MOO.

    1. No it's not...if you ignore it and don't stroke it, it bites you! NOT NICE cat.

  5. I know what u mean about the cat i am NOT a cat lover and they always come to me i am not a fan of animails on benches and tables

  6. Definitely an icy wind - I tried being outside in the sun but it was too chilly. Son worked all night and kept the fire going so the house was lovely and warm this morning. Might not be tomorrow though :)

  7. Good cat,stroke him and he wont bite,be kind,you grumpy middle aged MOO.Cold here today again but fine.THE OLD MOO. 8

  8. Cat always circle in on those that do not like time. It's their secret power. Keep warm.


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