Friday, July 03, 2020


Much as I'd love to get into the Studio today and finish the 2nd cot quilt this morning, it's not going to happen.

I need to get to the supermarket and get some supplies in before the weekend.  We have the kids here for a few days until they are settled in their new home early next week, plus we have visitors for dinner tonight as well.

THAT is going to be a very LONG AWAITED DINNER/MEETING.  OMG I can't wait to see it go down.

All will become clearer LATE tomorrow night.

Yesterday, after I came inside for lunch, I sat and started thinking about my 'shop' set up. And how there wasn't much room to display a larger item like the new cot quilt.
So I got my thinking cap on and came up with this:

ABOVE:  Now, let's hope that upload worked!  I am so over this aspect of the 'new' blogger interface.

If it doesn't show up for some of you, I'm bloody sorry.  Let me know please.  I will post some photos if you can't watch the video.  (later)

Oh yeah, sorry for the late start today... I slept in.  It was delicious.  I'm tempted to put our electric blanket on the bed... cos OMG it's so cold in the mornings.  I don't wanna get out of bed. 


Well... you can't view the video on a phone.  To make that happen I have to send the video to my email, then from there to my computer photos file... and that's just not happening cos I can't 'trim' the video without jumping through a thousand hoops.  Grrrr.
So.. photos will have to do.

ABOVE:  So what I did was put my work trestle in the back 'office' area, and brought in the little shelving unit I got from the op shop a couple of weeks ago, and rearranged the room a bit.

I still get to work out the front of the room on my sewing machine, and when in the back I can see through the gap in the two BIG shelving units, so when someone comes in I will see them.
I do all the ironing in the garage, and I have another work space in the garage as well.  My computer will now go in the garage too, I can use it and listen to music just as easily with it in there.

EVERYONE:  Read HAZEL'S comment!  It solves the video viewing problem!  Thanks SO MUCH Hazel.  You are a godsend.
LOL... VICKIE just told us the same thing too.  Thanks VICKIE.

4.23 pm:  Well... the grocery shopping is done.  I spent way  more than intended.  I only had a few things on my list... HA HA HA .  What list?  I couldn't find the bloody list, so just winged it.  $500+  later, and well, we have enough snacks to last a while!  

When I got home, Lacy visited.  Which was lovely as I'd not seen her in a while and was starting to worry a bit.  But, she's fine.

One more sleep for the Auckland based family, then they will be 'Hamilton based'.  Here with us for a few days, then into their new home. 
It's going to be a crazy, busy few days getting all their stuff down here using just our vehicles and trailer, but we will get it done.

11.45 pm:  I don't feel like I got as much done today as I should.  But then... there isn't really that much to do before the kids arrive.  Bex can make up the beds for the boys, and her and Steve will be in the lounge so they can just put all their personal stuff in there till they move to their new house.
It's going to be a bit busy here over the next few days... but well, that's life.

Time to head off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Hi Chris. No download showing but could be because I'm using my phone at the moment. Will check on my laptop later. Have a fantastic day 🙂

  2. Your studio looks absolutely fantastic, you must have worked so hard to get it looking so good.

  3. Love the new layout of the shop. Well done.

  4. Anonymous8:49 AM

    I can’t see it either Blondie

  5. The video shows on my computer but not on my phone. Not sure why.

  6. Love the shop! Looks great and very neat - just the way you like it. I'm a neat freak too! Have a great day. :)

  7. Anonymous9:11 AM

    I couldn't view the video on my phone, however, if you scroll to the very end of the post and click on "view web version" you should be able to see it.
    Your shop looks fantastic.


  8. If you scroll to the bottom of each post, there is an option right under “home” to view posts in web version or mobile version. If you switch to web version, the video should appear on phones.

    1. I think you were adding while I was typing. When I hit publish it was there. Glad it was solved.

  9. Kiwionholidays11:17 AM

    Fab wee shop love all the finishing touches,
    I can view the wee video,
    Kudos to me lol cos I am on an iPad don’t have a smartphone and not computer savvy at all

    Usually way behind the 8 ball 🎱

    It’s great news Steve and Bex only got days to go before fully set up close to home 🏠

    Have a fab weekend all of you

    Cheers 🥂

  10. This little shop is so CUTE!! I hope that no one can get into your garage and take your computer once you put it in there. I presume the garage is well-insulated also, or the electronics won't like it too cold.
    You are quite a crafter!! Those table runners with pine trees look marvelous! Good Luck!

  11. I love it, it looks so inviting but also still practical to work in. Wish "the big planes were flying again" and I could come and visit!

    Good luck Steve and Bex and everyone for the move.

    Hope your weekend goes well, especially the dinner!

  12. Your shop looks amazing Chris. Good luck with tonight's dinner and enjoy the move. Exciting

  13. Your shop looks fantastic Chris,I love it! That room has turned out to be in the most perfect position to have your shop!

  14. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Video worked for me in web version. You have an amazing collection of stock. Do you mind if I put your address on fb as I have a few friends up there. Kj

  15. The shop looks fabulous!

  16. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Shop looks amazeballs well done chick. You probably won't have much time to keep us all updated this weekend with the move and everything but I will forgive you in advance haha. Hey Lacey you gotta keep going to see your Ma for the leftovers 👍 George's Mum.

    1. Ha ha... yeah she left with her arms full of food! I ordered her around here today to get some. lol


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