Friday, July 31, 2020


A few days ago I was in a really foul mood.

And on Monday I was all ready to get my hair cut off.
Like, up to my shoulders.
I was sick of it.
Sick of wearing it up in a pony tail or bun.
Sick of all the fly aways that then sprung out all over the place.

Ikkkk, did my head in.
BUT luckily ... the girls told me NO, don't do it.

So I held off.

Glad I listened now, cos today I am liking my hair, and the length.

ABOVE:  Even the colour is quite nice at the moment!  In 'real life' it's not quite that gold... it's still a real mousy colour.  Like washed out brown, not blonde or gold.

But I digress.   I have been wearing it out the past few days, and I even curled the ends (result above).  And I'm liking it.  Well I am today.
Who knows how I'll feel about it tomorrow!  
😋😂😏 I'm a bit fickle.

ABOVE:  Cute dogs.  Brylee?  Not so much. More like an annoying itch in a place ya can't reach.  Most days.

ABOVE:  All clean, except for the one with the soup in it.  They should all have been taken home by the end of today.
Not a sight I ever want to see in my kitchen again!

ABOVE: Bex bought herself one of those HUGE Hooded tops like my pink one last night.  That's Dante modeling it.

ABOVE: And both boys in it.  Silly little buggers.

Now... today?
I'm going out to buy a few more canvas's.  Then I will probably get some housework done before MAYBE doing another painting.  We will see.


11.23 am:  Been home half an hour.
Amanda came shopping with me.
We visited Bunnings, Spotlight and Gordon Harris (Art supply shop).
I got everything I wanted:

ABOVE:  I got most of what's in the back there!

ABOVE:  Now I have enough canvas's to last me a while.
I tell ya, selling paintings is neat...  gives you the cash to make more.  Love that.

ABOVE:  Clearly I use a lot of Blue paint!  I got more today.  Can ya tell?  lol

ABOVE:  There's Amanda, eating left over soup from last night.  Derr, I was gunna have that for MY lunch!

Too late now obviously.
NOW I've gotta watch  HER and LACY, they both raid me bloody fridge!!!

Brylee just came out of her room, ready to get herself some lunch before she heads off to work.  AND.... she was looking for that soup too.  ha ha ha.

*** I'm mixing paint ***.... hope to do some painting tomorrow.

11 pm:  Stew and Steve went for drinks after work at our little local pub.  I went to spend a little time with Bex and the boys, then the guys walked back from the pub and I drove Stew home.

A late dinner ensued, then some TV/Netflix before bed.


  1. Well ,the doggies are loving Brylee's lap! Quite the crock pot operation. I think you will love having all that ready to eat food in the freezer! That was a really good idea! That shirt is hilarious on the kiddos!

  2. Your hair looks lovely - if you get a bee in your bonnet again - just cut it off in increments, like 3 inches at a time. So you can not do too much "damage" in one go! But, buzz cuts are gaining popularity for the ladies during covid!

    1. Yeah, I need a good trim if nothing else. But a BUZZ CUT? NEVER!

  3. Ahahahaha.... it was a tasty coupla mouthfuls 💙

  4. Kiwionholidays11:51 AM

    First ups the best dressed lol love the family hijinx,

    Those wee guys in Bex blankety thingee.

    Just awesome,

    Love the way you curled the bottom of your hair,,

    Much more variety of styles with some length on it
    Hope Mum is doing good now and back home and happy in her own environment,🌹🌹🌹

    Cheers 🥂

  5. Your hair looks great! So pretty. Sadly,since I have entered menopause in the past year mine has gotten quite thin. Makes me feel bad about myself. I hate menopause! LOL

    1. I've been 'in' menopause for 14 years now! THAT might be why my hair has thinned so much too! I never thought of that as a reason. My hair used to be super thick, now? Not so much. Hair is only a small part of who you are, don't let one aspect of your appearance make you feel bad Chick!

  6. I would LOVE to raid your fridge!

    1. Anonymous7:04 PM

      it's mine lol..... all mine lol 😂 🤣 💋
      #Lacy 💙

  7. I can match your mood then double it, I am so crabby. Jo

    1. Sorry you are crabby chick. Rat chocolate... that helps. 😊☺😄

    2. RAT!!!! Meant EAT

    3. Now that made me laugh, eating chocolate just now, Jo

  8. Your hair looks nice here, maybe red would suit you!

  9. Your hair looks lovely. Everyone wanted that darn soup! LOL. Have a restful weekend.

  10. The boys are so cute in that big sweatshirt! My hair is pretty much up in a bun all the time at home now. Tempted to chop it all off.


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