Monday, July 27, 2020


I went to bed in a foul mood.

I've woken up in a foul mood.

What to do?

Monday's I usually do the housework.

Today.  NAH.  I'm just NOT gunna do it.

I'm going shopping instead.

I am going to troll the Op Shops, and try to find a smallish outdoor/metal table to sit beside the front door.
Ya know how it is, ya get home with your arms full of handbag, drink bottle, phone, couple of bags of groceries etc.  And then ya have to dump them all on the ground to unlock the door.
IN saying that, I can now drive directly into the garage eh?
But Stew can't. 
Visitors can't.

So, I would like to find a nice metal table for the front door area.  
I might not find one today, but I'm a gunna start looking.

Anyone want to come with me?  I shall be leaving at 9.30 ish.

There might be morning tea (read cake) and a hot choccy involved.

ABOVE:  I am in love with this one!

ABOVE:  Not totally thrilled with this one, but it's not too bad.
The new hair dryer, used to push the paint around, was too powerful. Thank goodness it was only $14.  Back to looking for an alternative. 

Once I get home I will check my latest paintings are drying evenly.... gotta keep an eye on that!  And maybe make another one.  Who knows?

GOOD NEWS... the antibiotics are working.  I feel really stupid now, leaving a 'problem' for 3 months when it could have been cleared up in just a few days.  You'd think I would know better eh?  


12.50 am:  And I've had the sort of morning I've been wanting in FOREVER.
Shopping with company, morning tea with my girls, get home and Lacy arrives too.  
Then a knock on the door and it's a neighbour bringing me fabric... she said it was to thank me for the enjoyment she got from the tree!

Shopping:  We didn't find a table for the front door... but I did find:

ABOVE:  Bright wool for next summer's 'Yarn Bombed' Tree.  And some 2nd hand dishes from the Hospice Shop in Hamilton East.
Bex found some wool too.

ABOVE:  Then at the Salvation shop in town I found a shower seat for our wet room... and a woolen blanket that I shall cut up for soft toys.

I didn't buy yet another hair dryer, I decided to try and 'doctor' my existing one.... I needed to narrow down the air flow...

ABOVE:  I cut up a silicone food bag and stapled and taped it in place.  BOOM... think I've nailed it.
I will do another wave painting later on and see how it goes.

ABOVE:  That is the fabric the neighbour gave me.  My favourite colour, how did she know?  

It was bedlam here with the three girls... but they have all left now and it's quiet.  Might watch Home and Away before actually doing some housework.

6.11 pm:  And woo hoo!  I've been having fun in the 'painting space'.
I have made two more Wave paintings!  They are all similar, but different in their own way.  I just love them so much, they bring me JOY.

Stew just got home... and I'd just finished shutting all the curtains and turn on some lights, so the house was at least welcoming!  NO dinner is cooked though!  Whoops.
Might be having fish 'n' chips tonight. 

Oh bugger, I didn't get any housework done today either.  Just as well Bex is coming over tomorrow, she can do some for me.   

And another win today... the modified hair dryer worked perfectly.  Rather happy with that.

10 pm:  well... dinner was takeaways.  And I didn't even feel guilty.  Been watching paint dry, and TV.  That's it for the day.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. I'd love to come!! Ugh... but I'm at work...and I won't get there in half an hour 😉

  2. Glad the antibiotics are kicking in!

  3. Id love to come too but i wont make it from Auckland in time :(

  4. I like both your paintings, but the first one simply sings with joy. I hope op shopping helps your mood (today's sun might help too) - it used to be my go-to activity when I was feeling off about something. The table sounds like a good idea. I have a list in my phone of things to keep an eye out for but haven't been around the shops for ages now.

  5. I'd love to have joined you for shopping but living in plague central (Melbourne) I'm not allowed to go anywhere and noone will have me!!🤢🤢😒😒😢😢

    1. Hang in there Chick and stay safe. Shopping can wait.

  6. So the expert manipulator has had a win.Hes digging a deeper hole that he will find hard to get out of.with her family's helped will only manage so long.He will only take the bullying for so long,we await for him to grow up.I am so angry that a member of my family is such a wimp.It might take 6 months but he will see the light from the bottom of that hole eventually.THE OLD MOO.

  7. I think the first one looks awesome (they both do, but I like the first one the best). Have you thought about adding a few little spots of gold. I think that would look good. Sarah in Melb

    1. Julie, there are endless possibilities with this sort of painting, that's what makes is so much fun. I've just finished two more... both waves, both different again. They will be on the blog tomorrow.

  8. The paintings look lovely. So sorry to hear things didn't workout as planned with Griffin. You've done your best. Take care.

  9. Like the colours of the second painting, but the wave is my favorite. Look forward to see more of your waves. Glad the addition to your drier is working well, necessity is the mother of invention, and you nailed it.

  10. I love the wave paintings so pretty!


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