Thursday, July 02, 2020


Steve and Bex have four more sleeps, then they will be sleeping in their new home here in Hamilton!

Two more nights in Auckland, then two nights here with us.

The weekend will be spent bringing down more smaller stuff, then on Monday all the large stuff is coming down and straight into their new home.

It's getting rather exciting.   Everyone can't wait until they are living down here.

Everything is ticking along perfectly!  Best thing, I don't have to do much at this end of their move.  I will just be babysitting the kids while the adults to and fro from Auckland with our car/trailer, and Steve's van.

Back to today... I will be making stars for the two cot quilts I've got on the go right now.  My little shop will be open, so hopefully I get a visitor or two today.

Right now though... a little bit of housework before heading into the studio.


FROST.  Freezing cold.  Put all the heat pumps on for a while this morning.  So cold!  But... it will be a beautiful day.

11.38 am:  If you are a blogger, tell me... Are you getting slammed with spam/trolls more than usual at the moment?
I am.
I woke up to 47 spam comments and troll comments that came in overnight.  And so far since I got up, another 22 have come in.  It's doing my head in.  I have to constantly check if it's a proper comment, or a nasty.  😒😖😢  And then I have to delete them one by one.  Such a waste of time.  Grrrr.

On a happy note...

ABOVE: It is a stunningly beautiful day out there.

ABOVE:  And this is the last of 16 stars I've made this morning.  Next thing is to sew them all on the quilts.  

ABOVE:  And there's one finished.  It's now 2.55 pm and probably time I stopped and had some lunch.
The 2nd quilt has about 2 hours work left to do on it before it too is finished.  I will do that either tonight or tomorrow.  It is going to have a bright green binding, to make it a bit different from this one.

10.35 pm:  And sheesh I'm tired tonight.  I spent 2 hours late this afternoon mucking around in my Studio, then cooked dinner and so on.
Since dinner we've just been lounging around watching TV.  
Is anyone else thoroughly enjoying 'Episodes'?  I LOVE IT.

And with that... I'm off to bed soon.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. Must be the weekend for it. We're moving house this weekend too!

  2. So exciting for Steve & Bex :-).

  3. sparklingmerlot has left a new comment on your post "TWO PLUS TWO":

    Haven't blogged for years (as you well know!) but when I did I found school holidays brought out the trolls. Probably some pimply face kid getting his rocks off thinking he's being so smart.

    1. Sorry Chick... I deleted your comment by accident, so had to go back to the email and post it from there! So used to hitting 'DELETE' all day!

  4. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Counting down aye Chris?? Sheesh loved THE OLD MOO telling you off yesterday I nearly peed me pants haha!! Bloody cold here too expecting the Napier Taupo road to close. George's Mum.

  5. No trolls... ever. Mind you, I have changed by blog address a few times and last time it was by approval by me only. I also don't have my blog 'searchable' on blogger or google. How exciting for Steve and Bex and the boys having a new start near family and friends.

  6. Good luck with the move. Sorry to hear about the Troll infection.

  7. I have the Anonymous comments turned on to have to be approved, that seemed to cut them down but I think you already do that lol

  8. I just read your 2018 entries when you were thinking of doing airbnb - we do two bedrooms with ensuite/private bath on separate floor of house, and they don't have use of kitchen so works out well. Shame covid has stopped us for most of this year but hope to resume later this month. I'm a clean freak anyway so just need to make sure plenty of santizer etc handy for guests ! No 1 daughter excited to be moving into her first flat in Nelson today, and No 2 daughter sheared 300 sheep today in Scottish Borders, her highest daily tally so far. No kiwis over to help this year so they are flat out busy. Hope the move goes smoothly for Steve, Bex and family.
    Jane G


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