Friday, July 17, 2020


Thank goodness I don't open the shop on a Friday.  I need today to get a few things sorted for Sunday's family lunch.

I have to sit down and write a list of who's coming, then sort out what gifts I need to get ... I want everyone to have a gift under the tree.

So today will be spent getting them, and also a little bit of shopping with Zack, our visiting young person, who will also be here on Sunday.  Zack is an honorary family member on Sunday *smiles*.

*smiles*... I keep forgetting that we can add emojis on the blog now  😄😅😏

AND OMG... they just added a whole shit load more choices, like:

🌸 🍇 🐋 🐟 🐷 💐 🕘 🎈 🎭 🏃 🚙 ⛅ 🌞 ❓ ❗ ✅ 🔑 🔄  And that is just a very small sample of what's available! 

I think you could waste a lot of time choosing what to use.

I was really happy with what I got done in the Studio yesterday...

ABOVE:  5 Bowl Cosy's... and I love all of them.

ABOVE: The shelves are looking a bit better now.  There's 24 bowl cosy's , so I just want about 20 more.  If I aim for 4 a day next week, I should do it.   Ya know, half the fun of making these is choosing what fabric combos to use.

What else?  I should sort out the lunch menu.  It's not going to be a full 'Christmas Lunch' as such.  Just food.  And dessert.  I don't want to go whole hog, or I actually won't enjoy the day.  So easy stuff, chickens, salads etc.  

We are expecting all our kids except Mike and Griffin.  And most of the Hamilton based Grandchildren.  So we should have a houseful.  

Late last night I had a thought... of making a larger bowl cosy ... so I did one:

ABOVE:  So, the cosy on the right is my 'normal' size, it fits a soup bowl.  The one on the left is the new, larger one.

ABOVE: I think this size would be nice to heat up bread rolls in, then serve on the table.   Ideas?

So, who thinks making this size is a good idea?  Maybe I should just make 3 to start with and see if they sell?

OK, time for me to go.  I'll catch ya later.


Right.... there's a question for you.  And if you come up with a bright idea... remember any closure method CANNOT involve plastic or metal cos this goes in the microwave!
OR... do I say they are NOT microwaveable,  and use metal or plastic fasteners???
OR do I just put fabric handles on and not try and cover the top?

I dunno!

1.17 pm:  The kid and I are back from our shopping expedition.  I did well... I only have one more gift to buy and it's all done bar the wrapping.
We met up with Brylee for an early lunch too, which was nice.

ABOVE:  Not a happy Zack, Brylee messed up 'THE HAIR'! lol

Bex came over this morning and did some cleaning for me.

I noticed the lights above the kitchen bench were 'a bit dusty' so asked her to clean them for me.

ABOVE:  I was like "OH MY GOD"!  They were filthy!  I never even really noticed, and they have only been up for about what?  3-4 months?
Oh well... they look lovely and clean now.  Thanks Bex.

I'm ready to just sit and relax for a while.  Then I might think about what's for dinner, and sort that out.  It never ends.

8.25 pm:  We ended up having left overs for dinner tonight, so no cooking for me.  I liked that.

Just before dinner I decided to do a couple of paintings. They both 'worked', but one was set down unevenly so a lot of paint ran off... and the pattern was all mucked up.  Grrrr.  Might be able to save it later.

Time to say...


  1. I would buy one of the large ones, its a great idea. Make three as you suggested and see how they sell, no sense making a lot and have them sit on the shelf.
    Christmas in July!!! Oh forgot you are in Winter.

  2. Anonymous9:59 AM

    What about buttons? Can they go in the microwave? Kj

  3. Anonymous10:09 AM

    How about just using the corners as handles if you are putting a microwaveable bowl in them? Audrey

  4. What about velcrove?

    Looking forward to lots of pics of the family do, I am sure it will be an awesome day :-)

  5. Wooden buttons? Or wooden toggle things. I don't know if that's what they are called, the things they put on winter coats in the 70s and 80s that you sewed on, then made a loop to go around them? Wish I could add a picture!

    I'm not sure about velcro in the microwave, I know I have melted it in the oven!

  6. Handles would be good too, as Audrey suggests above. Or you could make even bigger ones for casserole dishes...

  7. Anonymous1:03 PM

    The large cosies look like a good idea to me. You might have to display them in your shop with a container or dish in them so that the practical use would be more obvious. As for the closure, could you put a fabric loop (made from bias tape, matching or toning in with your fabrics) near each corner, then thread a longer piece of bias through all four loops? Tie a knot at each end of the long piece of bias tape so that it doesn't come unthreaded in the laundry. You'd only have one bow to tie/untie when closing/opening.

    Your family gathering sounds fun! Hope it all goes well.

    A Fan In Canada

  8. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Chris - how about you put a big button on one of the tips and elastic loop on the other 3?

    I love your shop!

    Ky Girl

  9. I cleaned our "new" pendant lights that are in our kitchen, after almost 3 years.... OMG I could not believe the gunk that came off them. In my defence: they are black, so I couldn't really tell they were sooooooo very dirty

  10. Anonymous2:07 PM

    I’ve seen similar to the big ones, made to carry casserole dishes and scones/bread rolls in etc like you suggested. The corners had Just extra fabric for ties on them so you can knot them and carry them as needed. That avoids the microwave issue too. Liz

  11. Carry casserole cady things use to be a big fad yeasr ago im sure yourve seen them. A sign not microwavable would be a huge saving for you. Mac cheese for tea away for weekend so its 2 fold use up milk in fridge and left overs for flatmate while im away. Wont get to c you blog prob over weekend so wish all goes well Sunday and be thinking of you xxxx

  12. What about a drawstring type contraption that would go through all four flaps/corners? one would pull the drawstring taught, tie a knot in it, and the left over part of the drawstring would have the loop to use for carrying?

  13. I need a Bex in my life.

    1. 💚💚💚

    2. Anonymous7:22 PM

      sorry but she's ours 😂 but will consider letting her out at a decent amount if the price is right lol 😂 open to negotiation 😂👍😁
      #Lacy 💙

    3. Haha good one lacy 😂😂 if anyone needs a left over eater we have your girl right hear free of charge 😂😂

  14. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Bex is amazing, she could have her own cleaning business. Jo

  15. I need Bex in my life!!!! Wow... look brand new!

  16. Anonymous5:41 PM

    I need a Bex too so sad you live in a different part of the country 😔 flipping bucketing down here all week! The house looks like a Chinese Laundromat (not being racist it's an old terminology) haircut day again tomorrow am looking like a woolly mammoth 😄 GM.

  17. OK my answer to closing off the bowl cose. On one side sew a plastic botton (microwable) and on the other three corners sew little tags (could use thin elastic) that will all do up over the one button. This would hold the four in place - then put a carry tie somewhere maybe one that is in one piece and can be flick underneath when no used? Put the button and the loops on the underside so you don't see them when the basket is open.

  18. Have a fun weekend.


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