Sunday, July 05, 2020


*YAWN*.... gotta get up fairly early again today.

I'm on babysitting duty while Stew, Steve and Bex head back to Auckland to bring more of their furniture and effects down here.

With any luck they will get it all today.
If not, they will just have to go back on Monday.

Griffin, who lives in Auckland now, is going to help them load up the trailer and cars too.  Yaa for a strong, healthy young man.  

I've got a few more happy snaps of our dinner last night:

ABOVE:  Our little Archer giving Aunty Amanda a hug (and Liam) ... this kid has come such a long way recently!
He used to be so SHY!  Would never talk to someone he didn't know really well.... can't say that now.  He's finally found his voice!
It's so lovely to see.

ABOVE: These two!  Crazies both of them.

When we lived in Auckland, Griffin had a friend who's name was Joshua.  He talked SO MUCH AND SO LOUD I renamed him JJ.  Short for Jabber Jaws.

I've decided to re-assign that name to this kid:

ABOVE:  Emily.  OGM that kid can talk, and talk, and talk.... !  Adorable kid though.  We love her very much.

ABOVE:  Shit lighting = shit photo.  But one for the record books.  One day I might be brave enough to try blue hair... like when I'm 80 or so.  πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

Right.  I better get up and see the travelers off after breakfast, then amuse the boys for the day.  


*** Another freezing cold morning ***... and everyone has left for Auckland except me and the boys.

Brylee is heading over to Tauranga for a few days with our cousin Danielle.  She will have a nice break I'm sure.

ABOVE: I managed to hang a privacy curtain in my Studio this morning.

ABOVE:  They got hungry.... so fed themselves.  Such concentration required to put jam on their crumpet.  

I wonder how they are going up in Auckland?  I dare not ring or text to find out, as they are bound to be busy.

2.28 pm:  Stew arrived home with a car and trailer load at 1.30.  We unloaded everything, and just as we finished it started to rain!  So lucky.

Steve and Bex are about 2 hours away.  They loaded up then went over to the North Shore (far/north side of Auckland) to pick up some car parts and new tyres for Bex's car.  Given to them by a work mate of Steve's.  
Damn nice thing of him to do.  It has saved them hundreds of dollars.

Griffin was worth his weight in gold today, he helped with all the heavy lifting, so Stew didn't have to do too much up there.

ABOVE:  Then Griffin  helped with Bex's car too.  Thanks Dude.

4 pm:  Everyone is safely home.  We are not unloading Steve's van or Bex's car as there's no point.  They can take those loads straight over to the new house tomorrow, once they get the keys.

Time to relax and unwind before it all starts again tomorrow. OMG what a process.

I feel like we have literally just finished settling in here after our move... now this!  But so worth it to have them here, closer to family.

10.23 pm:  Everyone has gone to bed ages ago.  Physically exhausted.
So thankful that tomorrow, when we start taking everything over to the new house, we have quite a few helpers arriving.  I think we will get the bulk of it over there by the end of the day!

But for now, I too am heading off to bed.  Catch ya tomorrow.


  1. There is no such thing as a shit photo when it is significant to you! You all look lovely: Maybe get yourself one blue streak of hair. Like a tiny blue hair extension. That would look adorable!

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Gosh sounds like you all had a fun evening poor Stew trying to watch the rugby πŸ‰ I agree get some wash in wash out coloured shampoo or the hairspray and give it a whirl πŸ™‚ George's Mum.

  3. Cute privacy curtain! Your shop looks like a shop! Amazing! Maybe you need to open a fabric shop of your own and feature your goodies. Like in town or whatever. Your shop would be a "destination" because, of course, you would have the BEST fabric! AND customer service!

    1. Nice thought, but I might just give that idea a miss. It's far to expensive to set up a 'proper' shop and get in fabrics etc. There's only a few shops that sell fabric now, as there just isn't the demand for it. Buying cheap imported stuff is what most people do, rather than spend a bit more for something 100% handmade.

  4. Kiwionholidays3:59 PM

    What a fab work in progress that’s going on there,
    All hands on deck one way or another , good to See Griffin on the day as well , Hope Auckland is being kind to him work wise weather wise etc,,,

    this time next week you will all be settled in two different homes, but only a stones throw away which will be choice, and you will see how hard you all worked,

    The wee guys doing the crumpets so stunning

    Lovely pics of Amanda and family too, gtg time is always fun,,

    Better go catchup with the chiefs game πŸ‰Don’t wNt to get behind the 🎱


  5. great family pics from yesterday and today..... good luck for the move and settling in, so happy for everyone xxxxxx

  6. Thanks George's Mum and all our lovely friends,for the good wishes.for my daughter and family.They all are working so hard to get everything done.Its still cold in Coffs.but lovely fine days.THE OLD MOO.

  7. Sounds like Griffin was the shining star or the day. love the privacy curtain. It will be fantastic to have them all close by again.


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